It's a good thing ...

that the end of the month is today. I feel like my blog posts are ... lacking.

that I am not blogging about the moon as Em suggested. ;) Heart you, Em.

that my parents live so close that I can soak in all their air conditioning after work. I think I would die if I had to come straight home to my house in the heat.

that work ended today. The state was requiring some pretty crasy stuff from us over the past few days ... literally, more than we could do in the time they were asking. Don't worry, it involved faxing close to 300 pages to the state. Eat that. And don't worry, we made the secretary fax it all. I couldn't be bothered with it.

that I didn't spend three hours at work today looking for one piece of paper. Oh, wait. I did. And I never found it.

that I am not blogging about polka dots like my Em suggested. ;) Heart you, Em.

that there are still three days left in the week because I haven't gone running once, yet. :)

that I am not paranoid about over heating all the time now ... Oh, wait. I am.

that I haven't talked about the lack of AC and being hot at least two times in this post alone and at least one other time in a post this month. I do think about other things. I do.

that I didn't tell someone to "have fun tomorrow" even though I knew they were going to a funeral. Oops.

that I secretly have found a way to have to make less decisions in my life {I hate making decisions, did you know this?} ... Amongst out text conversations throughout the day I ask BFF to pick a color. I then choose something to wear the following day that color. This eliminates 90% of the decision I have to make in the morning about what to wear and I love it.

that BFF doesn't know I am using him to get out of making decisions in my life, or he would stop doing it.

to know who supports me, the choices I make, and trusts my relationship with the Lord.

that the Lord shares His love of others with us ... so we can begin to see how truly amazing they are.

that a storm is rolling in ... do you know what this means? Cooler temperatures tonight. Again, I do think about other things than over heating. I do.

that she got a clean bill of health this past week ... What a stellar birthday present. P.s. Happy birthday, Whit. I heart you!! And I have been thinking about you all day!

that I am ending this post so you don't have to keep reading such redundancy. :)

Peace out, peeps. :)


About fourteen years ago ...

I stopped drinking soda.

I think this is also when I stopped referring to it as pop ... but as to the more sophisticated sounding soda.

I was never an avid soda drinker ... primarily when my parents would take me out to eat. I don't even recall having it in our house. We were dairy farmers {okay, my dad was a dairy farmer, I was just a kid}. We were milk people. But look at me get off topic.

About fourteen years ago I stopped drinking soda.

I drank my last glass while at Disney World on family vacation ... It was Orange Crush.

I sometimes dream of drinking Orange Crush.

I wake up feeling guilty and defeated. Then I remember it was just a dream.

Yesterday I went to Lagoon {no, I am not going off topic again, promise} with him. His molester-stache is now gone ... it's a full on molester beard {but that is off topic}. It was flaming hot. I am pretty sure we were both were dehydrated.

As we were driving home late at night ... I had a sudden urge for Orange Crush. Something I have not had in about fourteen years. It sounded so good. Beyond good. I had to have it. Had to. And it didn't help that boy encouraged me ... strongly. Curse him. He thought the fact that I hadn't drank any in fourteen years was a lame excuse to not drink some now ...

Oy ... it was a rough night with rough decisions that had to be made.

But I survived. :)

50 gold stars to anyone who can tell me what rule of English I broke in this post ... And no, I didn't drink soda. But for the first time it sounded soooo good!


So, this is how this went down ...

me: I need a quick blog that is fast to post ... what could it be on?

Cami: make it top 20 reasons why Camille Brown is awesome.
that would be a really good read.

Okay ...

20 Reasons Why Camille Nelson Brown is Awesome ...

20. She always decorates her house adorable!!
19. She put up her Christmas tree last year even though she would have to take it down before December 9th because she was moving back home to Texas.
18. She makes the amazing treats! They are healthy too, which a lot of people like. I really don't care about that as much ... but they are amazing!
17. She has the most adorable niece who has a rockin' Wonder Woman costume.
16. She wears fancy shoes. All the time.
15. She has basically seen every episode of the Office ever created.
14. She can restrain with the best of them. Really, though. :) She can have my back any time or place when restraining is needed.
13. Her blog layout is just so darn cute!
12. She loves to run.
11. She is a great listener. She will let me babble about whatever I want whenever I want.
10. She has shampoo-commercial perfect hair. I am jealous.
9. We can swap stories about this and that all day long.
8. She can do the PX90 workouts and get bored with them.
7. She is TOUGH. In every way possible. Tough physically. Tough spiritually. Don't mess with her.
6. She adores her little brother.
5. She is the discount/promo queen of the universe. She always, always, always dresses top of the line, but knows how to get everything at not-selling-her-arm-and-her-leg to buy it prices. I dare anyone to try and see her when she isn't looking, as Paris Hilton would say, "Hot." :)
4. We just get each other. On so many things.
3. She is an extremely hard worker. She knows what is expected of her and then does more. If you want a job done right, she is the woman to ask. Responsible. Reliable.
2. She flosses her teeth {okay, I have no proof of this ... but she has a great smile ... hahaha!}.
1. She is one of the bestest friends anyone could ask for in every way that makes someone a good friend. And, even though I am already at #1, I have one more thing to add. She is going to be one of the best mamas ever ... after all, she will be able to restrain her kiddies. ;)

Heart you, Cami!!

P.s. If any of YOU would like a similar list about yourself, lemme know. I am now going to go play at Lagoon. Peace out, peeps!


I can be fiesty ...

It's a long story ... but here's the short version.

Back in my junior year of high school some shady business went on. Some how, I ended up in a sewing class. And not just any sewing class, but one that sewed costumes for the musical.

I tried super-duper hard to get out of it ... I mean, this could ruin my reputation {secret folks: while I cannot cook ... I can sew}. The only way they would let me out of the class is if I gave up first hour cross country. How are the two related? They aren't. Refer back to above mentioned shady business.

Well, I refused to give up my cross country class and so I was stuck in sewing. Gag me. Before they let us loose on sewing costume for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, they wanted us to practice on something.

A lame doll.

We had a field trip to the local fabric store to pick out cutesy-dutesy materials for our little dolls. Really, what high schooler wants a doll of any sort?

Enter my rebellion.

While other students were picking out the cutesy-dutesy material {pretty patterns of flowers, hearts, and other girly things}, I was in the animal print and leather sections. When I got to the register my teacher rolled her eyes at me, "Is that what you intend on getting?" with an irritated "You've got to be joking" look on her face {we didn't get along, she and I ... I am convinced we would have gotten along better if she would have kept her eyes open more when she spoke ... Seriously, she spoke with her eyes close 93.4% of the time}.

