But if I want to be The Bachelorette I am going to need your help ... Look at this crazy application. What I need help with is the following:

1. Someone to answer these questions in amazingly, stand-out-look-at-me fashion.

2. A graphic designer or practically anyone with Photoshop who can make me look a little more glamorous ... maybe a little more liiiiike ... a brunette Reese Witherspoon or that Alba girl {I don't like her first name for semi-obvious reasons}.

3. Someone who is willing to make the video of me with me doing as little as possible in the video.
So, what's in it for you?

A definite shout-out when I am on the show.

Plus, it would be the first modest, alcoholess, scandalous-free Bachelorette/Bachelor season ever.

And, I would promise to have an encore performance of my Thriller dance ... on national television.


Hello and thank you for your interest in the show! We are looking for the most eligible singles in America and want you to show us your great, outgoing personality.

We want lots of energy and BIG SMILES!!! Have fun with it! Here are a few pointers for getting ready to shoot your video. The video should be about 10-15 minutes long – however long it takes you to tell us about yourself!


1. The video that you send us can be in DVD, Mini DVD or Mini DV format. IMPORTANT: If you are sending us a regular or Mini DVD – make absolutely sure that the disc is finalized. You MUST be able to play the disc back on a regular DVD player, not just through the camera! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLAY THE DISC BACK ON A REGULAR DVD PLAYER BEFORE YOU MAIL IT AND MAKE SURE IT PLAYS!!!

2. Room should be well lit to avoid shadows.

3. Make sure you are not backlit. Standing in front of windows or other major light sources looks TERRIBLE on camera.

4. Stand in front of a colorful background so you don’t appear washed out. White walls do not work well.

5. Be aware of any background noises - turn off the TV, radio, air conditioning, ceiling fans or heating units as this will create a hum or buzz.

6. Do not wear white or black or outfits with intense prints (this can distort the picture). Dress up a little, like you would if you were going to a nice restaurant for dinner. Wear your favorite clothes and show us your style! Do not wear hats or sunglasses.

7. Do not chew gum.

8. Make sure you are framed properly. A medium close-up shot is from just below the waist to just above the head, like this:

9. When you are ready to go, have someone else read you these questions. Do not have paper in hand or in front of you. Have a friend or a relative film you. It will make the quality of your tape better!

CONTENT (these are suggestions - be creative and have fun with this! Let your personality shine through. If there is something you’d like to tell us that we haven’t asked, tell us!

1. Introduce yourself, tell us your name, age and what you do for a living. Where do you live? Do you rent/own? Do you have roommates? Do you have pets? Introduce us to them! If you are doing the tape at home, give us a tour!

2. Give us a dating history. Have you ever been in love? If no, why not, and if yes, tell us your love story! Or tell us your funny first date story!

3. Describe your ultimate fantasy date! Do you have a favorite actor/actress?

4. Tell us about your family – are you close? Do you have siblings? Do you have any funny childhood stories or wacky family members you want to tell us about?

5. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

6. What would your hometown date be like? Where would we go and who would we meet?

7. Do you have any special talents? If there is a hobby or activity you like, tell us or show us. For example, if you love to cook, take us into the kitchen and show us what’s for dinner! If you love to work out, show us your routine! Feel free to take the camera out and about with you and tape in a different location – we want to get a little glimpse of your life!

8. Finally, get a full body shot of yourself. This is very important!

Really, who wouldn't want to be on this show?

Let me know what YOU are willing to do!


There is a HUGE chance I am not even remotely serious about this ... yet, there is still a chance I am. You decide. ;)


Andrea said...

1 - i got the graphic design fix a picture for you covered.
2- i obviously see the Bachelorette after you do. .. and i read your facebook status before i saw the show. ..(do i like to admit that i watch the show nope, nope i don't.) when i heard him say that on the show i just about fell off the couch laughing because of your status. awesome.

Mike said...

Was number eight originally in bold, or did you do that? At least they're honest about their motivations...

Robby Spratt said...

I've never seen the show. Why do you hate the name Jessica anyway?

Allison and Josh said...

Mindy, just do it! haha! Show America what a girl with class, standards and morals is like! :) I think you would be a hit! Especially when you showcase your Thriller moves!

Avree said...

I wonnder if they could make sure all the bachelors are LDS for you? If not I guess that would help you decide who to boot. Good luck!

Lissa Clair said...

i think you should take the camera on a run with you while you wear all your pink gear.

Krystal said...

lol.... a modest, alcohol free bachelorette?! Awesome!! As you're talking about the video, the scene from Legally Blonde came to mind where Elle Woods makes a video application for law school... do something like that and I'm sure they'll pick you!

Kristin said...

You MUST do this! You know I am totally into the Bachelorette/Bachelor, right? Wow, crazy app. I will be your filmer, helper, outfit/makeup girl or what ev if you need. PS: you heard Jake and Vienna broke up, right? Ha!

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