I drink ...

but only socially.

JK, peeps.

But I do drink chocolate milk for breakfast every day ... and I have since I was in third grade. Did you get that? I have drank chocolate milk for breakfast every day since I was nine-years-old {of course sometimes while on vacay it's not possible ... but when I am home it's a truism}.

In fact, I used to drink up to five glasses a day.

I even have specific cups for the chocolate milk. They are the perfect size and they are fun colors. It's generally no surprise to see the cups pile up on the dish rack ... often times being used before they can even get into the cupboard.

But last week ... last week as I was preparing my chocolate milk I noticed my cups dwindling in numbers ... They were not in the sink. They were not in the rack. They were not in the cupboard. I was concerned. The idea of my chocolate milk drinking be diminished to the lack of my adorable cups was ... unacceptable! To say the least!

In my desperation, I asked Roommate A if she had any clue where they could have gone. She thought for a moment and said, "Have you checked Roommate B's room? She generally take a drink with her to bed."

Roommate B was not home ... yet, I invited myself into her room anyway to investigate.

And lo and behold ... What did I find?


TWELVE fancy chocolate milk cups.


And, yup ... I was right, wasn't I? They are cute and fun. :)

And now they are again available for my chocolate milk fetish.

And I rejoiced.

And sentences technically shouldn't begin with and. But my AP English teacher, Mrs. Warr once told us in our class that once you learned the rules of English and grammar, you could break them. I took that to heart. Clearly.

The end.


Andrea said...

i love chocolate milk. not as much as you. . but i do love it. now hear me out on this next comment because it has to do with byu. . .BUT when i did EFY at said school i would line my tray up with the little glasses and enjoy a HEALTHY amount of chocolate milk. yum.

Meg said...

We have some cups that look just like those, only not so many colors. I think we have only two colors.

I fully agree that it's acceptable to break the rules of grammar. I have perfect grammar when necessary and I talk/write like I want the rest of the time.:)

Kat said...

I LOVE chocolate milk.

Krystal said...

I love those cups... so cute! I wish my body liked milk, because I used to love chocolate milk! Can't have it now :(

Kristin said...

Yes! I heart CM. And do you use it as a recovery drink now? The best!

Daren said...

The photo reminds me of the sink at work except it's coffee mugs (yuck!) at work and not cups of chocolate milk. Some people like the smell of coffee, but I can't stand it. The cigarette smoke emanating from clients as they walk in the door isn't the greatest either, but you gotta make a buck somehow, right?

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