Brainwashing ...

my co-workers if fun to do, fun to do, fun to do.

Brainwashing my co-workers is fun to do, fun to do all the day long {yes, that was some wacked out tune}.

Yup. They are all wearing pink {the boys' shirts are pink ... just more of a salmon tint ... but I promise, pink nonetheless}. My talents are endless, no?

I had a psychology teacher in high school that taught me how to use sublimnal messages ... And of all things, I used them against my father to buy me running shoes in high school. And now, now I use them to get my co-workers to wear pink.

Oh, and watch out ... who knows what I'll get Y-O-U to do. Dun, dun, dun!



And I have like a bajillion people from my work who will verify it.

Annnd, I have been this way all.day.long.

So sue me.

As you know, I write behavior plans for some of our clients with challenging behaviors. One of the replacement skills we try to teach them is problem solving ... helping them see that they do have options in any circumstances and that there are consequences to taking options. It is a very basic skill we start off with ... stating a problem they are likely to encounter, thinking of at least two options, the consequences to those actions and deciding, based on the information which choice would be the best. Oh, and then of course at the bottom circling whether or not the person made the right choice.

With me still? 50 gold stars.

So remember how today I was am {ish} grumpy? So remember how we have the generic problem solving worksheet? I shouldn't have been surprised when a co-worker handed me one and said, "Mindy, you need to fill this out today."

So ... I did. It looked a little something like this:

My problem: People telling me what to do who shouldn't {aka: not even close to being my supervisor}

Option 1: Be grumpy and let everyone know

Option 2: Quietly be grumpy

Outcome to Option 1: People stay out of my way

Outcome to Option 2: People act like nothing is wrong and I become more grumpy

Best Choice: Be grumpy and let everyone know

Did Mindy make the best choice: Yup

This has been my day. Any questions? Yeah, I didn't think so {refer back to Outcome 1}.


Today, many moons ago my mama was born. This is important for a couple reasons, mainly because had that not occurred I would not have been born ... and this blog would not exist. Essentially, this means today is a big deal resulting in my mom being a big deal, resulting in me being a big deal and this blog being a big deal. Also, it is Cali's birthday too! No, not the state ... her. Happy birthday, friend. I think you are great! :)


Happy Birthday, Mikey!

Today is one of my favorite people's birthdays ... His name is Mike. For his birthday I wanted to make a fabulous post about a semi-recent excursion we had. But I am running short on time. So for now, this will have to do.

Also, tomorrow and Wednesday he will be taking the bar exam {yes, he did graduate from law school and is one itsy-bitsy step away from becoming a full fledged lawyer}. He might be slightly nervous for this test {who wouldn't be?} ... so along with a birthday wish sent his way, a prayer to the Boss would be great too {Mike, I used that term because of the Yankee relation ... not sacrilegious, right?}.

Happy birthday, friend! I heart you! And good luck, good luck, good luck tomorrow and Wednesday!!

I am putting up this photo because it is the most recent of us together, plus ... it's a sign of things to come. 

P.S. This photo is saved on my computer as "We heart this statue evidently" ... Because it's clear that we do.


You must know ...

that in the state of Utah yesterday was a holiday.

It twas Pioneer Day.

I like Pioneer Day for lots of reasons ... fireworks {yes, in Utah the month of July is all about fireworks} and primarily, because I get work off. But get this, since Pioneer Day was on Saturday and my work is not open on Saturdays ... I got Friday off.

Who ever invented the idea of getting Friday/Monday off when a holiday is on Saturday/Sunday is alright in my book. Really. Right up there with the person who invented contacts and air conditioning.

I heart my job. Just about everything about my job. One of the things I love most are ... days off.
A lot happened on my day off.

1. I registered for the Top of Utah Half Marathon ... which, will be the third time running. And the third time running it without training for it. I did run five miles ... three weeks ago. Will that cover it? {While I am doing the personal training thing we do circuits for an hour ... not quite half marathon training, but whatev.}

2. I realized that I get really, really exhausted of brushing my teeth and washing my hands. I feel like I do both of these things all the time. Do any of you feel that way?

3. I took my nephew to lunch. He chose Sizzler {as long as it isn't Golden Coral*, I am okay}. He was informed he could order whatever his little heart desired ... It ended up being "Shrimp, Shrimp, Shrimp" and the salad bar. Ah, an appetite after my own {sometimes I really wonder if he was supposed to be my child}.