I responded with the defiant-teenager, "What of it look?"*

Anywhoot, I did say this was the short version. Here was my lame doll ...

I named her Lola ... notice the yellow feather in her hair? That makes her a showgirl ... from Copacabana. And I made her identity very clear constantly throughout the project.

And this post exists today because I was introduced to the joys of scanning. :)

*If you send me a photo of yourself or someone else I know that resembles this look, I will give you 500 gold stars.

If you listened to the entire song, give yourself 100 more gold stars. If you already knew what this song was before you listened to it, give yourself 100 more.


Not gonna lie ...

Today was the first post all month that I just don't know what to post about. Sooo, you're just gonna get thoughts that have been going through my mind today. Lucky you, eh?

I really, really want my skin to reap all benefits from being moisturized. But I hate putting on lotion.

I watch the BYU channel. So sue me. I gotta be honest though, I've been really disappointed in the shows I've seen on lately. I want the good stuff BYU. Not sports, not that crasy lady with the crasy voice ... I want pure doctrine from the apostles and prophets. Please.

I spell and pronounce the word crasy with a "s" thanks to this hilarious IKEA commerical.

I found out last night why I was never on the Sky View High School cheer squad.

There is a commercial I have seen countless times that has the song from the old school Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ... yet, I never pay enough attention to it to know what they are selling.

Profile photos on Facebook that are a perfect square make me really happy.

If I feel if I were smarter I may want to be a forensic scientist or criminal profiler.

I worry what choice I would make as a juror if my gut feeling said the defendant was guilty but the prosecution didn't bring a clear enough case to ensure there was no room for reasonable doubt. Which also makes me wonder, how many defense attorneys really believe their clients are innocent?

My roommate introduced me to Amazon.com ... which is pretty spiffy considering I got a bright pink phone cover for one cent. Yup. One cent.

When I hear a text received on my phone I am pretty darn good at being able to guess who the text is from {look, Em ... I just dangled a participle}. I think it's I'm pretty cool.

Sometimes, when I say things like that I wonder if I come across as egotistical on this blog. I then laugh.

I hate non-chilled water. Loathe it.

Even more than I hate taking wallpaper off walls. I have a lot of experience with this. Thanks, Mom.

I need a vacation. A fabulous vacation. And not a mini-vacay like my last one, if you can even consider St. George a vacay. Any ideas?

I have never read the Twilight books nor seen the movies. I know it's about a vampire and a wolf ... and that's it. I have read one Harry Potter book and seen one Harry Potter movie. Although, I did read the last chapter of the last Harry Potter book.

Someone very close to me made me cry this week. When I cry, my eyes look like Christmas.

I think after six months, I am finally getting a calling in Church tomorrow.

My roommates are out of town. Again. I think I have spent eight of the last 12 days alone.

One roommate is in Hawaii. Another is in Spain. Remind me why I am in Logan, please.

My parents have really icky milk at their house right now ... I like to go to their house on Saturday and Sunday mornings to drink my chocolate milk, have two pieces of buttered toast, and read the morning paper.

There is a hat at Rue 21 I want to purchase. Would I look okay in a hat?

I have really horrific dreams frequently ... that I am being stabbed, shot, or burned. Is this normal? Often times I am crawling to get away from my attacker ... leaving a trail of blood behind me. Did this paragraph just make this post PG-13?

I need my hair trimmed. But going to the salon is like going to the bank, post office, grocery shopping, and the dentist. I hate going. HATE.

I wonder what I am going to post about tomorrow.

And I think I am ending tonight's post here.

Lie. Here.



Is what I am!

What I have to say ... must be said.


How dare you cut the final 10 minutes of a national championship event to cover a "potential" no-hit, and straight-up insignificant baseball game!?

And if that wasn't bad enough ...

{Photo from here.}

You cut out in the middle of this man's race!!

Yes, I learned tonight that if you cut out from a Bernard Lagat race ... I will be outraged!!

I may have even called ESPN giving them a piece of my mind ... the piece that was outraged. Naturally.

But in happier news ...

A kid celebrated his 10th birthday by breaking a world record ...

by wearing the most pairs of underwear at one time.

Can you guess how many he is wearing?

If you guess 215 ... you'd be right.


P.s. ESPN ... I still loathe you.

Oh, and Bernard Lagat ... I am more than just a little bit in love with you.

Yesterday ...

I learned the hard way that you should never go for a four mile run when ...

You are out of shape.

And it's only the second time you have gone that far in nine months.

The previous longest run you had been on in said nine months was roughly 2.5 miles only a handful of times.

You just ate at LaBeau's.

And you have only slept four hours in the last 72.


But I did run into someone ... we didn't literally collide. He was running south. I was running north. It twas Brother TOE-KNEE SWEAT from EFY. Such a small world. :)

June is winding down ... what are you all going to do when I don't post every day? Will hearts be broken? Tears shed? Lives be changed forever? Hmm ... who knows?


Uhem ...

The uhem is a lot like the ahem ... but different for noticeable reasons.


My website gets roughly 75 unique visits a day {although yesterday it got nearly 200}.

So, pray tell ... Why do some posts only have three comments?

Seriously, even a post with 25 comments, that is only 1/3 of all visitors leaving a comment.


Why don't YOU leave comments?

Really. I expect you to answer that. In a comment, of course. Oxy-moron-ish? Sure. But do it anyway.

P.s. Those of you who do comment, feel free to tell me why you don't comment more. For those of you who comment on all of my posts ... I know who you are and you are getting 1,000 gold stars this very instant. Although, I may not update them today. Maybe tomorrow. ;)

I'll be waiting to read YOUR comment!

It's currently 3:56 am. And, yup. I am awake. Pff. It's so boring at 3:56 am. Just sayin'


I am 28-years-old ...

and single.

Now, to many in the world they might be thinking, "And?" as if there is no grand point to that.

But in the culture I live in ... there is no "and?" That sentence brings with it a heavy weight ... while many may not fully understand that weight, they are fully aware of. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if some of you winced a little out of pity for me or a mini-wave of sadness entered your heart in my behalf as you read that. And if neither happened ... you jerk! ;) Why don't you feel bad for me!? :)

I am writing this post today because my friend Andrea had mentioned this article on her blog, 19 Things You Should Never Say to a Single Person. It's quite comical ... mainly because basically all of those things have been said to me ... on a semi-regular basis {my favorite is number 11}. I am also writing this because my friend Sharylann wrote something similar about living in this culture but being married and not being able to have children.

