Instead ...

of taking the Caribbean cruise for Spring Break, I went to St. George and Vegas to get some warmth that Logan was severely lacking {it snowed almost a foot on Tuesday last week!}. It was a short trip because I wanted to actually get back with enough time to have felt I had some downtime before I had to go back to work again. When I go on trips I cram everything I can in until the last possible moment that I have to return to work ... But since I have already been to St. George and Vegas {countless times ... on my way to Disney, of course} I figured it didn't have to be a go-GO-GO trip. Which was nice. :)

First night there we went to the St. George Temple {and Visitors' Center}.

My great-something-or-another-grandpa actually built the staircase inside the Temple ... We didn't go inside. One day I will, to see how those stairs look. Before I do, I figure I ought to know who he is and how he is related to me. :)

Here I am with my co-worker, old roommate, and friend Staceyanne. :)

This next picture exists ...

because I figure this will be the closest I will ever be to coming out of the Wedding Exit at any Temple. :)

Because a lot of the hiking-type adventures were not possible for us this trip, we decided to go check out a house we heard a lot about.

This house ... and I really like this view of it because it makes me think that I am on the set of Little House on the Prairie {which, ironically, I once owned a dress that looked like Laura Ingals. I have a photo of said dress, let me know if you want to see it}. Now back to the house ...

It is the home of Jacob Hamblin. And if you are anything like Stacey and I ... that means nothing to you. :) I mean, we gathered that he was some Latter-day Saint pioneer who trekked across the country, but why was he super cool? I mean, I am super cool, but we don't see anyone currently taking any measures to ensure the longevity of the homes/apartments I have lived in, now have we?

Turns out that Jacob Hamblin was instrumental in making peace between the Natives and the Latter-day Saints. He learned their language, was known for his complete honesty with the Natives, was responsible for numerous peace treaties that saved the lives of countless Saints, and also put an end to a second massacre that was to follow the Mountain Meadow Massacre. He also taught the gospel to the Natives and over 400 baptisms followed.

Maybe that's why they turned his house into a historical site. Maybe. No one can be quite sure. ;)

Following Jacob Hamblin's home we continued the historic tour to this home.

Some dude lived here that some of you may or may not have heard of ... His name was Brigham Young. Ever heard of him? Second prophet of the Church? And apparently there are like three universities names after him ... or something crasy like that. This home was his winter home because the winters in Salt Lake City were to hard on him with his health conditions.

This next picture has a fun story.

Notice the cute green gate? When the paint game in for the St. George Temple, President Young found out that they had sen the wrong color ... instead of white, green. President Young didn't want the paint to go to waste so he painted part of his {as you can see in the photo of his house} but also encouraged the Saints to all go home, clean up their yards, and if they did not have a gate, build one ... and paint it green. There is actually an adorable little green gate community in St. George that still exists today. :)

Staceyanne and I in front of the gate. :) Cute.

After the historic tour Stacey wanted to do some shopping ... Now, I know I am probably the most sophisticated person you know ... and so this next photo might not only come as a shock to you, but also immature. Get over it. :)

Seriously. One letter can describe this: H.

While holding this up I realized something.

Yes, it can fit on my HEAD. Oh.my.

Now, moving on ... :) These two shots were views from our window at dinner.

Oh, and then I may or may not have stalked some polygamists. Oops. :)

The next day we headed off to Vegas ... And if you are catching onto a little theme with most of my vacays ... We stopped at the Las Vegas Temple!

And because I like Temples, here are a couple more of this one. :)

It was then off to the Stratosphere rides! The first was Insanity {that's actually the name of the ride, which ironically enough one must be insane to do ...}

A massive mechanical arm extends 64 feet over the edge of the tower and spins you at 3Gs. Here I am, wanting to die.

I was a little vocal on the ride {surprise, surprise}. One of the riders told me, "Don't worry, get a drink in your system and you will feel a lot better." I told him I was Mormon and didn't drink and he said, "Well, now would be the perfect time to start." Hahahaha!

