So, this is how this went down ...

me: I need a quick blog that is fast to post ... what could it be on?

Cami: make it top 20 reasons why Camille Brown is awesome.
that would be a really good read.

Okay ...

20 Reasons Why Camille Nelson Brown is Awesome ...

20. She always decorates her house adorable!!
19. She put up her Christmas tree last year even though she would have to take it down before December 9th because she was moving back home to Texas.
18. She makes the amazing treats! They are healthy too, which a lot of people like. I really don't care about that as much ... but they are amazing!
17. She has the most adorable niece who has a rockin' Wonder Woman costume.
16. She wears fancy shoes. All the time.
15. She has basically seen every episode of the Office ever created.
14. She can restrain with the best of them. Really, though. :) She can have my back any time or place when restraining is needed.
13. Her blog layout is just so darn cute!
12. She loves to run.
11. She is a great listener. She will let me babble about whatever I want whenever I want.
10. She has shampoo-commercial perfect hair. I am jealous.
9. We can swap stories about this and that all day long.
8. She can do the PX90 workouts and get bored with them.
7. She is TOUGH. In every way possible. Tough physically. Tough spiritually. Don't mess with her.
6. She adores her little brother.
5. She is the discount/promo queen of the universe. She always, always, always dresses top of the line, but knows how to get everything at not-selling-her-arm-and-her-leg to buy it prices. I dare anyone to try and see her when she isn't looking, as Paris Hilton would say, "Hot." :)
4. We just get each other. On so many things.
3. She is an extremely hard worker. She knows what is expected of her and then does more. If you want a job done right, she is the woman to ask. Responsible. Reliable.
2. She flosses her teeth {okay, I have no proof of this ... but she has a great smile ... hahaha!}.
1. She is one of the bestest friends anyone could ask for in every way that makes someone a good friend. And, even though I am already at #1, I have one more thing to add. She is going to be one of the best mamas ever ... after all, she will be able to restrain her kiddies. ;)

Heart you, Cami!!

P.s. If any of YOU would like a similar list about yourself, lemme know. I am now going to go play at Lagoon. Peace out, peeps!


Geoff & Cami Brown said...

WOW!! i am famous!! I heart you Mindy!!!!!

Meg said...

Ooh, ooh, me next? j/k

Have fun at Lagoon.

Krystal said...

I don't even know Cami but I love her too! AND her blog is totally adorable... I want to be her friend :) she sounds amazing!!

AND, I would love a post for me... reason #1 why I'm awesome? I love colors :)

Daren said...

You're taking requests? I'd be curious what 20 things you would pick that made me awesome, especially since we've been out of touch for so long. Maybe I'm not awesome anymore, just cool. =)

Kristin said...

She's cute- I checked out her cute blog.

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