So ... what am I writing? I am not sure. Let's just see where this goes. :)

I think being "old" and single in said culture is one of the most difficult things someone can endure. Now, I am not saying I have or anyone in my circumstance has it worse than anyone else. My point is not to one up anyone in who has it worse or belittle what they are going through. My point is to give you an insight.

I think this is one of the more difficult things to go through because it is something you go through, alone. It's really not something you can talk to with almost anyone. It is one of the few things you face silently within the quiet chambers of your own soul. I have seen a-countless of blogs where people talk about heart aching things they are going through ... deaths of loved ones, seriousness and frightening illnesses, infertility, and the list goes on and on. I would venture to guess many of you have too. But how many times is a single person able to outlet in that same way?

I wish there was a handy-dandy list of how to treat single people sensitively ... but I am not sure that is even possible because I know that there are individual ways to approach us all. But I am willing to open myself up to openly share with you my thoughts and feelings on the matter. Again, I don't think that this covers the spectrum of all single people in my culture, but maybe some would be true for others. I also should let you know that I have tried to be very sensitive in the way I approach some of these ideas, as I realize they could come across offensive to others. That is not my intention. Please read it with that in mind ...

I not bitter towards men or dating. I know there are some older people who come across that way ... but I am not one of them. And if I feel this way, I have to assume others do too.

I don't think marriage will solve all my problems. However, currently my only problem is I am not married. :)

I have been told that I am too independent and that I intimidate guys. I am independent because I have no other choice. I needed insurance in case my arm fell off. :) I long for the day that I can be dependent on someone else ... namely, hubby.

I do not dread the question, "Are you dating anyone?" It's okay to ask. :) Although, from my understanding, it potentially bothers other singles. :)

I would prefer not to be told, "Well, at least you get to travel ..." or fill in the blank of any other positive perk anyone can come up with since I am not married. Yes, I probably am able to use my money more freely, however: would you give up your hubby {or kids} for a vacation to Hawaii or to be able to buy a new pair of shoes whenever you wanted? I didn't think so. :) Seriously, though ... this is the one I probably get most. Someone at work once commented, "I wish I could just go out and buy a new shirt whenever I wanted." And I told her I'd give up the shirt so I could go home to hubby every night. :)

I know I have accomplished a lot in my single days. I have loved every experience I have had. Every one. And I am grateful for every experience I have had {EFY, Seminary teaching, traveling, etc.} However, they aren't going to mean that much if they are to take place of a being a wife and a mother.

As mentioned in the article, it sometimes can be frustrating to hear married people complain about the small and minor things. I am sorry your hubby is out of town and that you miss him so much. I wish your hubby could be in town all the time so you didn't have to miss him. But at least you have him to miss. I am sorry you weren't able to celebrate your anniversary because your next-door neighbor's hamster's leg fell off. But at least there is an anniversary that could have been celebrated.

I personally don't appreciate it when people tell me they know what I am going through ... Unless you are/were 28-years-old/older and single ... There is no way you could know what I am going through. None. No matter what other experiences you have had in your life, if they do not involve being 28 or older and single, your mind cannot comprehend this life.

The fact that we are not married is not the only thing that is difficult. It brings with it many other hardships. For example, I attend Church with primarily 18-year-olds. While I always belong to the Church and the the Lord ... being this old leaves you feeling as though you don't belong in many places. I don't belong with 18-year-olds. But I don't belong in a family ward either. Most of the many friends I have made throughout the years are married ... and have children. It's not like I can just call them up at any given time to go do things. Even the younger friends I made are married with kids. We are often times left with the feeling of not belonging anywhere because we are so outside of the culture norm.

We all have hard days and have difficult things to face regardless if we are single, married, divorced, or whatever. A word of advice from the single gal: if you ever feel exhausted with laundry, dishes, or cleaning up after your hubby or kids, or whatever, remember: at least you have a husband and kids. I long for the day that these tasks will become monotonous for me to do. And if I ever get to experience it ... I hope I will always be grateful for those moments, because I know what it is like to not have them. And to wonder if I ever will.

Again, no matter what stage of life we are in, we will all face battles. But please remember the older single people in your life are potentially beginning the mourning process of living the life they thought they would live. While that isn't to say hope is all but lost ... it is to say that at some point we have to look the possibility of it being true. There is a part in every one of us single people that have to start preparing for a lifetime of this. It's a very lonely process to go through.

And ... I think that is the end of this so-called insight into the life of an older single person in our culture. :) So, I am going to awkwardly end this ... now. Like this. ;)


I drink ...

but only socially.

JK, peeps.

But I do drink chocolate milk for breakfast every day ... and I have since I was in third grade. Did you get that? I have drank chocolate milk for breakfast every day since I was nine-years-old {of course sometimes while on vacay it's not possible ... but when I am home it's a truism}.

In fact, I used to drink up to five glasses a day.

I even have specific cups for the chocolate milk. They are the perfect size and they are fun colors. It's generally no surprise to see the cups pile up on the dish rack ... often times being used before they can even get into the cupboard.

But last week ... last week as I was preparing my chocolate milk I noticed my cups dwindling in numbers ... They were not in the sink. They were not in the rack. They were not in the cupboard. I was concerned. The idea of my chocolate milk drinking be diminished to the lack of my adorable cups was ... unacceptable! To say the least!

In my desperation, I asked Roommate A if she had any clue where they could have gone. She thought for a moment and said, "Have you checked Roommate B's room? She generally take a drink with her to bed."

Roommate B was not home ... yet, I invited myself into her room anyway to investigate.

And lo and behold ... What did I find?


TWELVE fancy chocolate milk cups.


And, yup ... I was right, wasn't I? They are cute and fun. :)

And now they are again available for my chocolate milk fetish.

And I rejoiced.

And sentences technically shouldn't begin with and. But my AP English teacher, Mrs. Warr once told us in our class that once you learned the rules of English and grammar, you could break them. I took that to heart. Clearly.

The end.


Mmm ... ham!


Especially when I thought I sent the text, "So ... I have had a lot on my mind lately" and then get a response of, "Why the love obsession with ham?"

Confused, I look back at what I had sent. "So ... I have ham a lot on my mind lately."

Yup. You know me. I heart my ham. It's hard to think of just about anything else these days. Anyone else noticing the same problem with endless thoughts of deli meats? Lemme know!


My client ...

is convinced I live here ...

And why wouldn't I? After all, it is pink.

