A rebel without a cause ...

You would think this sign would mean something to me.

It doesn't.

All I know is this: the shortest distance between point A and point B is a straight line {thank you Mr. Bradford and ninth-grade geometry} ... and this almost newly constructed road is the shortest distance between A and B.

So I take it. Frequently.

That's okay ... Right?


Perfection ...

[per*fek*shuhn] - noun
the quality or
condition of being
p e r f e c t.

After first dinner, I went on a bike ride with this kid. It was perfect. Perfect weather, perfect kid, and perfect bike {it's pink ... with a white basket with pink flowers on it!}.

The only thing not perfect was my hair after the ride and a little breeze. Oh, well. :)

It probably should be noted that this perfection was brought to you in part by my sister. She might have let me borrow her kid ... and who am I kidding, the bike too. Sigh, as if a hubby and two gorgeous kids weren't enough ... she got the pink bike too. Gosh. Some people have all the luck.

But for the bike ride this late afternoon, it was all mine {except the husband}. Two out of three ain't bad. ;)


Dear Melissa ...

It's okay that you don't know me and still left a comment on my blog. I will be friends with your little sister and I will date your brother. ;)

In all honesty, I was anticipating being able to find your blog but your profile doesn't lead me there. :( If leaving your email or blog address in a comment is too public, feel free to email me at runaholic [at] gmail.com because I really feel that we should be friends. :)

Have a good day! :)


He's a big deal, I guess ...

So, you might be confused and thinking this post is about my brother, but keep in mind: it is about me. Mm-k?

I'd say a lot of you know that my brother's legs don't work {his description, not mine}. I guess people think you are a big deal when your legs don't work. I mean, he's had strangers pity his little soul and offer him money ... as if he was homeless {for what it is worth, brother, you've never looked homeless to me ... Except maybe a time or two when I was too lazy to put your socks on right. But seriously, I was six. What did you expect?}, among countless other out of the ordinary things ... all because his legs don't work.

Anywhoot ... most recently someone has decided to write a book about my brother ... directly related to the fact that his legs don't work. Pff. As if that's a big deal.

But remember, this post isn't about him ... It's about me.

I just read the first draft of the book. Wanna know what it said about me?

"He had three sisters ..."

Uhm. Yeah. That's it. Literally. THAT IS IT.

It's a little confusing, after all that would be the perfect segway into how amazing I am. And yet, nothing. I think the author needs a little help from Jack Sparrow, "If you were waiting for an opportune moment ... That was it." Opportune moment to talk about me.


Fortunately, I've been given a marking pen to edit the sucker and I am sure you can imagine what renditions, err additions I have made throughout the book. A little more me ... a little less him. Perhaps a lot more me ... a lot less him. But whatev.

I will let you know when the book is actually available if you are interested in a copy ... As you should be, since it going to be about me err ... him. ish.

And even though this post is about me, I will end with a photo of him. Get it? :)


Thank you, Saturday!

Last Saturday ... was fantastic.

1. She flew in from Cali!

2. She flew in from Florida!

3. I got to see them both!

4. I may or may not have gone shopping ... and bought super cute clothes. This was vital. Some of you know why. And p.s. it worked.

5. I got to eat fried pickles. Who are we kidding, the rest of the stuff listed was just a build up to this. To heck with solid friendships that have been in place for 15 years ... Fried pickles are where it's at. ;)

After eating said fried pickles at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building with Em, we participated in my little tradition at Temple Square {50 gold stars if you know what it is ... Hint: Dave calls it priestcraft!}.

We then realized that is was SPRING in Utah! Finally!

Isn't is simply gorgeous? Those Mormon clearly know how to grow them some tulips!!

After playing with Em I switched head bands from a red flower to a black and white beaded flower :) ... and made my way to Thanksgiving point for a wedding luncheon for Whit's little sister.

It's been almost a year since I have seen Whit ... Oh, how I love her. She is one of the most resilient, funniest, and happiest people I know! It was fun to catch up with all the Brenchley bunch and see how happy they all are and where life has led them. Such.good.people. I am not sure how this day could be topped ... Oh, wait ... if it had been my wedding luncheon. ;)

Whit and Em ... I love you both!!! Thanks for making my day faaaabulous! P.s. More Salt Lake City adventures to come, most likely tomorrow!

I fear that people who are not directly related to this post will be bored. Sooo, if you tell me you're not bored {through a comment}, even if you were bored, you can earn 50 more gold stars! :) And to prove your non-boredom, tell me one of three things: 1. What you love most about Em? 2. What you love most about Whit? or 3. What you love most about this post, besides the fact that I am in the photos. ;)


The day I have dreaded ...

for the last two years is upon us. Again. But who am I kidding? It is actually three days. Some of you actually may recall is from this post.

