Prepare to shed tears ...

... of boredom!

I saw this once on Ruth's and Em's blogs one million years ago {seriously, I typed this up on February 5, 2009}. I filled it out and never posted it. I feel like if I don't post it, I wasted my time filling it out in the first place {which may or may not be true even if I do post it}. Annnd, Kristen suggested I write secret things about me ... I am not sure how secretive they are, but here you go. Each of you can earn five more stars for each random fact you read. :)

40 Random Facts

1. I get hiccups three times a day, every day.

2. I am not sure I will ever run a marathon {we can thank my most recent tendinitis for the 2009 TOU marathon most likely being out}.

3. I dream about Nazis all the time. Seriously. Not that I am one, but that they are coming to get me. I don't read/watch/focus on anything Nazi either, so I am not quite sure why this happens.

4. I am obsessed with flip-flops. I wear them in freezing temperatures, snow, rain, and slush. I want to be married and buried in flip-flops.

5. I got my varsity letterman's jacket in November of my freshman year of high school. I thought I was super cool. Okay, let's be honest: I was. I still am. I should be one of those people who still wear it around, after high school ... and now, even after college.

6. In seminary when we'd play Scripture Mastery games I had to be the score keeper ... Because I was too competitive when I played the game and it would get ugly.

7. I remembered Scripture Mastery scriptures by connecting the scriptures to basketball players' jersey numbers. It worked out pretty well.

8. I really, really want to be on the Biggest Loser. Really. I understand there would be some complications of that actually happening, but I'd LOVE to do those workouts and challenges!

9. During "red air" days I run in the Spectrum. And my favorite place to run is on 600 East in Logan, Utah.

10. My last semester of college I had 19 credits, an internship, was in the RS presidency, and taught seminary. Somehow I still managed to watch/attend every USU basketball game, not miss an episode of Smallville and run every day. I do not know how I survived that semester.

11. I have been a member of a Relief Society presidency three times, as well as president twice and in the stake RS presidency once. I forget there are other types of callings in the ward. :)

12. I have made the trip from Logan to Provo over 150 times in the past five years or so.

13. I get kicked, hit, bit, pinched, and my hair pulled on a regular basis while at work.

14. I love my job. However, I countdown every day until I get to go home. I'm not sure I was meant to be a working woman. Obviously, God and I have a difference of opinions on that. :)

15. I don't understand fanny-packs nor why people wear them.

16. I didn't miss a single week of writing Em while she was on her mission.

17. Some of my many nicknames have been: Min, Minny, Meme, Madeline, Jonathan, Demon, Hammy, Aggie, and Judas. Most of them were given to me by my insane brother. :)

18. I think that anything that has the USU logo {Utah State, the A, Aggies, etc.} on it is cute and I want to own it.

19. I once purchased 96 rolls of multi-colored toilet paper for 12 dollars. All the rolls were used on one house.

20. I want my photo to be in a conference Ensign. I hang outside around Temple Square trying to get my picture taken. I even made Adam go with me once to see if his ethnicity could help me get in.

21. I have a favorite drinking fountain. It is located in the rubber gym at Logan High School. In college, my favorite drinking fountain was located in the Field House by the women's restroom.

22. One semester of college looked like this: Cross country pool practice at 6:30am {meaning we would do our workout in a swimming pool}, shower, regular class at 9:00am, swim class at 10:30am, shower, regular class at noon, afternoon cross country practice at 3:00pm, shower, finish up the day's events. Yes. I would shower three times every Tuesday and Thursday. I never stopped smelling like chlorine either.

23. If I ever get married and have a little girl, I want to name her Avree Anne _______. :)

24. I want to be a wife and a mother more than anything.

25. I look forward to talking to Em every day.

26. I used to make up a holiday for every day when I lived in Provo ... I needed something to celebrate. :) Maybe I should do this again ... make up a holiday day for every day in July ... and naturally, blog about it.

27. I don't believe the statistic that the average person swallows three spiders in their sleep annually. That's asinine.

28. Almost every time I sneeze someone will ask, "Is that your real sneeze?"

29. I am obsessed with dental floss. I never fail to floss before I go to bed. And I think I use more dental floss than anyone else on the planet.

