Because she will be embarrassed ...

we are going to talk about her today.

Also because it is her birthday.

And because she is one of my bestest friends. And she has been for 15 years.

Em and I first met in seventh-grade science. I am pretty sure she sat behind me ... and I am pretty sure she had to have thought I was crasy {admit it, that's what YOU thought when you met me too}. :)

One of the best things about being friends with someone this long is having really awesome photos that you can scan and put up on blogs and Facebook. I shall insert one here.

This is actually the first time we hung out together outside of school or school assignments. Our freshman year of high school and we were "snaking" at the Homecoming dance.

And then there is this gem.

Wow. Don't we look great? I have awesome hair and Em looks so happy {fifth from the right}. I am not sure why this photo exists ... and you are probably asking why I blogged it. I did because I can. What of it?

Em and I started running together in ninth-grade. Here we are at state cross country our sophomore year ... Again, note the extreme attractiveness.

Uhm. Yeah. I am not quite sure what we are doing. But we do look attractive, no? That is her hat I am wearing. And no, I am not wearing a skirt ... those are our cross country uniform shorts.

Okay, we can be normal {still at state cross country soph year}.

By our senior year, I was actually looking pretty normal. I think Em looks totally normal and socially acceptable in all these photos, by the way. I am just glad I caught up. Eventually. And I am glad she waited patiently for that day to arrive, all the while still being my friend.

P.S. I am not trying to be a lady of the night or scandalous in that photo ... I am just showing everyone my lucky sports bra. Yes, I just typed bra on my blog. First chest hair, now this. Oh.my.word! I told you I would never talk about chest hair again. I am re-instating that promise ... now. 

Our running days continued at USU. Here we are at a home meet in late April where a snowstorm came down upon us.

I am pretty sure I have ran more miles with this woman that anyone else on the planet. And I cannot tell you how happy that makes me.

The next two photos exist simply because I am pretty sure she has never seen them.

Here we are are hiking in Logan ... a week or so before she did something really naughty. She left. On a mission. For 18 months. We may or may not have cried when we said our goodbyes. I do have a photo of that ... but I am sparing the internet world of seeing it.

This next one is probably one of my favorites.

Here we are at my parents' house for one of our USU teammate's bridal showers. I think we all look adorable. Arrogant? Sure, but feel free to refer back to the first three photos I posted today.

So, after running at USU and her mission you'll notice I am not in the next photo ... We hit another dark spot. 

She got married. :( To that dude. And she moved to BYU. To live with him. Crasy, right?

But then guess what!? I moved to Provo {talk about a really dark spot}. But this made it possible for her to attend my birthday party at Adam's apartment.

Yay!! Isn't she adorable?

Then guess what ... I moved back to Logan ... she and previously said husband moved to San Fransico. So, naturally, I had to visit her.

And then we go to Wisconsin to visit her sister, who is equally amasing.

Noticing a pattern here? :)

Em is without a doubt one of my most favorite people on the face of the earth! She is easily one of my most favorite travel buddies, and person to talk on gmail chat. :) She makes me laugh and keeps me safe from doing dangerous things such as running on the condemned trail. She is a great listener and knows all my stories. All of them. And she keeps letting me tell her more ... silly ones, insignificant ones. I am blessed to be able to call her my friend and I am so glad that we get to celebrate her today!
If you read this entire post, award yourself 100 gold stars. If you have the privilege of knowing Em yourself, you've got 100 more. And no, she and her sister are not actually twins. And we three are not sisters. :)

Thank you and have a good day ... celebrating her. :)


Andrea said...

i may or may not have cracked up laughing at the picture with you and your friend em where you are wearing the hat.
i do not know em. but happy birthday just the same.

Susan said...

Yep, I like her too! It's been a long time since I have seen her, so it was fun to look at the pictures!

Mike said...

I'm loving the bangs in high school.

Zann said...

I read the whole post and not only do I KNOW Emily, she's my COUSIN!!! Do I get extra gold stars?

Katie said...

How fun! I had to maximize some of these photos to figure out which one was you! Very entertaining. I love how you had to justify yourself with your "shorts" and "lucky sports bra!" Of course we know you aren't trying to be lady of the night or scandalous! Please Mindy, we as blog followers know you better than that! ;) So, do we count our own stars now, since you said to give yourself 100 stars?

Ruth Emmett said...

Ah, how sweet. I guess I get 100 stars sweet! I love Em too, and everything you said about her is very true. Great post!

I remember that night 'snaking' I'm standing right next to you right? I don't have that picture and I seriously sat there for like ten minutes trying to decide if it was me or not lol.:)

Krystal said...

read the whole thing... giggled at some of the pictures... wish I knew her personally because she seems pretty freaking awesome! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Emily ;)

Dennis and Amber Ogilvie said...

Wow! I can't believe some of those pics! I remember making that rootbeer candle, those were the days! I too love Emily! I'm so glad she is my sister and I would claim you as a sister to if you wanted! I just wish I lived close to both of you.

Jo said...

Happy Birthday Em! You rock!

Meg said...

Sadly, I do not know her personally. She sounds like an amazing person. Of course, I read the whole post. :)

Avree said...

I don't know Em so I'm just going to say you ROCKED those bangs!

Allred Mom said...

Em sounds like an incredible friend!...Well, of course she is, because she has an incredible friend in you, too!

Great post....(Yes, I'm trying to catch up on what I haven't read!)

Kristin said...

I made it through the post. PS: Can't tell whcih on is you in the first pic! :( Also, you had hot little Jr. High legs. Also, you are cute friends.

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