Hi, June!

For reasons unbeknownst to myself, I have decided to attempt to blog once a day through June. I think it sounds like a challenge ... and I am up for challenging myself ... clearly not in matters that are significant or profound, but challenging nonetheless. :)

What's in it for you besides potential boredom? Oh, you will get 100 gold stars per blog you read to it's entirety through June. Sooo, that's like 100x30 gold stars you could earn. Which is like ... a lot. ;)

So, please contain your excitement. I know this is going to make June like your favorite month ... ever.

See ya tomorrow!

P.s. If you give me an idea of what to blog about this month 25 gold stars. If I actually use it, 25 more. :) I will update gold stars soon ... ish. ;)


Jake & April said...

Excellent!! I am always looking for ways to earn stars. I think you should blog your thoughts about this weather and why it is so dang cold for being June.

Andrea said...

i am excited about the blogging through june.
think lists. bloggin' in list form is quick and fun. i tend to do it about my thoughts. . . but you could be far more inventive. . . and although i do enjoy the gold stars i want you to know its not why i read or comment. . .
speaking of comments your comment on my most recent blog post made me laugh.
novel. over.

Avree said...

Woohoo! A month of Mindy! I think you should blog about your opinion on anesthesia.

Mike said...

Exciting to read these this month. And I still think you should blog about Gilgal park.

Daren said...

There's always at least one thing that happens during the day worth writing about. I think you can do it.

Meg said...

I'd say that is definitely a challenge. I struggle to get around to my blog much at all lately.

Allison and Josh said...

Please do it, Mindy!! I love reading your posts!

Kristin said...

Sweet. I love the stars factor. It makes my blog reading experience all the more rewarding.
My post ideas are as follows:
A summary of the main stuff you learned in college.
A day in the life of Mindy via photos
An explanation of the mysterious girl on your People Who Need to be Kicked list
Secret facts about Mindy
Mindy's favorite pink things
A recipe post
Your feelings about Facebook
Your calling
A summary of a typical work day for you (I'm fascinated by your job)
EFY throwback posts

Kat said...

Blog about whatever your heart desires, honey! I've always enjoyed reading your posts. They are comical, and so... what's the word I'm looking for.... oh. "Mindy." :)

Allred Mom said...

HAPPY JUNE! Hope the canker sore is better! Hope the person who sent the deer t-shirt text has deer nightmares. Hope that your posts will include:
Why we don't see more pink cars...besides Mary Kay ones of course.
How you can be a friend to someone you've never met in person.
Why do people like to push over sleeping cows?
The travels of Mindy.
What happens in Reno, stays in Reno.
Why is it raining in June?
Top 25 things to do in Logan, Utah.
Why everyone should be a seminary teacher...at least one day!

Okay....I'll continue thinking and continue giving you ideas! Hope you have a fantastic JUNE! Looking forward to reading about it every day!

Krystal said...

wow, I'm super behind on your blog and going in reverse, so I wasn't even trying to get 100 gold stars per comment, I just like to comment on all your posts anyway, so bonus :) I would love to read about your favorite movie, song, and concert of all time :) there's my suggestions... and maybe a tribute to all things pink??

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