And I have like a bajillion people from my work who will verify it.

Annnd, I have been this way all.day.long.

So sue me.

As you know, I write behavior plans for some of our clients with challenging behaviors. One of the replacement skills we try to teach them is problem solving ... helping them see that they do have options in any circumstances and that there are consequences to taking options. It is a very basic skill we start off with ... stating a problem they are likely to encounter, thinking of at least two options, the consequences to those actions and deciding, based on the information which choice would be the best. Oh, and then of course at the bottom circling whether or not the person made the right choice.

With me still? 50 gold stars.

So remember how today I was am {ish} grumpy? So remember how we have the generic problem solving worksheet? I shouldn't have been surprised when a co-worker handed me one and said, "Mindy, you need to fill this out today."

So ... I did. It looked a little something like this:

My problem: People telling me what to do who shouldn't {aka: not even close to being my supervisor}

Option 1: Be grumpy and let everyone know

Option 2: Quietly be grumpy

Outcome to Option 1: People stay out of my way

Outcome to Option 2: People act like nothing is wrong and I become more grumpy

Best Choice: Be grumpy and let everyone know

Did Mindy make the best choice: Yup

This has been my day. Any questions? Yeah, I didn't think so {refer back to Outcome 1}.


Today, many moons ago my mama was born. This is important for a couple reasons, mainly because had that not occurred I would not have been born ... and this blog would not exist. Essentially, this means today is a big deal resulting in my mom being a big deal, resulting in me being a big deal and this blog being a big deal. Also, it is Cali's birthday too! No, not the state ... her. Happy birthday, friend. I think you are great! :)


Geoff & Cami Brown said...

hahahahahhaha SO awesome. How I miss those work sheets. I do not think you made the best choice though Mindy. I am going to have to have an intervention with you on making better choices.

Allison and Josh said...

LOVE this post! I deal with the same thing at my job-people that are not my boss like to boss me around. Not fun. By the way, your handwriting is adorable!

Allred Mom said...

May the ungrumpy force be with you tomorrow!....and I followed the whole thing and due to my job, I can totally relate...of course I'm on summer vacation, so I've had a reprieve from it!

Avree said...

Hy grumpy, get over it! Just kidding. That is one of my biggest pet peeves ever! I have a co-worker at my job who has the exact same job as me (prn dietitian) but thinks she's my boss whenever I work with her. She usually doesn't come in until around 10 am though so I remedied the problem by going in at 5 am whenever I'm supposed to work with her so we only have to be together for a few hours. So....just go to work at 5 am from now on. Problem solved.

Shan said...

Grumpiness must have been passing through cities yesterday cause I was grumpy too. I hope your mom had a good b'day.

Krystal said...

still with ya... 50 bonus stars :) ok, so here's the thing that's so funny... neither option is really a good option... if a student brought this to me, I would probably say "nope, try again..." and they would get even MORE grumpy.... BUT, I do like the problem solving format and might use this with some of my difficult students this year... thanks :)

AND, I hope you're not so grumpy today. PS happy birthday mama and Cali :) :)

Nicole Anderson said...

OOOH!!! 50 gold stars for nee-cole! Love yur guts!

Jo said...

So, is it safe to laugh yet? Because I think you are super funny. ;)

Kat said...

you are hilarious. I love that you actually wrote it down. I forgot how cute your handwriting is. Maybe you should send a couple blank sheets to me, so I can fill them out when I am struggling and can't decide about my behavior. k thanks. bye.

Bryce n' Jamie said...

Hmmm, my personal thought on the sheet, it's a crock.... most of the time. i ma so happy you were honest with yourself and not trying to trick anyone about not being grumpy.

Kristin said...

Sweet- gimme 50 stars for being with you still. I wanna know some of the scenarios you give your clients. I work on this skill with my head injured pateints a lot so I'm totally curious and love new ideas too.

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