The next ride ...

X-Scream is a giant teeter-totter that propels you 27 over the edge of the tower, 866 feet above the ground. It propels you so fast it feels like you are just falling straight over the edge!

In the photo below am in the back row ... Ironically enough, wanting to die again.

Then the last ride ...

Big Shot ... It shoots passengers straight up 160 feet at 45mph until you are 1,081 feet above the Strip. I am the third person over in the photo below.

After the rides we went to Bellagio to see a fountain show.

And then off to M&M World!

I bet you cannot guess which ones I got!

Different shades of pink! Perfection! P.s. I didn't realize until after I purchased them that they were $12.99 a pound. No, you did not read that wrong. And no, I did not mis-type it. $12.99 a pound. Most expensive two pounds of M&Ms of my life! Haha!

Then came the bestest part of the day ... Guess who I got to see!?

Oh, my goodness!! It is Michelle and Brandon! Holy smokes! Made my day life!!

P.S. This is pretty much what I saw when I walked in the door and they saw me.

Followed by ...

Yes, people ... This is the reception I normally receive from just about everyone I know. If it is currently not the reception I receive from you, maybe you ought to rethink how you greet me ... Because quite frankly, the Richardes are out-shinning you. But that's not new to anyone who knows them, they have been out-shining most people in most everything since at least 1976. P.s. It must be said that one of the best blog posts ever written can be found here {100 gold stars if you read it and tell me what you like most about it ... And, no, I am not self-absorbed} and it was written by Michelle. I told her during our visit that I am looking forward to the second installment of that post. :) :) :) :) {Seriously though, Brandon and Michelle! I had a fabulous time!! I heart all three of you!!!}

After visiting the Richardes we headed back to St. George to our hotel. I had previously lost my camera battery charger. I bought a new "one" at a local store and couldn't figure out why it was so expensive.

Oh, it's because you really are buying 14-million chargers. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Seriously. Each one of those is a charger. I just want my old one back!!!!!!!! Blek. Curses. Swearwords.

Anyway, I have no more photos of my trip {stop singing rejoices ... although if you are still with me ... 500 gold stars for Y-O-U! Hurry! Hurry! Earn as many as you can!}.

Oh, and P.S. I may have gotten a speeding ticket for going 16 mph over the speed limit. Oops. Which is ironic because while Staceyanne was driving she: ran a red light, stopped for another red light in the middle of the intersection, would have hit a median had I not pointed it out to her, missed a stop sign, and parked my car in a lot that actually was gated and locked when we returned. Seriously, and I am the one with ticket? 


Dear Legal System:

You have failed me.



Mindy M. Thornley

Peace out, peeps.


Danelle and Alex said...

hahahaahhahahaa!! You are hilarious!! That was such a funny post. The bra, the people jumping, the phone chargers, the ticket, your friend not getting a ticket and then telling that guy you are Mormon. I would have been like, ok thanks. You are too funny. Not only did I stay with you but I kind of summarized the post in my comments. haha. So how about a thousand points? Yay!

Krystal said...

ok so after looking at the new star totals, I'm pretty sure there's no way I can earn an extra 5,000 before this is over... BUT I did really read it all (+500) and I read Brandon & Michelle's blog post M is for Mindy... and the part I loved best was the pita pit story... I have never eaten there... hilarious.

AS for the vacay, totally jealous... I have done St. George and Vegas before, but not quite like that... I would DIE going on those rides... (AND, PS, have you been INSIDE the Vegas temple? It is so gorgeous!!) Now I want to go back to St. George to see all the historical stuff and the green gate community...

AND finally, THANK you for the bra picture... I nearly choked I was laughing so hard! I want to go on a vacation with you!!

OH, PS#2 - bummer about the speeding ticket... Stacy totally deserved a ticket more than you! However I think I win the most fun on a road trip... I got a free ride home in a TOW TRUCK last time I tried to drive to St. George... apparently les schwab is not so good at installing brakes correctly! So yeah, that was my fun!!

