I have learned ...

that this is not where you want to be when flatulence is released.

And no, I am not saying that that happened.

Pero lo hizo.

Had it happened, it would have almost rivaled the time I was leg wrestling when it forsurely happened. Almost.

For those of you who don't know, I am a boat in this photo. I make a fierce boat, no? P.s. Google translatation is fun. ;)


Krystal said...

hahaha.... I can't tell you how many times I've had students let out gas as I'm walking around the classroom and I nearly run out of the room gagging... AND you look like you're giving him a massage.... which now makes me want to get a massage!

Robby Spratt said...

I was there! How many gold stars do I get for actually being there during the leg wrestling experience? To this day that was probably the funniest thing I have ever witnessed!
Good times.

Linze Kate said...

HAHA! I was just imagining that... so classic!

P.S. I'm in love with your blog, Mindy. Seriously - it's one of my favorites. Just puttin' that out there.

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