Gmail chats with Buella ...

When you read that title you should feel like you are listening to an afternoon radio show or a pod cast. I am not really one to have "themed" posts per se, but my daily conversations with Buella Basher* have made me reconsider.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't find some most of our conversations entertaining. In fact, so much so that I decided to share some of them with you. Yes, it is your lucky day. No need to thank me.

The following is the conversation we had after I had survived said earthquake ...

Mindy: I'm pretty much a big deal for surviving.

Buella: you are a big deal

Mindy: Now what should I do with my life? I mean, it's hard to top that.

Buella: go climb mount everest

Mindy: Well, there a billboard on the way to SLC that shows a man and it says, "Climbed Mount Everest ... Blind." I am not sure I can top that.

Buella: no.. but you can top your earthquake experience

Mindy: How can I top the blind climber?

Buella: hmm, don't compare yourself to him, compare yourself to yourself.

Mindy: Okay, got it! I will survive my next earthquake ... blind.

Buella: maybe that will get you on a billboard ... but then we won't be able to chat. unless you learn braille

Mindy: Oh, well I wasn't thinking permanently blind. Maybe just with a blind fold.

Buella: hmm, i think that would be hard to do.. you never know when one is going to happen

Mindy: Such a pessimist, Mrs. Basher.

*Ladies and gentlemen: while the conversation you just read is true one name has been changed to protect the innocent. 500 gold stars if you know where I got the name Buella from.

P.s. I forgot to mention my PINK TUPPERWARE in my last post!!


Robby Spratt said...

Isn't Buella the name of a car?

Mike said...

Question: What would be harder, climbing Mt. Everest blind, or climbing Mt. Everest with no legs? Maybe you could be the first amputee to climb Mt. Everest.

Allison and Josh said...

I have no idea where you got the name Buella is, but you are a big deal...even if you don't get the chance to be in an earthquake while "blind!"

Krystal said...

when I saw the name Buella I was thinking of "Bueller? Bueller?" From Ferris Bueller's Day off :)

Dennis and Amber Ogilvie said...

Em? In my next life I want to be able to sit and chat with you two all day!:)

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