I am getting my bum kicked ...

every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

When I go workout with my ... personal trainer.


I have a personal trainer.

My sister-in-law met her at the weekly Farmer's Market. As far as I knew, the Farmer's Market sold vegetables and weirdo crafts. And now, apparently personal training services. Hmm. Not sure what that has to do with farming ... but ho-k.

So, my sister-in-law wanted to go. But didn't want to go alone.

She somehow talked me and my sister into going with her. Ho-k.

I felt like it would be somewhat similar to the Biggest Loser experience I have always longed for and have felt like I would never get.

I think I was somewhat right.

The girl who can run 75 miles a week ... is being killed. Ho-well.

P.s. I have included a photo of us at the USU track {oh, memories!} ... We occasionally show up in the same color.

Oh. Cute. Matchy-matchy pink workout clothes for the sisters. For cute, no? :) And this is even how we look after teh workout.

Anywhoot ... why am I telling you this? I am not quite sure. Maybe it is simply because we matched. Or to let you know that I about die every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Orrrr that I pretend I am on the Biggest Loser. Who knows?

P.s. I may have purchased an adorable shirt at Old Navy tonight from ... the little girls' section. While I am thrilled that the shirt fits {it is not pink ... no, it is not!} ... you do have to wonder, should a shirt from the little girls' section ever fit a 28-year-old, 5'11" inched human? Oddly enough, the answer is yes. Maybe that is the point of this entire post. Yup. That was it. I'm sure glad I finally got to it.


Avree said...

Wow Mindy, you're in the big leagues if you have a personal trainer! You guys look too cute to have been working out very hard though so I don't feel very sorry for you :)

I used to get shirts from the little girls' section at Old Navy but that was back when I was in high school.

P.S. The word verification is "panti", how innapropriate.

Krystal said...

hmmm.... when do we get to see the picture of you in the kids' shirt?? I wish Old Navy made more cute clothes for adults like they do for the kids!

ALSO, the "farmer's market" in SLC is really like a craft show... my BFF loves to go and has purchased things like necklaces, jewelry, headbands, etc... I don't know if she's ever actually bought produce! I've never gone because I don't like to wake up on Saturday mornings....

Shan said...

Personal trainers rock! I wish I still could afford mine.

Lindi said...

Just to let you know i read every post you do! Run run run!! i have been doing a lot of running this summer. You are my running hero so you better keep it up.

Meg said...

I used to buy little boy's shirts. Sadly, they don't fit me so well anymore. I liked them better than women's shirts because they were never low cut and always long.

Katie Fuller said...

Awww I miss your family. I love all the pink and great job for working out! I wish I was closer to you guys and I'd join in!

Kristin said...

Owah- you fancy scmancy- a personal trainer! You're like, a celeb. That sounds hard to me.

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