But just between you and I ... I don't. In fact, I have no desire to live in a pink house or own a pink vehicle. That's where my obsession stops. Abruptly. Besides, I would never put my garbage can and recycling can out in front of my house like that. ;)

Oh, and to whom it may concern: yes, it is the same client who thinks I am Wendy, the NBA silhouette, the girl on the cross walk sign and on the bathroom sign ... and dancing in the Pepsi bottle.

P.s. Please don't think that because I didn't have a cliche blog about my dad doesn't mean he isn't better than your dad. He is. Mine buys me season tickets to USU basketball games. What does your do? ... That's exactly what I thought. Pff. Plus, when I banned him from watching me run my track and cross country meets because it made me nervous, he would hide under the bleachers so he could watch without me knowing he was there. Yeah, my dad is sooo better than your dad. Word. {Oh, he even knows how to appropriately say "word" in conversations ... does yours?}


What I learned in college ...

Kristin suggested I write some of the main things I learned in college ... So, here we go ...

* Text books do not burn ... even when you spray them with an entire bottle of flammable hairspray.

* Pine cones can attack you. Yes, they actually have venom that they can inject into you. P.s. You will not die from this. And your fingers will return to their normal size ... eventually.

* You are more than likely to live by a creeper at any given apartment you live in. If you are lucky, you can live next door to one registered sex offender and one sex addict at the same time ... with a man who wears a trench coat while playing his bagpipes outside ... and his roommate making the complex a red-light district.

* Talking in an English accent with your roommates for over 72 hours straight is not as annoying as it sounds ... It's actually entertaining.

* You can run 75 miles in one week. You can. But don't think you're a big deal, your teammate runs 100.

* When you can hear the boy who lives above you releasing gas through your
ceiling ... Well, that's just too bad. Just be glad you just hear it.

* Having a bonding sleepover with your roommates your last night in the apartment is a cute idea. And if you need to ask your guy neighbors to help you lift the couch over the island, they will know why you are moving it.

* Spandex shorts are really the way to go while running. Really.

* It's always a great idea to make a treasure map and distribute a copy of it to every apartment in your complex. And, if you get one, of course the buried treasure is in the volleyball pit.

* You can get a snowball in your hair while running an eight miler in the middle of winter for track practice.

* Tennis is of the devil.

* You do not need your right leg amputated even after you have suffered three torn ligaments, Achilles tendinitis, shin-splints, plantar fasciitis, IT-band syndrome, and a stress fracture. Although, your college running days will most likely be over. :(

* Pole-vaulting poles can knock out all of your teeth, unless you have braces. And while once all the teeth are spewed all over the track and the field, your coach will yell, "Help find Ian's teeth!" No worries, all will be found.

* Don't be surprised if one of your professors is really just a middle school science teacher whose name is Scott, but prefers to be called Sid ... but signs his emails S.

* Don't be surprised if one of your professors is a registered sex offender and then invites you to check your grades alone in his office ... dun, dun, dun.

* Don't be surprised if one of your professors was caught by the campus police in the sauna with another man that he solicited from Craigslist.

* Poor college students still are very willing to give and donate ... Especially when you leave a grocery bag attached to the bus stop sign requesting chopsticks for under privileged Chinese children.

* Getting window markers and putting all the cars in your apartment complex parking lot for sale is really entertaining ... to most. P.s. Remember to price your own car so people don't know you did it. It is even more entertaining when days later you see the car YOU priced driving somewhere in town.

* Attending some classes is really optional. Hello Abuse and Neglect. I attended the class for times and still got an A.

* Really good roommates only guilt you into going to class when they want to decorate your bedroom for your birthday. All other days are optional.

* If you struggle with math, it's a great idea to have your neighbor be a math tutor so he can come over after Smallville is over every week to review your assignments with you. And if he is a really good math tutor he will give you advice on who you should date. Feel free to replace math with any subject you're not good at.

* A walk/jog class is always a good idea.

* Changing your major four times isn't as problematic as it might sound.

* Making up your own degree is awesome. I would encourage all to do it.

* That my freshman roommate my senior year was named Jess, not Whitney.

* Giving people nicknames always comes in handy.

* The best side of Oakridge to live in the south side. I would know, I basically lived on every direction.

* Having a sleepover in the tent in your backyard is fantastical. You should most definitely have a backyard at all times.

* If you're an Aggie you pay 11 dollah for the Aggie Shuttle every semester regardless if you ride it or not. Just sayin'. P.s. It's always best to live at a complex where you are the first stop of the route. Guaranteed seat fo shizzle.

* You can get three parking tickets for the same infraction {meaning, you park your car during a snow storm and don't see you are out of the lines ... you go away on an athletic trip and by the time you return, there are three tickets on your windshield}.

* If you know more than your professor does, they will ask you not to return to class because you make them feel stupid.

* Who doesn't like to walk around and see tractors during Ag Week? That's right, you love it.

* Plaster yourself with your school's paraphernalia and you will find much joy and happiness.

* There are actually eight speed bumps in the Oakridge parking lot.

* Don't ever for any reason do anything to anyone for any reason ever. No matter what, no matter where, or who, or who you are with, or where you are going, or where you've been... EVER. For any reason whatsoever. What I am trying to say is never, ever under any circumstances for any reason taste-test the gold fish crackers when you are cleaning out the cupboards. They will be stale.

* If your roommates refuse to do the dishes ... Hide all the clean ones.

* There will be times where you will have to make vital decisions ... to save your computer or to save your car. I suggest to save the most expensive one to replace. Unfortunately, I learned that the super hard way.

* When you go to find the man whose car you just ran into, don't be surprised if he is sitting Indian-style on the floor in his tighty-whiteys.

* Igloos are harder to make than you'd assume.

* Going to bed at 3:00am just to wake up at 6:00am is never a good idea. Never.

* Running at 5:00am in the middle of a Logan winter will result in your eye lashes frosting over.

* The Spectrum concord is a fabulous place to run during Logan's red-air days.

* The football team needed my body. I obliged.

* The marching band has no qualms with waking you up at 6:00am every Saturday morning so they can rehearse.

* It's really embarrassing to say, "I LOATHE THE MARCHING BAND!" at an Aggie football game when a parent of one of the marching bandees is sitting in front of you and calls you out on it.

* Be careful sitting in the student section at basketball games. The only time I did, I got pelted in the head by candy canes. Merry Christmas to you too, Big Blue.

* Tom Welling is super attractive.

* Quote walls are always a GREAT idea.

* Just because your male professor's necklace, bracelet, and rings match does not mean he bats for the other team.

* Where the term "the whole nine yards" came from.

* To avoid the library at all costs. I think I went there ... thrice?

* If your professor breaks his clavicle, you don't have to go to class.