4. He talked Grandma into buying him some Legos. He talked me into helping him put them together.

That's part of the finished product. He wanted a Prince of Persia set but had to settle for an Atlantis set instead. Not gonna lie, one of the strangest Lego sets I have ever put together. But, whatev. He was happy. And it made me a good fantastic aunt {as if that was ever in question ... pff}.

I did some other things on my day off ... but clearly none as important as those mentioned ... either that or I just cannot recall now ... Hmm ...

*Speaking of Golden Corral reminded me of this Facebook status ... "Note to self: having surgery and giving blood in the same week is a bad Idea!! Blacked out in Golden Corral!" Naturally, I responded with, "Your problem wasn't the surgery or the giving blood ... It was the fact that you were at Golden Corral! I would black out there too! Who wouldn't? ;)" ... Some might say there was no sympathy in that response and I would answer them with, you're right. It's Golden Corral, people!

Annnd, I think that is all for today. But expect more tomorrow. I need to tell you about my actual Pioneer Day festivities! Please, contain your excitement.


I am getting my bum kicked ...

every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

When I go workout with my ... personal trainer.


I have a personal trainer.

My sister-in-law met her at the weekly Farmer's Market. As far as I knew, the Farmer's Market sold vegetables and weirdo crafts. And now, apparently personal training services. Hmm. Not sure what that has to do with farming ... but ho-k.

So, my sister-in-law wanted to go. But didn't want to go alone.

She somehow talked me and my sister into going with her. Ho-k.

I felt like it would be somewhat similar to the Biggest Loser experience I have always longed for and have felt like I would never get.

I think I was somewhat right.

The girl who can run 75 miles a week ... is being killed. Ho-well.

P.s. I have included a photo of us at the USU track {oh, memories!} ... We occasionally show up in the same color.

Oh. Cute. Matchy-matchy pink workout clothes for the sisters. For cute, no? :) And this is even how we look after teh workout.

Anywhoot ... why am I telling you this? I am not quite sure. Maybe it is simply because we matched. Or to let you know that I about die every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Orrrr that I pretend I am on the Biggest Loser. Who knows?

P.s. I may have purchased an adorable shirt at Old Navy tonight from ... the little girls' section. While I am thrilled that the shirt fits {it is not pink ... no, it is not!} ... you do have to wonder, should a shirt from the little girls' section ever fit a 28-year-old, 5'11" inched human? Oddly enough, the answer is yes. Maybe that is the point of this entire post. Yup. That was it. I'm sure glad I finally got to it.


I have been introduced ...

to scanning.

That's right.

I am probably the last person in the world you want introduced to scanning. Because it is very likely that I will be on of those people who scan every photo they have and then post them on Facebook. And tag them. And.I.will.enjoy.it. Thoroughly.

But that is beside the point of this evenings blog ... As I have begun the early stages of my scanning I have noticed a trend. See if you notice it too:

Noticing anything at all?

It's clear I was brainwashed as early as several days old to ... the color pink. I am now kinda thinkin' that I had no choice but to submit myself to everything pink. I don't know about you, but I feel like there is a little bit of relief to know that there is reasoning behind the madness. And their names are Mom and Dad. More so than Mom. If my dad had dressed me more often I would probably more photos like this:

Which is all cute and adorable ... until one day it becomes severely inappropriate.

P.s. I feel that I must warn all of you that this scanning business has led me to many-a-thought ... Which I most likely be posting about for the next little bit. Hope you don't mind. And if you do, oh, well. It's my blog. ;) Word.

Also, you should taken a second look of the photo where I am in an adorable pink swimsuit with pink hearts on it. Notice my sister in the background. Hahahahahaha!

I find
this song horribly, horribly sad. I kinda never want to listen to it again. The end.


Rough day ...

I had to go swimming with some of my clients today. Talk about rough.

I also broke two nails while at work today. Yes, two. How am I surviving? Good question.

For my workout today I had to run up Old Main 12 times. Yes, 12.

Did you know that when writing out numbers that you should spell out numbers one through nine and then actually type just the numbers of 10 through infinity? Truism.

I know many of you are questioning those 12 times up Old Main ... I mean, did I really have to do them? Yes. My personal trainer made me.

Yes, I do have a personal trainer ... However, I will have more about that on Monday when I have an adorable photo to accompany the post.

Off topic {was there actually anything in this post that was on topic?}: Have you ever found something out about a person you know really, really, really well that you never knew before? Perhaps a little quirk or talent they have that you simply did not know existed? I did today. And ... I just looked at this person {from a distance so it wasn't creepy weird or anything} in awe ... not only at what I found out today, but at who this person really is ... all this person's strengths and weaknesses. And somehow, even knowing this person's weaknesses makes me appreciate them even more.

