The day I have dreaded ...

for the last two years is upon us. Again. But who am I kidding? It is actually three days. Some of you actually may recall is from this post.

For those of you too last to click on the link provided ... At my job, we on occasion have to physically restrain our clients when they become physically aggressive or put themselves or others in danger {e.g. running into the middle of the street}. The rest of this week I will be at a conference of sorts re-certifying on being the restraining instructor.

Tomorrow: nine hours of book work {that I efficiently teach to our staff in 4.5 hours}. Thursday: eight hours of being restrained {and I am sure none of you need a reminder of how much I love being touched}. Friday: more restraining and then a five-minute teach {to show that I know how to teach. Really? Really? I could teach with my eyes closed ... err ... with my hands tied behind my back ... okay, well the point is this: I can teach. Trust me}.

I am hoping the hotel I am staying in has wireless ... if so you might get some precious gems from me while I vent my frustrations.

Seriously, I would rather die than go tomorrow. No lie.

In fact, for the last two years I have been secretly hoping I could get married to someone - anyone - as long as they were employed JUST so I wouldn't have to return to this conference. Secret hope: failed. No surprise there {well, actually it is ... any time the realization creeps in that I am not married ... I am shocked. Completely shocked. But that is another story entirely right there, one of which I will not divulge into tonight}. :)

Anywhoot: if you do not here from me ... it's probably because I spontaneously self-combusted.

Oh, and the photo below ... I am an IRONING BOARD. :)


Mike said...

Ah, ironing board! I should have known. Well, one good thing about this conference...you get to hang out with me on Thursday!

Allison and Josh said...

Ah! I should have known! I've been doing so much more ironing lately ever since Josh started a new job and has to wear a shirt and tie everyday! blah! Anyway, good luck at your training...at least you have fried pickles to look forward to. I just wish I could be the one to put the order in. I would give you a discount! :)

Marc and Megan said...

Mindy, you're welcome to share what I wrote and you can share my identity however you'd like. :) I'm flattered all shades of pink that you'd even want to. (don't you love that I said pink instead of red?!)

Allred Mom said...

I think I like my ceiling fan better! I've never seen an ironing board with something going up! But, what a great impression you did!

Also, I'm so sorry about the training! You know I took that training not too long ago so I could be ready to restrain if need be! I have to say, I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more if you had been the teacher to teach me! So, with that, enjoy being restrained....as much as anyone can enjoy being restrained!

Krystal said...

I would've guessed ironing board, but someone already did, so I was trying to be creative :)

I voted YES #1 on the poll... I would love to read the reviews and earn a gazillion stars!

ANNND.... I hope you are still alive... sorry you have to go to the horrible training. Though I must say, it sounds quite interesting... I have a child who I would LOVE to restrain sometimes, but as a teacher, I'm totally not allowed to touch them... (maybe you could do a post all about the fun training!)

Kristin said...

Yikes! YOU get restrained. Bleh. I hope you sat by someone fun adn sacrcastic. And I hope you had WiFi.

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