* That there is an organ in the Old Main tower.

* How to text. Word to T9.

* Ramen Noodles can be cooked in the microwave.

* Goolosh is never a good idea.

* That the man hole tunnels actually lead you into buildings on campus.

* The real way to become a True Aggie.

* But most importantly, the most important lessons I learned were not in a classroom or even on campus for that matter. They were nothing I read in a text book or anything from a professor's instruction ... they were learned from the relationships I had with others and the experiences I had with them ... Oh, and basically everything I know I learned from Jill.

And ... yeah ... I think that covers is. Did I miss anything? P.s. If you'd like a more detailed account of any the above-mentioned items, please let me know. kthanksbye.

I was going to post again yesterday ... but I didn't. I need to give a shout-out to the one whose legs don't work ... It was his birthday yesterday. He may be 35-stinkin-years-old. He may have lived 31-years longer than the doctors said he would. Word to him. ;)


Wild Bill ...

Many of you might be familiar with Wild Bill Sprout who first caught our attention this last USU basketball season a result of his hilarious costumes and uncovered belly, but now the Utah State superfan is back in the news for something far more serious. Apparently he was life-flighted to a hospital just outside of SLC Thursday evening for a critical heart condition. His family is updating his blog with updates on his condition.

I don't know Bill all that well. I have had a couple opportunities to chat with him and he is one of the most down-to-earth people I have ever met. He is so kind and humble even through the fame that he has seen. If you wouldn't mind sending a prayer out in his behalf and for his family, I am sure they would appreciate it.

Peace out, peeps {maybe I will post something a little perkier later today ... plus it's someone's big day, so I will probably have to say something about that}. :)


The facts ...

Today is June 17th.

Technically speaking, the state I live in is considered a desert {not to be confused with dessert ... Mmm!}. ;)

Today I had to scrape frost off my windshield.

Let's recap ... Today is June 17th and in the desert I live in I had to scrape frost off my windshield.


Please ask me if I believe in global warming. Please.


Prepare to shed tears ...

... of boredom!

I saw this once on Ruth's and Em's blogs one million years ago {seriously, I typed this up on February 5, 2009}. I filled it out and never posted it. I feel like if I don't post it, I wasted my time filling it out in the first place {which may or may not be true even if I do post it}. Annnd, Kristen suggested I write secret things about me ... I am not sure how secretive they are, but here you go. Each of you can earn five more stars for each random fact you read. :)

40 Random Facts

1. I get hiccups three times a day, every day.

2. I am not sure I will ever run a marathon {we can thank my most recent tendinitis for the 2009 TOU marathon most likely being out}.

3. I dream about Nazis all the time. Seriously. Not that I am one, but that they are coming to get me. I don't read/watch/focus on anything Nazi either, so I am not quite sure why this happens.

4. I am obsessed with flip-flops. I wear them in freezing temperatures, snow, rain, and slush. I want to be married and buried in flip-flops.

5. I got my varsity letterman's jacket in November of my freshman year of high school. I thought I was super cool. Okay, let's be honest: I was. I still am. I should be one of those people who still wear it around, after high school ... and now, even after college.

6. In seminary when we'd play Scripture Mastery games I had to be the score keeper ... Because I was too competitive when I played the game and it would get ugly.

7. I remembered Scripture Mastery scriptures by connecting the scriptures to basketball players' jersey numbers. It worked out pretty well.

8. I really, really want to be on the Biggest Loser. Really. I understand there would be some complications of that actually happening, but I'd LOVE to do those workouts and challenges!

9. During "red air" days I run in the Spectrum. And my favorite place to run is on 600 East in Logan, Utah.

10. My last semester of college I had 19 credits, an internship, was in the RS presidency, and taught seminary. Somehow I still managed to watch/attend every USU basketball game, not miss an episode of Smallville and run every day. I do not know how I survived that semester.

11. I have been a member of a Relief Society presidency three times, as well as president twice and in the stake RS presidency once. I forget there are other types of callings in the ward. :)

12. I have made the trip from Logan to Provo over 150 times in the past five years or so.

13. I get kicked, hit, bit, pinched, and my hair pulled on a regular basis while at work.

14. I love my job. However, I countdown every day until I get to go home. I'm not sure I was meant to be a working woman. Obviously, God and I have a difference of opinions on that. :)

15. I don't understand fanny-packs nor why people wear them.

16. I didn't miss a single week of writing Em while she was on her mission.

17. Some of my many nicknames have been: Min, Minny, Meme, Madeline, Jonathan, Demon, Hammy, Aggie, and Judas. Most of them were given to me by my insane brother. :)

18. I think that anything that has the USU logo {Utah State, the A, Aggies, etc.} on it is cute and I want to own it.

19. I once purchased 96 rolls of multi-colored toilet paper for 12 dollars. All the rolls were used on one house.

20. I want my photo to be in a conference Ensign. I hang outside around Temple Square trying to get my picture taken. I even made Adam go with me once to see if his ethnicity could help me get in.

21. I have a favorite drinking fountain. It is located in the rubber gym at Logan High School. In college, my favorite drinking fountain was located in the Field House by the women's restroom.

22. One semester of college looked like this: Cross country pool practice at 6:30am {meaning we would do our workout in a swimming pool}, shower, regular class at 9:00am, swim class at 10:30am, shower, regular class at noon, afternoon cross country practice at 3:00pm, shower, finish up the day's events. Yes. I would shower three times every Tuesday and Thursday. I never stopped smelling like chlorine either.

23. If I ever get married and have a little girl, I want to name her Avree Anne _______. :)

24. I want to be a wife and a mother more than anything.

25. I look forward to talking to Em every day.

26. I used to make up a holiday for every day when I lived in Provo ... I needed something to celebrate. :) Maybe I should do this again ... make up a holiday day for every day in July ... and naturally, blog about it.

27. I don't believe the statistic that the average person swallows three spiders in their sleep annually. That's asinine.

28. Almost every time I sneeze someone will ask, "Is that your real sneeze?"

29. I am obsessed with dental floss. I never fail to floss before I go to bed. And I think I use more dental floss than anyone else on the planet.

