Apparently ...

When I hold small children, I have to wear this shirt {Jan-net, you can actually click on words written in pink ... go ahead, try it} ...

At least this baby looks .09% more excited to be in my arms ... right?

The adorable baby belongs to one of my bestest friends of all time, Heather Anne {Anne is not really her middle name ... but doesn't it sound nice? In high school I would always say, "Heather Anne smells like a man." And by "in high school" I mean I still do it ... in fact I just wrote her an email today with that. And no, she doesn't actually smell like a man. But notice how that doesn't stop me}.

Heather was in town last week and I was able to go to dinner with her and her two babes.

The wee-one is actually sleeping ... And Heather Anne assured me over and over that this is the most comfortable position for him. He loooves it. I am not a bad baby holder. I promise. Children do like me. They do. I just have no evidence of this. And definitely no evidence of it while wearing this shirt.

Anyway, I heart my Heather Anne and her babes. And this shirt. Apparently. That's all.


Avree said...

Spencer loves you too!

katiek said...

Mindy! so I got that swimming suit from Layers. They used to have a website but it has been down and it has said that it is coming back summer 2010 forever now and summer is over so I really hope they come back soon cause I love their suits! anyway hope all is well, love you lots and love your blog!!!

The Enslingers said...

1) Thank you for clarifying that I don't ACTUALLY smell like a man.

2) Zander REALLY does love being held like that. Clearly. He fell asleep like that in your arms.

3) My children really did like you!!

4) I heart you too!

P.S. Did you notice Jack's bored eyes in this picture! Ha! Ha!

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