Thank you, Saturday!

Last Saturday ... was fantastic.

1. She flew in from Cali!

2. She flew in from Florida!

3. I got to see them both!

4. I may or may not have gone shopping ... and bought super cute clothes. This was vital. Some of you know why. And p.s. it worked.

5. I got to eat fried pickles. Who are we kidding, the rest of the stuff listed was just a build up to this. To heck with solid friendships that have been in place for 15 years ... Fried pickles are where it's at. ;)

After eating said fried pickles at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building with Em, we participated in my little tradition at Temple Square {50 gold stars if you know what it is ... Hint: Dave calls it priestcraft!}.

We then realized that is was SPRING in Utah! Finally!

Isn't is simply gorgeous? Those Mormon clearly know how to grow them some tulips!!

After playing with Em I switched head bands from a red flower to a black and white beaded flower :) ... and made my way to Thanksgiving point for a wedding luncheon for Whit's little sister.

It's been almost a year since I have seen Whit ... Oh, how I love her. She is one of the most resilient, funniest, and happiest people I know! It was fun to catch up with all the Brenchley bunch and see how happy they all are and where life has led them. Such.good.people. I am not sure how this day could be topped ... Oh, wait ... if it had been my wedding luncheon. ;)

Whit and Em ... I love you both!!! Thanks for making my day faaaabulous! P.s. More Salt Lake City adventures to come, most likely tomorrow!

I fear that people who are not directly related to this post will be bored. Sooo, if you tell me you're not bored {through a comment}, even if you were bored, you can earn 50 more gold stars! :) And to prove your non-boredom, tell me one of three things: 1. What you love most about Em? 2. What you love most about Whit? or 3. What you love most about this post, besides the fact that I am in the photos. ;)


Mike said...

You just ate at the Garden last Saturday? Should have told me, I wouldn't have said "let's eat there" had I known. And I don't think your tradition is priestcraft, but it is not original to you. :-)

Alison said...

i wasn't bored, and i like the flowers and the headbands :)

Chance said...

Hope you made a wish for me! Gold Stars for me!!

Krystal said...

I wasn't bored :) my favorite part was all of your amazing photos of the flowers... it made me start thinking that I needed to go down to temple square and check it out (I usually only go there at christmas to see the lights... might be nice to check it out in the spring when it's not freezing!)

And I don't actually know Em or Whit but I love them both because they are your friends and make you smile :)

Kat said...

"bored" and "Mindy" should never be in the same sentence. I am loving the flowers at temple square. Did you know that I work in Salt lake? I live down in Provo, but I am in salt lake everyday except Sunday! This means that next time you are down here and you DON'T get ahold of me, you're in BIGTIME trouble.

Meg said...

I wasn't bored, either, the flower pictures are beautiful!

I've never had fried pickles, I'd like to try them sometime.

Burke and Emily Adams said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures! Thanks for posting them...it's freezing here and seeing you in short sleeves made me feel Utah for one minute. :)

Whitney said...

man, it is sooooo pretty! made me miss ut!

Avree said...

My favorite part was where you told us you switched your headband. I need to you to go shopping with me and help me not be so frumpy.

Cristie said...

Mindy, You boring? Hmmm...I think not! I was just thinking about you yesterday when I was talking with Stephanie W. and I agree with her her.YOU.ARE.AWESOME! By the way, gorgeous pics. :)

Allred Mom said...

WOW! What beautiful flowers! I truly wish I was there to see it! Tulips are my FAVORITE!!!! I LOVE that you posted the pictures! Yes, those Mormons do it well! lol

And I noticed you went from the red to the beaded headband. At first, I thought, "That red flower is perfectly placed behind her head!" lol

So glad that you had an awesome day!

Allred Mom said...

Oh...and I forgot...I hope that your wish comes true! That's another one of my favorite places on the temple grounds!

Allison and Josh said...

Not bored! Loved your outfits and headbands and I am glad you got your fried pickles..Oh I miss The Garden!

~Jake, Brianna, and Jocelyn~ said...

Hey, Mindy!

I'm still figuring out what you were talking about regarding making a contact list and then plugging it into Blogger somehow to alert everyone when I update. I already created a Blogger contact group in gmail . . . now what? Send me an e-mail at briannamo@hotmail.com.

P.S. Those flowers are AMAZING!


Kristin said...

Hmmm, not sure what the priestcraft thing is. Spending money on temple square by eating in one of the pricey restaurants? Not bored! Favorite part: the lovely flower pictures- so colorful adn beautiful, I'm jeallous I didn't take them myself.

whitneybballs said...

Sorry i look like a dork in your picture. I should have just worn my sunglasses, I have wee beady eyes in the sun! Love you girl and was so happy you came and we could spend some time together. Sorry I never go to see you in Logan i was sick as a dog. I will be back in August just jack and I and this time I can get to see more of you!

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