For those of you too last to click on the link provided ... At my job, we on occasion have to physically restrain our clients when they become physically aggressive or put themselves or others in danger {e.g. running into the middle of the street}. The rest of this week I will be at a conference of sorts re-certifying on being the restraining instructor.

Tomorrow: nine hours of book work {that I efficiently teach to our staff in 4.5 hours}. Thursday: eight hours of being restrained {and I am sure none of you need a reminder of how much I love being touched}. Friday: more restraining and then a five-minute teach {to show that I know how to teach. Really? Really? I could teach with my eyes closed ... err ... with my hands tied behind my back ... okay, well the point is this: I can teach. Trust me}.

I am hoping the hotel I am staying in has wireless ... if so you might get some precious gems from me while I vent my frustrations.

Seriously, I would rather die than go tomorrow. No lie.

In fact, for the last two years I have been secretly hoping I could get married to someone - anyone - as long as they were employed JUST so I wouldn't have to return to this conference. Secret hope: failed. No surprise there {well, actually it is ... any time the realization creeps in that I am not married ... I am shocked. Completely shocked. But that is another story entirely right there, one of which I will not divulge into tonight}. :)

Anywhoot: if you do not here from me ... it's probably because I spontaneously self-combusted.

Oh, and the photo below ... I am an IRONING BOARD. :)


You tell me ...

what I am supposed to be in this photo ... and you get 500 gold stars. Yes, I know my interpretation skills are amasing.

Hint: it's an inanimate object that you find in most households. Good luck.

And, I repeat, verbatim from last year's post on Mother's Day, " ...and you thought I'd have some crazy Mother's Day tribute posted today. That'd be super nice and fancy and all ... but my mom doesn't read my blog ... So, I don't think it's the most brilliant idea to tribute her here. No, no ... I will wait to do so in person. In song, dance, and puppet show. But for what it's worth ... my mom is soooo better than your mom. ;)


And the fun never ends, kids

I think it is safe to say I experience a lot at work that most people probably just cannot comprehend. Putting all behaviors and injuries and such aside, remember that one time I was quarantined at work due to the Swine Flu epidemic pandemic?

Today ... I experienced a lockdown. Yup. You read that right. Now given, it was the least dramatic and shortest lockdown of my life {arguably seven minutes by the time I actually heard of it to the time the Logan City Police Department then told us it was over} ... Okay, it might have been the only lockdown of my life. But that is beside the point. Clearly. If you thought that was the point and now are unsure of what the point is ... it is this: I survived the lockdown.

Which of course leads us to questions ourselves: does this or does this not just validate even more what we all already knew ... I am the coolest person you know?

P.s. You can read more about why we had a lockdown here. Focus on the following phrases: "distraught man" and "concealed weapon" ... Kinda funny how those two things generally shouldn't go together, huh? :)


And the award goes to ...

Allison Bringhurst Meadows!

That's right, this gorgeous gal accumulated the most golden stars this past year! She was at the top for most of the year ... and then Avree {last year's winner} pulled ahead and it looked like Avree would be making a repeat. But Allison pursued and ta-da!

Allison is absolutely amazing. First of all, she is one of the most gorgeous people I know {inside and out!}. We met at EFY in the summer of 2007 where I learned of her passion for, guess what? PINK!! :) I knew immediately that we would be good friends! She is one of the most genuinely kind, sincere, and compassionate people I know. She cares for people so deeply and so profoundly, so thoughtful to what others are going through and does what she can to make people HAPPY! I also love, love her faith and how she recognizes the Lord's hand in all the good things in her life. Plus, if she wasn't married to Josh, she'd be married to Kyle Korver.

Congrats, Allison! If you want another photo for the one posted on the sidebar, let me know ... And I might change it. ;)

Fellow readers: below is posted the Gold Stars protocol from now through April 2011. Good luck in your quest in receiving as many as you can! :)

Mindy, how do I earn gold stars?

Well, I am glad you asked.

There are multiple ways to earn gold stars.

1. Leaving comments earns you gold stars. This year each comment you leave will be worth 25 gold stars each. You will need a gmail account to leave a comment. If you do not have one, you should consider getting one ... Just so you can earn gold stars. It's worth it. I promise-ish.

2. Answering poll questions. I generally have a poll question on the right sidebar of my blog. If you answer the question correctly, you will receive 20 gold stars. The answer will appear after the poll has closed somewhere on the right sidebar as well. The key here is this: you have to let me know which poll question you answered .... Otherwise, I don't know if you got it right or not. :)

3. I randomly give opportunities to earn additional gold stars through my posts ... Especially long posts. So, it pays {only in gold stars} to read my entire blog post. This is where many people get a lot of their stars ... I throw in a sentence somewhere like, "If you are still with me, give yourself 100 stars." Again, you have to let me know that you were still with me to get those stars.

Somewhere near April 2011, the person with the most gold stars is honored on my blog in a post, as well as gets to have their photo on the right sidebar of my blog.

Any questions?

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