Think pink ...

Pink iPod.

Pink running watch {okay, two ... two pink running watches}.

Pink cell phone.

Pink cell phone cover.

Pink bed sheets {three sets}.

Pink bag.

Pink blanket.

Pink dinerware.

Pink water bottle.

Pink chocolate milk cups {four}.

Pink toenails {always}.

Pink nail polish {four different shades}.

Pink hanging files at work.

Pink binders at work.

Pink pens.

Pink luggage.

Pink headbands {three}.

Pink USU sweat shirt.

Pink USU pajama bottoms.

Pink quarter-length sleeve running shirt.

Pink running short-sleeve shirt {two}.

Pink long sleeve running shirt.

Pink running tank top {three}.

Pink running shoes.

Pink checks.

Pink swimsuit {two}.

Pink debit card.

Pink non-running tank {three}.

Pink socks {lots of them}.

Pink dish scrubber {new find ... I thought they only came in the green/yellow option!}.

Pink zip-up hoodies {two}.

Pink scarf {two}.

Pink zip up sweaters without hoodies {two}.

Pink pea coat.

Pink baby doll shoes.

Pink flip-flops {two pairs}.

Pink capris.

Pink toothbrush.

Pink contact case.

Pink eye glasses box.

Pink chapstick {two}.

Pink blog layout. ;)

Pink handbag {two}.

Pink shirt {thirteen!}.

Pink bath towels.

Pink hand towels.

Pink skirt {three ... with others that just have pink in it, without it being the main color}.

Pink teeth {lie ... this is to see if you are actually reading this ... give yourself 50 additional gold stars}.

Pink journals {two of which I haven't even used yet ... I just buy them because I think I will want them eventually}.

Pink pajama bottoms {three}.

Pink pajama shirt {three}.

Pink necklace {at least two}.

Pink earrings {three or four pairs}.

Pink hair accessories {separate from headbands}.

Pink accented running shorts {two}.

Pink post-its {at home and work}.

Pink picture frame.

And those are the only pink things I can think of that I own ... off the top of my head. Some people say I have an obsession.

I tell them their mom has an obsession.

This may or may not be me and my pinkness while blogging this post about pink. Awesome.

This post was bought to you by request by some of your fellow readers. I hope it satisfied their hearts' desires.

I may or may not be obsessed with
this song today. And who are we kidding? When I become obsessed with a song it can last for days ... and months ... and years.


Andrea said...

wow. pink.

i think i can count on one hand the number of items i own that are pink.

the whole idea of all the companies that make things for breast cancer awareness must be a dream come true for you. . . pink and for a good cause. how can you go wrong.

Mike said...

Pink teeth? Someone likes their cotton candy.

Allison and Josh said...

I LOVED this post!! I felt like it was listing my belongings as well!! You can never have too much pink!! :) And I only wish I had pink teeth...haha! If you ever need a new iron, there is a pink one at Target. You better believe I own it!!

Robby Spratt said...

Wow, that list just kept going, and going, and going. By the way, pink teeth are gross! You should start using that pink toothbrush.

Tetris Queen said...

Funny Face right? I thought of their song about pink when reading this post.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, you NEED to watch this--> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcCN6XA61Es

Oh this is Natalie from XC by the way... :D

Toni said...

That's a LOT of pink :)

Burke and Emily Adams said...

I think I'm about to get my first set of golden stars...PINK TEETH! Really, Mindy, you are obsessed. :) But cute as ever! Love your June posts!

whitneybballs said...

That is one great picture! You are so cute. Seriously. Thanks for sharing that song very good.:)

B and J said...

Love the song! Now I am totally obsessed with it!

McCall and Eric said...

I also remember your post about the pink "Settlers of Catan" pieces. It really inspired me. I have been meaning to paint mine for awhile!

Brooke Hill said...

THat is a lot of pink my friend, good thing it is your fav color! Fifty points for me!

Katie said...

I thought that pink teeth only existed in Alabama! :) I dare say you love pink more than I, but I too have many things that are pink. It is a perfect, happy, uplifting color. Also, I have never heard of that song by Barenaked ladies...I am behind on the times. Good song though!

Avree said...

I'm kind of dissapointed that the roses by your bed are red. What's up with that? I think you could arrange the pink teeth if you really wanted.

Kat said...

did you know there is even a BOOK called Pink Think? It's about the image of women in the past (specifically the 50's) and how that has affected us today. I had to read it for one of my sociology classes in college. It's actually pretty interesting! That's just one more thing to add to your list. Since it IS the title of your post and all. :)

Meg said...

Pink teeth would be better than yellow ones, I think. :-)

Pink is the reason you should be the mother of girls some day. Little girl clothes come in every color of pink imaginable.

Allred Mom said...

Yea!!! We got the "Pink" post! :)

Krystal said...

yay, one of my ideas made it on here... bonus points for me :)

AND, I saw the pink teeth and TOTALLY did a double take, like "whhhaaat??" (I thought maybe a pink retainer or pink braces back in the day?! lol...)

You totally have me beat... I feel like I am not nice enough to pink and don't love her enough... guess I've got my work cut out for me to prove my love to pink :)

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