I told you that was off topic ... even for this topicless {p.s. spell check wants to turn the topicless into topless. How inappropriate!} post. It makes me want to share thoughts I have on getting to know people. Buuuut, that shall be for another day ... because I had to go swimming today ... and got paid for it. And it was rough. And I broke two nails. And it was rough. And ran Old Main 12 times. And it was rough. Then gave each of you a grammar lesson. Which wasn't rough. And it was free for you. But next time it will cost ya {yes, I will give you a grammar lesson without you expecting it and then KABOOM! I will charge you ... just you wait!}.

I stole macroni salad from my mom's house. Ssh. Don't tell.

I am craving a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie with a tall glass of milk.

I cannot wear more than one ring on my fingers at any given time. Meaning I can only wear one ring per 10 fingers {look how I typed out 10}.

I am currently eating second dinner.

Oh, and in case you were wondering ... this post exists today simply for Jan-et B. P. Farr or for her mom, I cannot remember which. Ja-net is from Reno. Just sayin'.


The day BYU ...

did something I applauded ...

Thank you, BYU. Thank you.

P.s. That sentence will never come out of my mouth again.


Who's in?

It's a 10k race ... that looks a little something like this:

I really, really want to do it.

Who wants to join me? Seriously.

They have one in Boise, Idaho on September 18th {which is a fabulous way to celebrate my birthday} and one in Salt Lake on September 25th.

For more details go here.

And let me know if you'll join me ... and which location you'd prefer.

A lot of gold stars would be at stake ... and if you don't want to run it, I need someone who would be willing to take photos of the event. :)

Oh, and yes ... the brown course entails the entire thing is m.u.d.


I have learned ...

that this is not where you want to be when flatulence is released.

And no, I am not saying that that happened.

Pero lo hizo.

Had it happened, it would have almost rivaled the time I was leg wrestling when it forsurely happened. Almost.

For those of you who don't know, I am a boat in this photo. I make a fierce boat, no? P.s. Google translatation is fun. ;)


Complaints and/or a tirade, you pick ...

I have two of them {complaints that is}. Maybe one is a complaint. Maybe another is just is something that rubs me the wrong way. Maybe both make me judgemental. So sue me. ;) {Actually, I hope they don't make me judgmental ... I'd feel badly if I was.}

1. There is a woman who has a very popular radio talk show where she offers advice on just about every topic. While I was scanning through the radio stations on my way home from work the other day she was on. I listened for less than 7.6 seconds before she tore into the caller.

I was appalled.

I thought this woman was supposed to help others. I listened in to one more caller where they were treated just as poorly. A couple days later, also while scanning on my drive home from work, I heard a few seconds of her doing the exact same thing to another caller.

Pray tell, why on this green earth would anyone in OR out of their right mind call this woman for advice?? WHY DOES SHE STILL HAVE A JOB? Why does anyone listen to her? Why? If she cannot give people the common courtesy, dignity and respect they deserve, WHY are people listening to her and allowing this to go on??


Glad I got that off my chest.

2. There are some blogs I just don't get. Most blogs {99.69%} I read are of people I know who know me. I read them to stay caught up in their lives, as well as expecting some entertainment value {hey, what can I say? I like other people to entertain me. So sue me. ;)}. However, there are a couple blogs I read regularly that belong to strangers. These are the blogs that most people have in their side bar listed a "inspirational" blogs etc. You know which ones I am talking about, right? :)

There are two in particular that I read and I love them. It is amazing the strength that can be found within yourself once you see the kind of strength is found in others. Does that make sense? It's weird to say this, but reading the experiences of a complete stranger can make us better people.

Buuut, all aforementioned blogs are not the ones I just don't get. There is one that is quite popular in our culture that many find comical {and if you do, that is okay, we can still be friends ;)} ... but it is full of sarcasm and remarks, if you think about them, simply just mock others {let alone mock aspects of the faith of some}. And that's all it is. I find very little talent {regardless of how witty the remark is} in creating humor by putting others down. I just don't get why anyone reads this blog. And again, allows this blogger to acquire monetary gain for MOCKING others.

