He's a big deal, I guess ...

So, you might be confused and thinking this post is about my brother, but keep in mind: it is about me. Mm-k?

I'd say a lot of you know that my brother's legs don't work {his description, not mine}. I guess people think you are a big deal when your legs don't work. I mean, he's had strangers pity his little soul and offer him money ... as if he was homeless {for what it is worth, brother, you've never looked homeless to me ... Except maybe a time or two when I was too lazy to put your socks on right. But seriously, I was six. What did you expect?}, among countless other out of the ordinary things ... all because his legs don't work.

Anywhoot ... most recently someone has decided to write a book about my brother ... directly related to the fact that his legs don't work. Pff. As if that's a big deal.

But remember, this post isn't about him ... It's about me.

I just read the first draft of the book. Wanna know what it said about me?

"He had three sisters ..."

Uhm. Yeah. That's it. Literally. THAT IS IT.

It's a little confusing, after all that would be the perfect segway into how amazing I am. And yet, nothing. I think the author needs a little help from Jack Sparrow, "If you were waiting for an opportune moment ... That was it." Opportune moment to talk about me.


Fortunately, I've been given a marking pen to edit the sucker and I am sure you can imagine what renditions, err additions I have made throughout the book. A little more me ... a little less him. Perhaps a lot more me ... a lot less him. But whatev.

I will let you know when the book is actually available if you are interested in a copy ... As you should be, since it going to be about me err ... him. ish.

And even though this post is about me, I will end with a photo of him. Get it? :)


Meg said...

The picture is pretty funny. I'd love to read a book about you I mean, him. :-)

Avree said...

As always, you crack me up. I'd definitely like to read the book, but only if there is A LOT about you.

Krystal said...

can't wait to read the book (after you edit it, of course!!) Why don't you write your own book? YOU are amazing... I would read your book

Kristin said...

I'd read it!

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