30. I have spoken in Sacrament meeting nine times in the last 27 months {this statistic was true as of 2-15-09}.

31. When writing things by hand, I only use capitalized letters for I and Deity.

32. I loathe fingernails. I hate them even more when mine are painted.

33. I used to share a paper route with Heather and Lisa Hansen during middle school. We made Lisa do the super hilly part. :)

34. I got detention once in middle school. We had a student teacher, the entire class was being extremely rambunctious. She had asked two students, "What's does the -ine at the end of adrenaline mean?" They didn't know. She asked me and I said, "It probably has some scientific meaning, one that, clearly, none of us know." She laughed and then walked by my desk and placed a little paper on it that said, "Oops! You blew it! 45 minutes after school detention!" I refused to talk to her the rest of her time student teaching. Ha! :)

35. I pestered two bishops, one stake president, and Heavenly Father for two years straight to be able to receive my Temple endowment. When my bishop finally gave in, he signed my recommend on a Tuesday, stake president signed on Wednesday, and I went through on Thursday. I went every day for over a week. Occasionally, I still find myself going four times a week.

36. I hate the smell of hospitals ... I wrote a college paper on why. :)

37. In high school I was asked to publish a poem I had written about mowing lawns. I declined.

38. The absolute best way to get in contact with me is by texting.

39. During one semester of college, Rhonda and I would go to Olive Garden every Thursday at 11:00am. The server wouldn't even have to take our order, since we got the same things every time. I got spaghetti with meat sauce, salad, with water (I would drink three glasses), and eat six-seven bread sticks!

40. I write emails/letters to people all the time that I have absolutely no intentions of ever sending.


Allison and Josh said...

Oh Mindy...You should have done 100 secrets about yourself! I am certain that you will be such an amazing wife and mother someday!! ____ will be very lucky!! Oh, and please do #26!!

Mike said...

Seems gold stars are racked up much quicker than in times past. I remember I got ASD in middle school once for a dumb reason too. I think yours might be dumber though.

Kat said...

I love this! I've been wanting to write a bunch of random things about myself, too... but I think I'm WAY too open for that already! Did you know that Olive Garden is my most favorite restaurant ever? I love going there, and I could eat there everyday. and I LOVE Rhonda.

Andrea said...

i'd like to read the poem you wrote about mowing lawns.

thank you for not using capital letters when you write. . .

fanny- packs. . . the name alone is a warning as to why one should not wear one.

Toni said...

Lol at #7 ...this is why we're friends!!

Avree said...

I ADORE #23!

Alison said...

i read all 40... and surprisingly i already knew quite a few of those...

Meg said...

I think you might have to gain some weight before they would let you on the biggest loser.

I tend to forget there are callings other than music, piano especially.

So do you go out of your way to drink from your favorite fountain?

I want to know how anyone figured out how many spiders people swallow. Honestly, how do you even start to study that?

That is a pretty lame reason to get detention.

It's awesome that you go to the Temple that often. I miss living close enough to go every week. A two hour drive, one way, makes it hard and children make it even harder.

So, these letters you write, are they nice letters or are you getting out your aggressions by writing and not sending?

And that would be 200 stars for me. :) Also, I wasn't bored, I find random facts quite entertaining.

Jo said...

I read them all, even though I should have been folding laundry instead.

Krystal said...

I read them all...

#6 - I can totally believe that :)
#11 - so not jealous :) (knock on wood, never had those callings!)
#18 - totally agree.... I should send you some money and have you shop for me sometime!
#19 - where did you find that good of a deal?!
#26- PLEASE PLEASE do! And maybe have a black-pants type party again, but for all us SLC peeps! (We could meet in the middle in Layton or something)
#35 - good for you!!!!!!!!
#38- I remember when you weren't such a fan of texting, lol...

Kristin said...

YES!!!!!!!!!!! You used my idea! Woot. And thanks for the blog shout out too. PS It's Kristin with an "i". No biggie. Read all the facts and LOVED them! The conference picture and Adam's ethnicity thing KILLED me. Anyway, I find all your facts fascinating. What a cool life-like the 3 showers a day for a time, or the Olive Garden thing, or the temple...love it.

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