There is one other blog I just don't get that I want to talk about today ... Again, another extremely popular one in these parts. :) This one I really don't get it. I don't get why she has so many readers and why so many people are in love with the blog. It's not comical. It's not ... informative. It's not inspirational. Which, is fine ... mine isn't necessarily any of those things either {it's pink ... that's what my blog is ... pink}. But we are getting side-tracked. :) I just don't get why this blogger at one point averaged 39,000 readers daily ... when the blog was none of those things.

And to make matters worse ... It does rub me the wrong way when people openly admit their faith, but then openly admit not fully following that faith ... and not just that, but making it sound like not following it is the exciting thing to do ... and actually, make it sound like the alluring thing to do. I will not and cannot support such blasphemy {because that is what it is}. And I just don't get how it is not viewed as such by some and we continue to allow this person to obtain monetary gain for such!

Anyway, that is my tirade for the day. :) Aren't you glad you stopped on by to read it?

P.s. I have updated the gold stars. Word.


I always laugh ...

out loud ... for at least seven minutes ... when I see this photo.

How about you? :)

P.S. How was it yesterday ... the first day in over a month without a post from me ... We all still good? We all still breathing? :)


Because she will be embarrassed ...

we are going to talk about her today.

Also because it is her birthday.

And because she is one of my bestest friends. And she has been for 15 years.

Em and I first met in seventh-grade science. I am pretty sure she sat behind me ... and I am pretty sure she had to have thought I was crasy {admit it, that's what YOU thought when you met me too}. :)

One of the best things about being friends with someone this long is having really awesome photos that you can scan and put up on blogs and Facebook. I shall insert one here.

This is actually the first time we hung out together outside of school or school assignments. Our freshman year of high school and we were "snaking" at the Homecoming dance.

And then there is this gem.

Wow. Don't we look great? I have awesome hair and Em looks so happy {fifth from the right}. I am not sure why this photo exists ... and you are probably asking why I blogged it. I did because I can. What of it?

Em and I started running together in ninth-grade. Here we are at state cross country our sophomore year ... Again, note the extreme attractiveness.

Uhm. Yeah. I am not quite sure what we are doing. But we do look attractive, no? That is her hat I am wearing. And no, I am not wearing a skirt ... those are our cross country uniform shorts.

Okay, we can be normal {still at state cross country soph year}.

By our senior year, I was actually looking pretty normal. I think Em looks totally normal and socially acceptable in all these photos, by the way. I am just glad I caught up. Eventually. And I am glad she waited patiently for that day to arrive, all the while still being my friend.

P.S. I am not trying to be a lady of the night or scandalous in that photo ... I am just showing everyone my lucky sports bra. Yes, I just typed bra on my blog. First chest hair, now this. Oh.my.word! I told you I would never talk about chest hair again. I am re-instating that promise ... now. 

Our running days continued at USU. Here we are at a home meet in late April where a snowstorm came down upon us.

I am pretty sure I have ran more miles with this woman that anyone else on the planet. And I cannot tell you how happy that makes me.

The next two photos exist simply because I am pretty sure she has never seen them.

Here we are are hiking in Logan ... a week or so before she did something really naughty. She left. On a mission. For 18 months. We may or may not have cried when we said our goodbyes. I do have a photo of that ... but I am sparing the internet world of seeing it.

This next one is probably one of my favorites.

Here we are at my parents' house for one of our USU teammate's bridal showers. I think we all look adorable. Arrogant? Sure, but feel free to refer back to the first three photos I posted today.

So, after running at USU and her mission you'll notice I am not in the next photo ... We hit another dark spot. 

She got married. :( To that dude. And she moved to BYU. To live with him. Crasy, right?

But then guess what!? I moved to Provo {talk about a really dark spot}. But this made it possible for her to attend my birthday party at Adam's apartment.

Yay!! Isn't she adorable?

Then guess what ... I moved back to Logan ... she and previously said husband moved to San Fransico. So, naturally, I had to visit her.

And then we go to Wisconsin to visit her sister, who is equally amasing.

Noticing a pattern here? :)

Em is without a doubt one of my most favorite people on the face of the earth! She is easily one of my most favorite travel buddies, and person to talk on gmail chat. :) She makes me laugh and keeps me safe from doing dangerous things such as running on the condemned trail. She is a great listener and knows all my stories. All of them. And she keeps letting me tell her more ... silly ones, insignificant ones. I am blessed to be able to call her my friend and I am so glad that we get to celebrate her today!
If you read this entire post, award yourself 100 gold stars. If you have the privilege of knowing Em yourself, you've got 100 more. And no, she and her sister are not actually twins. And we three are not sisters. :)

Thank you and have a good day ... celebrating her. :)
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