30. I have spoken in Sacrament meeting nine times in the last 27 months {this statistic was true as of 2-15-09}.

31. When writing things by hand, I only use capitalized letters for I and Deity.

32. I loathe fingernails. I hate them even more when mine are painted.

33. I used to share a paper route with Heather and Lisa Hansen during middle school. We made Lisa do the super hilly part. :)

34. I got detention once in middle school. We had a student teacher, the entire class was being extremely rambunctious. She had asked two students, "What's does the -ine at the end of adrenaline mean?" They didn't know. She asked me and I said, "It probably has some scientific meaning, one that, clearly, none of us know." She laughed and then walked by my desk and placed a little paper on it that said, "Oops! You blew it! 45 minutes after school detention!" I refused to talk to her the rest of her time student teaching. Ha! :)

35. I pestered two bishops, one stake president, and Heavenly Father for two years straight to be able to receive my Temple endowment. When my bishop finally gave in, he signed my recommend on a Tuesday, stake president signed on Wednesday, and I went through on Thursday. I went every day for over a week. Occasionally, I still find myself going four times a week.

36. I hate the smell of hospitals ... I wrote a college paper on why. :)

37. In high school I was asked to publish a poem I had written about mowing lawns. I declined.

38. The absolute best way to get in contact with me is by texting.

39. During one semester of college, Rhonda and I would go to Olive Garden every Thursday at 11:00am. The server wouldn't even have to take our order, since we got the same things every time. I got spaghetti with meat sauce, salad, with water (I would drink three glasses), and eat six-seven bread sticks!

40. I write emails/letters to people all the time that I have absolutely no intentions of ever sending.



But if I want to be The Bachelorette I am going to need your help ... Look at this crazy application. What I need help with is the following:

1. Someone to answer these questions in amazingly, stand-out-look-at-me fashion.

2. A graphic designer or practically anyone with Photoshop who can make me look a little more glamorous ... maybe a little more liiiiike ... a brunette Reese Witherspoon or that Alba girl {I don't like her first name for semi-obvious reasons}.

3. Someone who is willing to make the video of me with me doing as little as possible in the video.
So, what's in it for you?

A definite shout-out when I am on the show.

Plus, it would be the first modest, alcoholess, scandalous-free Bachelorette/Bachelor season ever.

And, I would promise to have an encore performance of my Thriller dance ... on national television.


Hello and thank you for your interest in the show! We are looking for the most eligible singles in America and want you to show us your great, outgoing personality.

We want lots of energy and BIG SMILES!!! Have fun with it! Here are a few pointers for getting ready to shoot your video. The video should be about 10-15 minutes long – however long it takes you to tell us about yourself!


1. The video that you send us can be in DVD, Mini DVD or Mini DV format. IMPORTANT: If you are sending us a regular or Mini DVD – make absolutely sure that the disc is finalized. You MUST be able to play the disc back on a regular DVD player, not just through the camera! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLAY THE DISC BACK ON A REGULAR DVD PLAYER BEFORE YOU MAIL IT AND MAKE SURE IT PLAYS!!!

2. Room should be well lit to avoid shadows.

3. Make sure you are not backlit. Standing in front of windows or other major light sources looks TERRIBLE on camera.

4. Stand in front of a colorful background so you don’t appear washed out. White walls do not work well.

5. Be aware of any background noises - turn off the TV, radio, air conditioning, ceiling fans or heating units as this will create a hum or buzz.

6. Do not wear white or black or outfits with intense prints (this can distort the picture). Dress up a little, like you would if you were going to a nice restaurant for dinner. Wear your favorite clothes and show us your style! Do not wear hats or sunglasses.

7. Do not chew gum.

8. Make sure you are framed properly. A medium close-up shot is from just below the waist to just above the head, like this:

9. When you are ready to go, have someone else read you these questions. Do not have paper in hand or in front of you. Have a friend or a relative film you. It will make the quality of your tape better!

CONTENT (these are suggestions - be creative and have fun with this! Let your personality shine through. If there is something you’d like to tell us that we haven’t asked, tell us!

1. Introduce yourself, tell us your name, age and what you do for a living. Where do you live? Do you rent/own? Do you have roommates? Do you have pets? Introduce us to them! If you are doing the tape at home, give us a tour!

2. Give us a dating history. Have you ever been in love? If no, why not, and if yes, tell us your love story! Or tell us your funny first date story!

3. Describe your ultimate fantasy date! Do you have a favorite actor/actress?

4. Tell us about your family – are you close? Do you have siblings? Do you have any funny childhood stories or wacky family members you want to tell us about?

5. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

6. What would your hometown date be like? Where would we go and who would we meet?

7. Do you have any special talents? If there is a hobby or activity you like, tell us or show us. For example, if you love to cook, take us into the kitchen and show us what’s for dinner! If you love to work out, show us your routine! Feel free to take the camera out and about with you and tape in a different location – we want to get a little glimpse of your life!

8. Finally, get a full body shot of yourself. This is very important!

Really, who wouldn't want to be on this show?

Let me know what YOU are willing to do!


There is a HUGE chance I am not even remotely serious about this ... yet, there is still a chance I am. You decide. ;)


The epitome of my life ...

This was my horoscope today, "It doesn't happen often, but the odds could be tilted slightly in your favor today."

Love it. Could be, not even a sure thing. And not in my favor but tilted in my favor. And only tilted slightly in my favor.

Need I say more?


Jillian hates ...

cheap toilet paper.

No, not Jillian Michaels from The Biggest Loser ... my roommate, Jillian. I sometimes call her Jilly or Jillian Jiggs. Or Lillian.

But that is beside the point.

Jillian hates cheap toilet paper. And if you bring cheap TP rolls into our house ... she will do this to your bedroom:

The this one is a TP rug!

She also might enlist the help from me ...

I took a Jim Halpert vs Dwight K. Shrute approach to my part in all of this ...

And, the teddy bear was begging for this, literally begging me for it ...

P.s. Jillian and I were nice. We made an attempt to help our roommate clean it up ... Given it was a feeble attempt, but an attempt nonetheless. This feeble attempt also included very bad mummification skills as pictured below.

Jillian may be obsessed with fancy toilet paper ... but that is okay because it certainly leaves me muy entertained to get rid of the cheap stuff. May this also serve as a grave warning to each of you who think one-ply will do.


Back in the day ...

I ran up to 75 miles a week. I generally would accomplish this feat by running eleven times a week. Yes, eleven. Twice daily on Monday through Friday and once on Saturday {leaving the Sabbath as my day off, of course}.

But that was back in the day.

From October to today I have ran roughly 40 miles. Not per week ... just 40 miles total.


My goal since October has been to run three times in one week.

I ran once in January {not once a week, just once}. I ran twice in February {not twice in one week, just twice total}, three times in March, four in April, etc.


But let it be known ... today, June 12, 2010 I went running ... to make my grand total of times running this week ... three!

Wow. I am so glad it didn't take me nine months to meet this goal. Awesome. In the time it takes most women to grow a human, I ... I take to go running three times in one week.

