Complaints and/or a tirade, you pick ...

I have two of them {complaints that is}. Maybe one is a complaint. Maybe another is just is something that rubs me the wrong way. Maybe both make me judgemental. So sue me. ;) {Actually, I hope they don't make me judgmental ... I'd feel badly if I was.}

1. There is a woman who has a very popular radio talk show where she offers advice on just about every topic. While I was scanning through the radio stations on my way home from work the other day she was on. I listened for less than 7.6 seconds before she tore into the caller.

I was appalled.

I thought this woman was supposed to help others. I listened in to one more caller where they were treated just as poorly. A couple days later, also while scanning on my drive home from work, I heard a few seconds of her doing the exact same thing to another caller.

Pray tell, why on this green earth would anyone in OR out of their right mind call this woman for advice?? WHY DOES SHE STILL HAVE A JOB? Why does anyone listen to her? Why? If she cannot give people the common courtesy, dignity and respect they deserve, WHY are people listening to her and allowing this to go on??


Glad I got that off my chest.

2. There are some blogs I just don't get. Most blogs {99.69%} I read are of people I know who know me. I read them to stay caught up in their lives, as well as expecting some entertainment value {hey, what can I say? I like other people to entertain me. So sue me. ;)}. However, there are a couple blogs I read regularly that belong to strangers. These are the blogs that most people have in their side bar listed a "inspirational" blogs etc. You know which ones I am talking about, right? :)

There are two in particular that I read and I love them. It is amazing the strength that can be found within yourself once you see the kind of strength is found in others. Does that make sense? It's weird to say this, but reading the experiences of a complete stranger can make us better people.

Buuut, all aforementioned blogs are not the ones I just don't get. There is one that is quite popular in our culture that many find comical {and if you do, that is okay, we can still be friends ;)} ... but it is full of sarcasm and remarks, if you think about them, simply just mock others {let alone mock aspects of the faith of some}. And that's all it is. I find very little talent {regardless of how witty the remark is} in creating humor by putting others down. I just don't get why anyone reads this blog. And again, allows this blogger to acquire monetary gain for MOCKING others.

There is one other blog I just don't get that I want to talk about today ... Again, another extremely popular one in these parts. :) This one I really don't get it. I don't get why she has so many readers and why so many people are in love with the blog. It's not comical. It's not ... informative. It's not inspirational. Which, is fine ... mine isn't necessarily any of those things either {it's pink ... that's what my blog is ... pink}. But we are getting side-tracked. :) I just don't get why this blogger at one point averaged 39,000 readers daily ... when the blog was none of those things.

And to make matters worse ... It does rub me the wrong way when people openly admit their faith, but then openly admit not fully following that faith ... and not just that, but making it sound like not following it is the exciting thing to do ... and actually, make it sound like the alluring thing to do. I will not and cannot support such blasphemy {because that is what it is}. And I just don't get how it is not viewed as such by some and we continue to allow this person to obtain monetary gain for such!

Anyway, that is my tirade for the day. :) Aren't you glad you stopped on by to read it?

P.s. I have updated the gold stars. Word.


Shan said...

How does one earn said stars? Because apparently I have some and I have no clue how. lol.

Krystal said...

wow, I'm already in 3rd place for stars... this has got to be a record! I'm gonna work my way to the top, just you wait!

SO... I'm gonna guess that #2 is referring to SSB (can't even bring myself to type that wretched name)... yeah, I HATE that blog... and I may or may not judge people who have that link on their sidebar or openly admit to reading it... I just don't even find that girl funny... and I think she must have really low self esteem to have to put everyone else down in that manner. Not cool. You blog, on the other hand, is AWESOME :) so keep up the good work!!!!

Meg said...

I'm guessing I know who you're talking about on #1 because I happened to hear just a few moments of her show one day. I, too, was appalled that people actually call her. I wouldn't. She is just going to be rude. She is rude to everyone.

I also think I know one of the blogs you are referring to. I read it once and never went back. I wasn't impressed. I'm not sure what the second blog you refer to is, but I'm guessing I don't read it. :)

Avree said...

I'm baffled as to what the last blog you're talking about is, send me an e-mail with the link please, now my curiosity is sparked and I must read the blasphemy!

As for SSB, I am one of those people who reads it, I even won one of her giveaways once (a chunky bling watch). I know it is not nice to make fun of other people (I'll admit I still do it sometimes though). I think what I find funny about her blog is that she picks up on EVERYTHING that is popular in Mormon blogs (i.e. having the husband "secretly" high-jack the blog to give a big ode to his wife, etc.) But I hope we can still be friends :)

Dr. Laura is lame, I think sometimes her advice is good but the way she delivers it is totally inappropriate.

The Allred Family said...

I totally agree with #1. I've heard other radio talk shows where I'm constantly thinking, 'why would anyone seriously call in and comment or ask questions to this person, they're just asking for it.' Anyways, I can guarantee that you will never hear me call in to one of these shows.

Susan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Krystal said...

susan-- ssb= seriously so blessed... *shudder* can't believe I just said it...

Susan said...

oops, ss*B*, not D. Thanks Krystal! (:

Stephanie Wheeler said...

So I'm with you I cannot stand Dr. Laura. I will gladly report that she is not respected in the psychologist community (they frown upon her like they frown upon the author of Men are from Mars book).

Apparently I'm out of the "what to read if your a mormon" blogs because I've never heard of the SSB blog. I checked it out and concluded I haven't missed anything and its not worth my precious blog reading time. I'd much rather read yours (and daydream about writing as witty as you).

ps the byu photo MADE MY DAY!!!

Daren said...

Whoa! People already have nearly 3,000 gold stars!!! Well, I guess I'm just too casual of a reader to keep up with that. Also, I completely agree with your sentiments about negativity. It's very prevailent in radio talk shows right now and it's pretty obnoxious and unencouraging.

Kat said...

I could NOT agree with you more. You wouldn't believe how much crap I get from people about my blog on a daily basis. One person told me that I was too personal on my blog, and that I wrote about too many taboo subjects. Another person said that I was vain, and self-righteous. I am super open about my faith, and I have no problem talking about it. I do not like blogs that put others down. It hurts to read it, and it's not funny to me, AT ALL.

Linze Kate said...

Agreed. As in, I agree with your statements above... Maybe YOU should be the talk show hostess and show her how it's done. Serious - I never understand why people put up with it.

Regarding the mocking blogs... It's really High School to me. Not that it's acceptable in HS either, but I think it's that sort of thinking... and if it's older people, it just makes me sad for them.

Kristin said...

Well, I have to say that I do get the Dr. Laura thing. I mean, I know what people call her and stuff. The thing is some people agree with her about (what they perceive to be) the foolish callers' ways, and some people call ehr wanting to be yelled at. I'm not saying I'm either of these myself, but some people want to make a change and are sick of their own friends jsut indulging them and givning them soft advice. They want to call the lady who will lay it on the line in a really intense way, and maybe even shake them into changing, ya know?
I think your blgo IS inspiring actually. Just look at me catching up on it after my crazyvacations. I think it's funny too of course.

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