Not gonna lie ...

Today was the first post all month that I just don't know what to post about. Sooo, you're just gonna get thoughts that have been going through my mind today. Lucky you, eh?

I really, really want my skin to reap all benefits from being moisturized. But I hate putting on lotion.

I watch the BYU channel. So sue me. I gotta be honest though, I've been really disappointed in the shows I've seen on lately. I want the good stuff BYU. Not sports, not that crasy lady with the crasy voice ... I want pure doctrine from the apostles and prophets. Please.

I spell and pronounce the word crasy with a "s" thanks to this hilarious IKEA commerical.

I found out last night why I was never on the Sky View High School cheer squad.

There is a commercial I have seen countless times that has the song from the old school Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ... yet, I never pay enough attention to it to know what they are selling.

Profile photos on Facebook that are a perfect square make me really happy.

If I feel if I were smarter I may want to be a forensic scientist or criminal profiler.

I worry what choice I would make as a juror if my gut feeling said the defendant was guilty but the prosecution didn't bring a clear enough case to ensure there was no room for reasonable doubt. Which also makes me wonder, how many defense attorneys really believe their clients are innocent?

My roommate introduced me to Amazon.com ... which is pretty spiffy considering I got a bright pink phone cover for one cent. Yup. One cent.

When I hear a text received on my phone I am pretty darn good at being able to guess who the text is from {look, Em ... I just dangled a participle}. I think it's I'm pretty cool.

Sometimes, when I say things like that I wonder if I come across as egotistical on this blog. I then laugh.

I hate non-chilled water. Loathe it.

Even more than I hate taking wallpaper off walls. I have a lot of experience with this. Thanks, Mom.

I need a vacation. A fabulous vacation. And not a mini-vacay like my last one, if you can even consider St. George a vacay. Any ideas?

I have never read the Twilight books nor seen the movies. I know it's about a vampire and a wolf ... and that's it. I have read one Harry Potter book and seen one Harry Potter movie. Although, I did read the last chapter of the last Harry Potter book.

Someone very close to me made me cry this week. When I cry, my eyes look like Christmas.

I think after six months, I am finally getting a calling in Church tomorrow.

My roommates are out of town. Again. I think I have spent eight of the last 12 days alone.

One roommate is in Hawaii. Another is in Spain. Remind me why I am in Logan, please.

My parents have really icky milk at their house right now ... I like to go to their house on Saturday and Sunday mornings to drink my chocolate milk, have two pieces of buttered toast, and read the morning paper.

There is a hat at Rue 21 I want to purchase. Would I look okay in a hat?

I have really horrific dreams frequently ... that I am being stabbed, shot, or burned. Is this normal? Often times I am crawling to get away from my attacker ... leaving a trail of blood behind me. Did this paragraph just make this post PG-13?

I need my hair trimmed. But going to the salon is like going to the bank, post office, grocery shopping, and the dentist. I hate going. HATE.

I wonder what I am going to post about tomorrow.

And I think I am ending tonight's post here.

Lie. Here.


Andrea said...

my suggestion for a vacation. san diego. not sure if that is a real enough vacation for you or not.
but i think it's a pretty fantastic place. . . and you'd have a place to stay if you needed one.
the end.

Krystal said...

I would love to go on a vacation next month when I'm not teaching... let's do something :) I am a super-easy travel companion :) I want to go somewhere sunny and warm (I would even love to go to Disneyland... always a good vacation!)

Also, I want to know why it is that you were never on the Sky View High School cheer squad??

Amazon is my favorite shopping website. I got 2 packages from them this week :) love love love it!

Mike said...

I already know why you were never on the Sky View High cheer squad. And most defense attorneys know their clients are guilty. That's why most defense attorneys plea bargain. And I still think you should post pictures of Gilgal.

Jared said...

Your eyes look like Christmas? It took me a few seconds to register that one, but the choice of words was pure comedic gold, regardless of what was meant by it. I need to start using words like that.

McCall and Eric said...

I hate getting my hair cut too! I am so glad I'm not alone. The small talk with the lady cutting my hair is just too hard for me.

Kristin said...

Love this post!!! Now I want to know all the answers to unanswered questions...like the cheer-leading issue. My vacation idea- either Italy (have you read Eat Pray Love?) or NYC!

Shan said...

Disneyland! Go there!

The Allred Family said...

I'm so glad that I'm not the only person on this green planet who has not read or even been interested in the Twilight books.

Meg said...

Not only have I not read or watched Twilight I also have not read or watched ANY Harry Potter. Not interested at all.

Allison and Josh said...

I am so with you on the needing a vacation thing!! I think I might die without one :) Also, Amazon.com is pretty much amazing! I got a pink cover for my phone, a screen protector and a car charger all for $2.99!!

Jo said...

So did you really get your hair trimmed today?

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