Here's hoping for three plus next week! And maybe, just maybe for the first time I can actually be in shape when I run the half marathon {disclaimer: this is not me saying I am running the half marathon ... I generally don't decide that until the week of ... hence: why I have never ran one while in shape}. :)

So, I guess this post is to basically let you know you can give praise me ... verbal praise is great, monetary and edible reinforcers are even better. Just sayin'. ;)


Sleeping is overrated ...

I don't remember the last time I slept through the night. I am thinking it was at least one, if not two years ago. Really.

I wake up three to six times a night. Sometimes for a few minutes, other times for hours. It can take me several hours to fall asleep at night ... and I don't recall the last time I actually needed my alarm to wake me up. If I can take a nap, I average about sleeping for about 20 minutes. And, I do what I refer to as my fake asleep ... While asleep I can still hear conversations going on and know what is happening in my environment. I've been told it's actually kinda creepy.

My body tells me to wake up to any noise, smell, and difference in lighting.

January 31 - February 3 I slept a total of six hours.

I've tried earplugs.

I always sleep with a noise maker.

I have taken heavy-duty sleeping pills.

And I take Melatonin every night {it helps me fall to sleep quicker ... just not necessarily to stay asleep}.

My roommate, bless her heart, thought that this might help my ongoing struggle.

Attractive, no?

She said she looked for pink ones ... but couldn't find any. I guess turquoise will do.

At this rate, I figure if we kill off the majority of my senses while I sleep that maybe, just maybe I will be able to actually stay asleep. I guess if nothing else, I can survive that earthquake while blind now. I'll let ya know how it goes. :) Until then, sweet dreams to you!


Well, it finally happened ...

Holy nightmares of all nightmares ... the exact thing I have been fearing since November 2008 became a reality ... the same thing I have been mocked for fearing ... happened today.

Wilson's windshield came face to face with a deer.

Given, it was a cardboard deer. :) Some co-workers thought this was clever. Okay, I admit ... it was clever. But we are never telling that to my co-workers, capeesh?


If only cardboard deer were the only ones I had to worry about ...


Gmail chats with Buella ...

When you read that title you should feel like you are listening to an afternoon radio show or a pod cast. I am not really one to have "themed" posts per se, but my daily conversations with Buella Basher* have made me reconsider.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't find some most of our conversations entertaining. In fact, so much so that I decided to share some of them with you. Yes, it is your lucky day. No need to thank me.

The following is the conversation we had after I had survived said earthquake ...

Mindy: I'm pretty much a big deal for surviving.

Buella: you are a big deal

Mindy: Now what should I do with my life? I mean, it's hard to top that.

Buella: go climb mount everest

Mindy: Well, there a billboard on the way to SLC that shows a man and it says, "Climbed Mount Everest ... Blind." I am not sure I can top that.

Buella: no.. but you can top your earthquake experience

Mindy: How can I top the blind climber?

Buella: hmm, don't compare yourself to him, compare yourself to yourself.

Mindy: Okay, got it! I will survive my next earthquake ... blind.

Buella: maybe that will get you on a billboard ... but then we won't be able to chat. unless you learn braille

Mindy: Oh, well I wasn't thinking permanently blind. Maybe just with a blind fold.

Buella: hmm, i think that would be hard to do.. you never know when one is going to happen

Mindy: Such a pessimist, Mrs. Basher.

*Ladies and gentlemen: while the conversation you just read is true one name has been changed to protect the innocent. 500 gold stars if you know where I got the name Buella from.

P.s. I forgot to mention my PINK TUPPERWARE in my last post!!


Think pink ...

Pink iPod.

Pink running watch {okay, two ... two pink running watches}.

Pink cell phone.

Pink cell phone cover.

Pink bed sheets {three sets}.

Pink bag.

Pink blanket.

Pink dinerware.

Pink water bottle.

Pink chocolate milk cups {four}.

Pink toenails {always}.

Pink nail polish {four different shades}.

Pink hanging files at work.

Pink binders at work.

Pink pens.

Pink luggage.

Pink headbands {three}.

Pink USU sweat shirt.

Pink USU pajama bottoms.

Pink quarter-length sleeve running shirt.

Pink running short-sleeve shirt {two}.

Pink long sleeve running shirt.

Pink running tank top {three}.

Pink running shoes.

Pink checks.

Pink swimsuit {two}.

Pink debit card.

Pink non-running tank {three}.

Pink socks {lots of them}.

Pink dish scrubber {new find ... I thought they only came in the green/yellow option!}.

Pink zip-up hoodies {two}.

Pink scarf {two}.

Pink zip up sweaters without hoodies {two}.

Pink pea coat.

Pink baby doll shoes.

Pink flip-flops {two pairs}.

Pink capris.

Pink toothbrush.

Pink contact case.

Pink eye glasses box.

Pink chapstick {two}.

Pink blog layout. ;)

Pink handbag {two}.

Pink shirt {thirteen!}.

Pink bath towels.

Pink hand towels.

Pink skirt {three ... with others that just have pink in it, without it being the main color}.

Pink teeth {lie ... this is to see if you are actually reading this ... give yourself 50 additional gold stars}.

Pink journals {two of which I haven't even used yet ... I just buy them because I think I will want them eventually}.

Pink pajama bottoms {three}.

Pink pajama shirt {three}.

Pink necklace {at least two}.

Pink earrings {three or four pairs}.

Pink hair accessories {separate from headbands}.

Pink accented running shorts {two}.

Pink post-its {at home and work}.

Pink picture frame.

And those are the only pink things I can think of that I own ... off the top of my head. Some people say I have an obsession.

I tell them their mom has an obsession.

This may or may not be me and my pinkness while blogging this post about pink. Awesome.

This post was bought to you by request by some of your fellow readers. I hope it satisfied their hearts' desires.

I may or may not be obsessed with
this song today. And who are we kidding? When I become obsessed with a song it can last for days ... and months ... and years.


That's ... awkward ...

BFF and I work together.

Did you know this?

We do.

That is not the awkward part.

Although, sometimes it is awkward when he intentionally makes an awkward comment.

But that is beside the point.

BFF took a client swimming not too long ago.

Either before or after they had gotten into the pool {I wasn't there ... this is a secondhand story, but worth blogging about any way [as you will see]}, the client gently caresses BFF's chest hair* and says, "I really like this."

Annnnd ... that's all. I laughed for about 10 minutes when he told me. I laughed when I randomly thought about it the next day. I laughed as I typed it. That's all.