Mike said...

I've kind of given up on stars. I feel like I've been owed many that have never come my way. But, in the hopes of someday being rewarded for what I have earned, I keep commenting. Why? Because I love Mindy for being Mindy, not for something as superficial as gold stars! (How many gold stars does that get me?)

Andrea said...

the big shot.
i feared for my life.
those other rides did not exist when i went on the big shot. some day i will have to tell you how i may or may not have almost cried while standing in line for that ride. . . and the reason why.

although it's not a cruise still a small vacation.

Katie said...

Oh Mindy!! I remember when we were first introduced to the polygamists in the St. George Wal-Mart!! I can't believe you took a picture. Hilarious!! I underestimated your sneakiness. Also, I just bought that EXACT bra the other day, except it was black. Its a little big, but I'm hoping to grow into it :) Sorry to hear that you got a ticket, at least it wasn't in Beaver on your way to St. George, those are more $$. Glad to hear you had such a good time!

Brooke Hill said...

love the trip, you are brave! That ride looks scary!! I am proud of you! I love going to stg, it makes me happy and the son is even better! I want more pics! 500 stars for me! :D

Nicole Anderson said...

Woot Woot! Have you updated the stars really? I don't believe it because I thought I was going to have at least 1000.... but I still read the whole thing! Looks like you had fun!

Allred Mom said...

Okay, Mindy "Talullah! (just got to love that middle name they gave you!) You are an adventurous girl! I'm glad you chose not to drink, because all those people who were way down below you wouldn't have wanted to have the effects fall on them! lol And, some day, I'm sure you'll have a house that becomes an icon! It will be the "House of Pink"! (Classic name don't you think?) Anyway, add up all those stars you owe me! I'm trying hard to get lots! :D

Avree said...

When I saw that picture of you and the "H" I thought you had gotten ahold of one of my old nursing bras. Sad.

Looks like a fun trip! I just got your text today (I never use my cell phone, I turn it on like once a week, I'm lame like that) but it looks like you found plenty to do.

Meg said...

Another 600 gold stars for me. I love the picture at the end of Michelle's post -- whatever the gift was, the result was priceless. :-)

The country around St George is beautiful. I'd like to get back down there sometime. I love your scenery pics.

They probably didn't take pains to ensure the longevity of Jacob Hamblin's home until after he was dead. You still have a chance, don't worry. :-)

P.S. You should check Lil's blog. She actually posted and it is entertaining. If you don't know how to get to it, there is a link on my blog. I think it is currently labeled Li'l Moments.

Jake & April said...

I love the temples. It is always entertaining to read your posts.

Allison and Josh said...

Hahahaha! Oh Mindy, your blog is my absolute favorite!! I'm glad you had fun on your trip and I am glad you got some Orange Peel! :) I so want to do those rides in Vegas, but I would need to bring a clean change of pants because I'm pretty sure I would wet myself!!

Sarah Keith said...

YOu are brave! What a fun trip! YOu are so beautifuL!

Kyle, Amy, and Joshua said...

Mindy,you have fun no matter where you go...let's be honest. And, if you ever feel like learning more about Jacob Hamblin...come visit. He settled our town and we I think all his posterity lives here. Seriously.

Jo said...

Nope, I'm some Jacob Hamblin posterity that lives up North. That sounds like a super-fun trip. I appreciated the H picture too, laughed a lot.

Kristin said...

WOW. All I can say is that I'm overwhelmed by all the amazing thigs in this trip. Over.whelmed.! I can't belive that freaky ride. I too love pink. I loved seeing the Richards'!!! My fave part of the post was the general EFY reminiscing, especially the Baba Ghanoush. Matt and I started dating near that time and I told him about the Baba G and we have our old inside joke about it now. (Long stroy, need to be in-person). Also I read YOUR hold post- HIT me with 500!

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