Today ...

I killed a spider.

I got a sliver in my left index finger. It hurt. Excruciatingly. You probably think this is an exaggeration. It is not.

I wasn't expecting a text from him.

I was domestic.

I asked my roommates to explain some of the intricacies of boiling water. Yes, intricacies of boiling water.

I forgot that I was cooking something on the stove. My roommates had to remind me.

I didn't burn down my home while being domestic or boiling water. Probably directly related to the above fact.

I sat at my adorable, little table eating more spaghetti in one sitting than anyone should eat in two.

I thought of the person who helped me put that table together ... and missed him. More than I can find the words to express.

I thought how you shouldn't miss someone that much who only lives a block away.

I wondered if he'd read this blog post ... and concluded no.

I laughed at the Old Spice commercial. For the one-gazillionth time.

I watched part of a cheesy, not-so-realistic movie on Lifetime.

I still can't figure out why I watched the cheesy, not-so-realistic movie on Lifetime.

I painted my toenails and clipped my fingernails.

I stole a dress from my sister's closet to wear to Church.

I decided I wanted to own the dress I stole from my sister's closet. She will find out when she reads this that I intend on giving it back to her when ... she finds me a husband.

I gagged while swallowing a pill.

I had to talk myself out of gagging while brushing my teeth.

I looked into making my blog a book.

I told myself that I will pay that speeding ticket this week ... It was due last Wednesday.

I learned that if you accidentally type in http://www.dictiomary.com/ ... that you still end up at a site that dictionizes words for you. And I had actually used it, I would have learned dictionizes is not a word.

I remembered last minute to wear a slip to Church.

I had a fabulously horrible picnic with my family. The wind started to blow and froze us to pieces, and caused our food and plates to blow away. The picnic was short-lived and had to be relocated. My mom took my plate away from me as I was trying to put my chip in the dip.

I yelled at the dogs in the backyard to be quiet. Again. And they barked louder. Again. It's a vicious dance the dogs and I keep doing.

I found out that the party I said I would "maybe"attend on Facebook was at my house. It is going on downstairs while I type this. I am hiding in my room.

I drove all the way to my parents' house just to get a piece of pie. And a glass of milk. It was fantastic.

I hoped and prayed for something because I felt it was right ... but I am terrified to see the outcome.

I got invited to another Facebook group asking for my address to send a wedding invitation to ... For one of my seminary students.

I saw the adorable shirt my little sister bought for two dollah. It was pink. I want to own it too ... How do I get my hands on it?

I listened to this song for the gazillionth time.

I set my alarm clock for five minutes earlier so I would have more time to make my bed before I leave for work at 6:50am. Okay, this is a lie. I didn't set it eaarlier. But I hope that saying it means I will do it sometime soon.

I realized I hadn't posted in nearly a week ... and that's why this post exists.

What did YOU do today? :)


Allred Mom said...

I read your blog!
That's what I did!
Pretty proud of me aren't you?
I thought so!
I told my son, Steven, who celebrated his 27th birthday today, that I am going to take him to Utah to meet my friend Mindy.
I went to church. I baked a birthday cake. I skyped. I got to hear our special 3 year old sing lots of songs. I played with helium balloons! (You can do lots of games with them! I'm sure our neighbors are wondering about us now. Well, they probably already were.) I did laundry...bad girl..it is Sunday! :( I stayed up way too late...and tomorrow morning I will be paying for this. I did other things too, but most importantly, once again, I read your blog!

Linze Kate said...

I simply can NOT explain why I love this post so much, but it was perfect. LOVED the entry.
Plus, when you write it that way it makes you appear the most accomplished woman in the world... which you are, right? :)

P.S. I killed a spider today too.

Mike said...

I'm on a horse.

Nicole Anderson said...

Thinking of you and hope you're ok... love your guts! Be strong!

Julie M. said...

Miss ya! I loved this post too!!
I did dishes.
And laundry.
And kissed owies.
And replied "No," for the bazillionth time.

whitneybballs said...

So I think I have been living in a cave, I just watched the old spice commercial today (several times). The horse thing got me every time. I really liked this post because it is you,and I really like you. Excited to see you soon!

Avree said...

As always, you make day to day things seem funny. I love reading your blog. Maybe that's why I got the most golden stars last year. Next time you should bring me some pie.

Krystal said...

what did I do? Woke up with a migraine, managed not to kill any kids (though one did try to kill himself with a stapler... which made me laugh), went to an enrichment meeting to support my new calling which I was not asked to take, returned my PINK digital camera because it takes crappy pictures, went to the library, listened to Colbie all afternoon after reading your blog post at work (can read but not comment at school, go figure), now I took a shower and am leaving a comment on your blog... and seeing as it's after 9pm, maybe I should think about dinner before bed?? I dunno...

Meg said...

So far today I have tried to activate a cell phone for my husband. I'm getting rather frustrated with the whole process, but I'm certain it will be well worth it in the end. I have also fed and changed diapers on two two-year-olds, although I haven't dressed them yet. They don't seem to mind. And, obviously, I have read your blog.

steve and jessica said...

I thought the post was really unique. I liked it. Try giving a doggie treat to the neighbor's dog maybe. Our neighbor's dog goes super crazy whenever we go outside and barks at the fence and that is what our neighbor told us to do. Good luck.

Melissa said...

Okay, so I don't know you, I just happened across your blog from another friend's blog. I never comment on random stranger's blogs-- so I seriously don't know why I'm doing it now. Except that I think you are hilarious and cute. My little sister lives in Logan and I want you to be friends with her and I want you to date my brother. :) Was that too weird?

The tickets are now diamonds.

(Did that make it better?)

Kristin said...

Hmm, browsed my friends' blogs, and am pondering what to post on my own. I worked, and cleaned my house, made spring cleaning and repairs plans, and made a ton of emails!

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