You must know ...

that in the state of Utah yesterday was a holiday.

It twas Pioneer Day.

I like Pioneer Day for lots of reasons ... fireworks {yes, in Utah the month of July is all about fireworks} and primarily, because I get work off. But get this, since Pioneer Day was on Saturday and my work is not open on Saturdays ... I got Friday off.

Who ever invented the idea of getting Friday/Monday off when a holiday is on Saturday/Sunday is alright in my book. Really. Right up there with the person who invented contacts and air conditioning.

I heart my job. Just about everything about my job. One of the things I love most are ... days off.
A lot happened on my day off.

1. I registered for the Top of Utah Half Marathon ... which, will be the third time running. And the third time running it without training for it. I did run five miles ... three weeks ago. Will that cover it? {While I am doing the personal training thing we do circuits for an hour ... not quite half marathon training, but whatev.}

2. I realized that I get really, really exhausted of brushing my teeth and washing my hands. I feel like I do both of these things all the time. Do any of you feel that way?

3. I took my nephew to lunch. He chose Sizzler {as long as it isn't Golden Coral*, I am okay}. He was informed he could order whatever his little heart desired ... It ended up being "Shrimp, Shrimp, Shrimp" and the salad bar. Ah, an appetite after my own {sometimes I really wonder if he was supposed to be my child}.

4. He talked Grandma into buying him some Legos. He talked me into helping him put them together.

That's part of the finished product. He wanted a Prince of Persia set but had to settle for an Atlantis set instead. Not gonna lie, one of the strangest Lego sets I have ever put together. But, whatev. He was happy. And it made me a good fantastic aunt {as if that was ever in question ... pff}.

I did some other things on my day off ... but clearly none as important as those mentioned ... either that or I just cannot recall now ... Hmm ...

*Speaking of Golden Corral reminded me of this Facebook status ... "Note to self: having surgery and giving blood in the same week is a bad Idea!! Blacked out in Golden Corral!" Naturally, I responded with, "Your problem wasn't the surgery or the giving blood ... It was the fact that you were at Golden Corral! I would black out there too! Who wouldn't? ;)" ... Some might say there was no sympathy in that response and I would answer them with, you're right. It's Golden Corral, people!

Annnd, I think that is all for today. But expect more tomorrow. I need to tell you about my actual Pioneer Day festivities! Please, contain your excitement.


Allison and Josh said...

I also love the person who decided we should still get a Monday or Friday off when a holiday falls on a weekend. Best idea ever!

Shan said...

I have to say even though you don't like Golden Corral, they have the best danged rolls ever.

Michelle said...

Golden Corral has always been my dad's favorite restaurant. Let's just say I've had a couple birthday and graduation dinners there when it was not my choice!

Krystal said...

I don't get the 4th OR 24th off... I just get the whole summer off :) perfect in my book! Anyway, you are totally the best aunt ever.... I bet your nephew had a great day with you.

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