I just might be a spoiled brat ...

And that's okay.

I've never lived anywhere without air conditioning ... Until now.

This hasn't been a problem ... Until now.

Because it hasn't hit 82* while I've lived here ... Until now.

Ugh. While every Utahan has been cursing the weather for sub 50* in June ... I have kinda, secretly been happy. Because I knew as soon as it reached past 70* I'd be miserable.

I have a heating disorder.

Not to be confused with an eating disorder {well, who are we kidding ... this is debatable consider I have first and second dinner most nights}.

I get super hot super easy followed by getting super sick.

In the middle of winter in high school {when it was arguably 20* outside} I would over heat in class ... so much that I would sit by the window with it opened while all my classmates in Mrs. Warr's second hour AP English class would moan and complain ... and wear their coats.

In fact, I survived my first winter up on USU's campus without wearing a coat once.

I have gotten a little better as time has gone on ... But still, today it's 82*, I have no AC ... and I am feeling nauseous. Blek.

Honestly, I am not too confident I will make it through the summer at this house. Which is sad, because it is such a cute house.

P.s. Just so you don't think I am a total spoiled brat ... I worked at least four weeks of EFY in the summer of 2007 without AC at night or in our site office. Sooo, I'm tougher than you might think. ;)

Today is this adorable little guy's birthday!
I heart him. A lot.


Robby Spratt said...

You know...you can BUY air conditioners. Even portable ones that you can stick in your room! :)

Mike said...

For a moment, I thought "Hey wait, there has to have been sometime at EFY you didn't have air conditioning!" But you brought that up. Sorry it's so stinkin' hot. I, too, hate not having AC. Good thing I do right now. :-) P.S. Having parents that live exactly two minutes away from Mountain/Valley View Towers meant that I slept at home a LOT in the summer of 2008. I think I only spent one night away from my parents' house, and I actually slept in the site office rather than in my dorm room. Okay, this is a long comment. I will now sign off.

Allison and Josh said...

I am the opposite of you...always cold! BUT-our apartment is on the top floor, which is nice for many reasons-less bugs, more security/privacy...however now that it has turned into summer, it is hotter than crap! The past 2 nights I have woken up in a sweat to discover that it is 78 degrees...blah!

Kat said...

ha! I have never lived WITH air conditioning until we bought our house! I didn't know the wonderfulness of AC until I was old enough to own a home!

Jeremy and Marie said...

I hear you on this one!!! Our house was 90 degrees when we went to bed last night. The AC decided to break down over the weekend of course! It still isn't fixed. I would describe myself as "sweaty and miserable!"

Krystal said...

happy birthday to the cute little guy :) as for the A/C... I couldn't do it... actually, I did, for 2 years in Ephraim. Hell on Earth.... Ephraim from August to October was HOT... miserable... my bedside fan did nothing... ever since then, I have always had A/C.... even now, dare I admit it, my feet are a little COLD from my central air running to cool down the house for bedtime :) (sorry to rub it in)... feel free to come hang out at my condo anytime you need A/C (I have a sweet pool too!)

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