It's a good thing ...

that the end of the month is today. I feel like my blog posts are ... lacking.

that I am not blogging about the moon as Em suggested. ;) Heart you, Em.

that my parents live so close that I can soak in all their air conditioning after work. I think I would die if I had to come straight home to my house in the heat.

that work ended today. The state was requiring some pretty crasy stuff from us over the past few days ... literally, more than we could do in the time they were asking. Don't worry, it involved faxing close to 300 pages to the state. Eat that. And don't worry, we made the secretary fax it all. I couldn't be bothered with it.

that I didn't spend three hours at work today looking for one piece of paper. Oh, wait. I did. And I never found it.

that I am not blogging about polka dots like my Em suggested. ;) Heart you, Em.

that there are still three days left in the week because I haven't gone running once, yet. :)

that I am not paranoid about over heating all the time now ... Oh, wait. I am.

that I haven't talked about the lack of AC and being hot at least two times in this post alone and at least one other time in a post this month. I do think about other things. I do.

that I didn't tell someone to "have fun tomorrow" even though I knew they were going to a funeral. Oops.

that I secretly have found a way to have to make less decisions in my life {I hate making decisions, did you know this?} ... Amongst out text conversations throughout the day I ask BFF to pick a color. I then choose something to wear the following day that color. This eliminates 90% of the decision I have to make in the morning about what to wear and I love it.

that BFF doesn't know I am using him to get out of making decisions in my life, or he would stop doing it.

to know who supports me, the choices I make, and trusts my relationship with the Lord.

that the Lord shares His love of others with us ... so we can begin to see how truly amazing they are.

that a storm is rolling in ... do you know what this means? Cooler temperatures tonight. Again, I do think about other things than over heating. I do.

that she got a clean bill of health this past week ... What a stellar birthday present. P.s. Happy birthday, Whit. I heart you!! And I have been thinking about you all day!

that I am ending this post so you don't have to keep reading such redundancy. :)

Peace out, peeps. :)


emily said...

not so happy: that you mock my suggestions

happy: that I have my own label

whitneybballs said...

Oh thank you for the Birthday shout out. I feel loved!

Mike said...

Emily, at least be happy your ignored suggestions get recognition. I've been suggesting a topic for a while and nothing.

Erica said...

I don't know Emily. I did read the post. And I'm not sure how I feel about your bangs in the earlier picture. But I do love your skinny legs in your running shorts. I want some of those. The legs, not the shorts.

Krystal said...

this has been a fun month of posts... you should do it again sometime :)

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