* I cannot believe I just blogged about CHEST HAIR. I apologize. I hope it wasn't too offensive. I promise to never, ever type CHEST HAIR again on this blog. The end.


I just might be a spoiled brat ...

And that's okay.

I've never lived anywhere without air conditioning ... Until now.

This hasn't been a problem ... Until now.

Because it hasn't hit 82* while I've lived here ... Until now.

Ugh. While every Utahan has been cursing the weather for sub 50* in June ... I have kinda, secretly been happy. Because I knew as soon as it reached past 70* I'd be miserable.

I have a heating disorder.

Not to be confused with an eating disorder {well, who are we kidding ... this is debatable consider I have first and second dinner most nights}.

I get super hot super easy followed by getting super sick.

In the middle of winter in high school {when it was arguably 20* outside} I would over heat in class ... so much that I would sit by the window with it opened while all my classmates in Mrs. Warr's second hour AP English class would moan and complain ... and wear their coats.

In fact, I survived my first winter up on USU's campus without wearing a coat once.

I have gotten a little better as time has gone on ... But still, today it's 82*, I have no AC ... and I am feeling nauseous. Blek.

Honestly, I am not too confident I will make it through the summer at this house. Which is sad, because it is such a cute house.

P.s. Just so you don't think I am a total spoiled brat ... I worked at least four weeks of EFY in the summer of 2007 without AC at night or in our site office. Sooo, I'm tougher than you might think. ;)

Today is this adorable little guy's birthday!
I heart him. A lot.


I am concerned ...

About how the top of my mouth suddenly began itching four point nine days ago. It isn't constant. But it never itched before.

About how a contestant on the Biggest Loser can run a faster 5k than I currently can. I guess running once in January, twice in February, three times in March {noticing a pattern?} will do that to ya.

About the potential warrant out for my arrest ... just in case my extremely belated payment has not gotten to Iron County yet for that speeding ticket in April ...

About how my phone does not have an application that can tell me about all the planets I am not on. Heck, I doubt it can tell me anything about the one I am on. DROID. {Please tell me you have seen those commercials too.}

About how Brandon and Michelle might not name their first born after me.

About the most recent wound from work and how it is going to heal ... Or lack thereof. It certainly cannot be a good thing when people say, "Oh! You had to get stitches!" when indeed, I did not ... Hmm.

About the unusual skin blemish on my left forearm. I keep telling myself I will call Adrienne {my adorable dermatologist}.

About our government and the current state of our country.

About never creating a Facebook group asking for your addresses because I need to send you a wedding announcement ... or changing this blog address to husband'snameandmindy.blogspot.com ... I really don't care about any other perk that marriage would bring {kids, eternal exaltation and other warm fuzzy, mumbo-jumbo}. Noo, noo. Just fitting into the blogging/online world.

About not telling you all about the clothing shop in the hotel I stayed at in Reno ... If any of you need Safari wear, it's the place to go. Wow. I am glad I finally got that off my chest.

About the fact that my brother-in-law's wedding band kinda fits on my finger.

About the temperature at my parents' house right now. Given, I am ill and might have a fever, but wow ... I tell ya what, wow! It.is.so.hot.

About the lack of food I have at my house right now. This may be a key factor in me being at my parents' house. My mom may or may not have ordered pizza for me for dinner. Mmm.

Slightly about the fact that for lunch I had a Happy Meal from Wendy's and now I am eating pizza from Pizza Hut. Where's the veggie and fruit love in my diet?

That you will tell me a Happy Meal has nothing to do with Wendy's. So don't. Thanks. ;)

About the fact that I haven't been to my ward in a month - a month! It starts at 1:00pm. My parents' ward starts at 11:00am. Which one do you think I've been going to?

That this blog post will get less than 20 comments. What are you going to do about it? ;)

Peace out, peeps!


According to my client ...

I am the girl on this sign ...

I am Wendy ...

I am also NBA siloheutte ...

And I am the lady on all restroom signs ...

Anytime he sees one of these things he tells his staff, "There's Mindy."

I am also inside of all Pepsi bottles ...

And apparently I dance inside of them. Who knew?

And after he says I am dancing in there, he kisses the bottle {as well as kisses the image of Wendy me on the Wendy's cups}.

It's good to be loved. :)


Where's the love?

Do you ever Google your own name?

Sometimes I do. Maybe it's boredom. Maybe it's egotistical. Whatev, I do it. And I think know you secretly do too.

My latest Google search brought up something interesting ... my name appeared on the Utah State University website. Now, from the get-go that doesn't sound too odd. But here's the kicker ...

I showed up on the "Lost Alumni" page.



As you all know, I will never speak a negative word about my alma mater. I heart Utah State. I anticipate one day being buried just outside of the Logan Cemetery boundaries {which happens to be on Spectrum grounds}. But again ... Really?

I go to every basketball game ... I've sat in Section _ Row 10 Seat 3 for the last 10 years! Every home football game my body is at {really, who else does that?} at the 50-yard line. I live less than two blocks away from campus! I pay $25 every year when I register Wilson just so he can have Aggie plates. I just ran up Old Main five times two weeks ago! I buy more Aggie paraphernalia the week before the WAC basketball championships than most people do in a lifetime. You sent me a post card a month ago that sent me to a website which you have created that says, "Mindy Thornley is a true Aggie!" I've been sledding with Stew Morrill!!!


Excuse me while I go shed a tear ... and then immediately update your files so you will know that I have never left you, USU. I heart you. The end.

Happy 29th birthday, Hilly! ;)


Is that a ... threat?

I got the following photo text the other day:

Accompanied with, "This is your next birthday present."

Clearly, someone is out to get me.

And I have a canker on the tip of my tongue. So far, June is not going so well for me. Sigh.

Yes, this post has a label of OUCH because my canker hurts. Also, it should be noted that this post had no misspellings. Given, there are no difficult words to spell that are in this post, but that is beside the point. Clearly.


Hi, June!

For reasons unbeknownst to myself, I have decided to attempt to blog once a day through June. I think it sounds like a challenge ... and I am up for challenging myself ... clearly not in matters that are significant or profound, but challenging nonetheless. :)

What's in it for you besides potential boredom? Oh, you will get 100 gold stars per blog you read to it's entirety through June. Sooo, that's like 100x30 gold stars you could earn. Which is like ... a lot. ;)

So, please contain your excitement. I know this is going to make June like your favorite month ... ever.

See ya tomorrow!

P.s. If you give me an idea of what to blog about this month 25 gold stars. If I actually use it, 25 more. :) I will update gold stars soon ... ish. ;)
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