The day I went insane ...

About a month ago one of two things was going to happen ...

1. I was going to die from the excessive, unbearable heat in my adorable little house {there.is.no.AC}.


2. My roommate could sacrifice her little window AC unit that she wasn't using and my adorable little landlord could install it into my window.

Since I am typing this, I am assuming you can accurately guess which occurred.

Before I go any further in this post you must understand a couple things about this AC unit:

a) I love it.
b) It is older than I am.
c) It rattles. A lot.
d) After it being on for 30 minutes or so, I get a sore throat.

But, c and d are okay because of a.

Although, I must admit ... I had tried just about everything to stop the rattling. Oddly enough, a couple things worked, but for one reason or another, they would stop working.

Anywhoot to add to this story ... last week I gave myself an unthinkable assignment. I will not go into details of said unthinkable assignment ... but it involved a lot of time doing something. Naturally, this had to be done in my room so I did not overheat and ... what was it again? Oh, yes ... die!

So, as I was reading ... and the rattling became unbearable. I tried all of my previous solutions to stop the rattling to see if they'd work. No such luck.

Then it hit me.


Oh, how I love tape.

So, I taped a little here. A little there.

I went back to my reading.

All was good.

But a small rattling persisted.

Add more tape.

I went back to my reading.

All was good.

An even smaller rattling persisting.

Add more tape.

All was good.

And even smaller rattling persisting.

Add more tape.

Mindy and the AC unit fought for at least two hours.

Mindy about went insane.

But she didn't ...

And Mindy won the battle.


And the AC unit ended up looking a little somethin-somethin like this:

Yup ... each piece of tape served a purpose of silencing the rattling. Notice the pieces on the right side that aren't even actually on the unit itself.

Good thing I don't have Autistic tendencies, isn't it?

And it's a good thing I regained any potential loss of my sanity, right?

I am normal. I am. Right?


Andrea said...

fantastic on so many levels!

Avree said...

You are not normal, you're awesome! Good job. Maybe you should buy a new unit, they're not THAT expensive.

Shan said...

I love it!

Kat said...

this is hilarious. Travis hates any kind of rattling anyhwere. Whether it be in the car, in the house or any place we go. Drives him nuts. PS how do I get more gold stars? Im getting to the top of the list, and I want moooooooore!!

Bryce n' Jamie said...

Love it!

Krystal said...

ummm... not normal... sorry... hate to break it to ya! BUT at least you have an air conditioner now, right?? So that's good!

The Allred Family said...

I've never seen an air conditioner look quite like that.

Melissa said...

Holy cow, this is funny.

Meg said...

You are hilarious!

Desiree said...

Mindy, YOU KILL ME! Oh my goodness, I LOVE reading your blog... and laughing. They go hand in hand. Reading your blog is a good time. Love it! And yes. I just now got all caught up so I thought I'd leave my very first post!

Kristin said...

Yeah, I get a sore throat when I leave my fan on at night. We need humidifiers. I actually talked to a voice specialist about this since I sing and stuff. It's NOT good for the vocal cords. But who wants to sleep in heat???

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