Whoever said ...

"parting is such sweet sorrow" clearly never left Reno. [P.s. This is going to be a long one. 1,000 gold stars if you read the entire thing. Ah, bribery NOT at its finest ... yet it will still do.]

Oh, the dump. The dump. The dump. The dump I keep returning to for one thing and only one thing, Aggie basketball. Let's just get some things out of the way:

* There are roughly 137 tattoo shops in Reno. Did you read that correctly? One hundred and thirty-seven.

[Skin Tattoos? Opposed to what other kind???]

* And for just about every tattoo parlor, there is an excavated, run-down, out of business, trashed building.

* Not in Reno, but in Elko, Nevada, I was there for less than 10 seconds when I saw someone with his pants off, taking a dump on the corner of a busy intersection. There were 10 plus buildings within 50 meters that he could have gone to to use their facilities. But why bother, right? 50 meters is 50 meters. And he could take a dump right there.

* Wendover. Really? Why would anyone in their right mind go there? This is Wendover folks: Impressed much? Clearly, I am. As always.

* Oh, and there are three prisons on I-80 from Wendover to Reno. I think this is where they put all the sex offenders. If you recall, one in every 15 men in Reno are registered sex offenders. Awesome.

Don't worry, we didn't pick up any of the hitchhikers we saw [lie, we didn't see any]. :) The first night we got to the Dump we checked into our hotel and went to dinner ... I think. It's kinda a blur. The next day we had some time to kill before our game. So I sat in this chair:

Which killed all of 20 seconds. Awesome.

This next photo exists simply as a memoir of the location of where I learned what Mustang Ranch really is. Plus, it shows you one of my super cute Aggie shirts I got. :)

Sure, it's not Aggie blue ... But it is pink. Can you see the adorable little A's dropping down. Loooove it. Oh, Dad. Why can't you smile? I also ran into this guy ...

Wild Bill, who is making quite the name for himself by dressing up in amazingly awesome costumes ... Nacho Libre, Batman, a mermaid, in a Hawaiian lei and coconut brad [just to name a few]. In fact, he missed the championship game because ESPN flew him out to headquarters to do some commercials and some other things. Spiffy.

I also picked up a new hobby ...

Don't worry, I still gave one-tenth of my earnings to tithing. ;) [No, peeps. I didn't really play the slots. Mindy listens to the prophets.]

And this next photo ...

It exists for two reasons: 1. To show that ugly art follows me where ever I go. And, to ask, why on this green earth would you put artwork behind a hanging lamp?

On to the games ... Have I told you how much I loathe band music? With every fiber of my existence I hate band music! HATE IT!

Wow, I am glad I got that off my chest. What is even worse is when the band members are the only fans to show up to cheer on a team. Like the Boise State band, the Fresno band, the Idaho band, the San Jose band, the La Tech band, and the New Mexico State band.

This is what their fan sections looked like:

Then they might have had like 50-75 senior citizen fans show up, but that's all. When the band members have no other fans to back them up, not only do they play annoying music, but they cheer obnoxiously too. Although, let's be honest ... the La Tech band [pictured right in blue shirts] did have a fun cheer. When the other team got a foul called on them they would chant, "They say you touch.too.much! They called a foul on you." And I kinda liked that. :)

This is the Aggie band/student section:

Awkward angle [blogger won't let me fix it], but I wanted to show as many people as possible with one photo. P.s. This one one of at least six sections we had filled that full. And then Aggies scattered in sections throughout the entire arena. Let me clarify one more time, other teams had their bands to cheer them on. Aggies had over six sections filled. We.are.awesome.

Our first game was against Boise State. We won by ... fifteen-ish. After the game I ran into this Nevada Wolfpack fan:

And you must see the side view.

It's a good thing no animals were hurt in the making of this costume ... Uh, waiiiit. Hmm ...

The following day we had more time to kill. Surprise, surprise.

So we went and found the bestest thing in the entire city of Reno ... Can you guess what it is? Here's a little hint ... And another:

Yes! Reno has a temple!! You cannot really see it well at all, but here is cute, adorable USU shirt number two! It is a peachish-cream color and it say Utah State on the front. It makes me happy. Almost as much as the beautiful building behind us does.

After a look-see at the temple we decided to drive to Lake Tahoe, which as you will see is absolutely gorgeous!

Unfortunately, however ... We went when a storm was rollin' in and it actually looked like this:

Hahaha. Whatev. :) We were just happy to get out of Reno. :)

That night we played La Tech in the semi-finals.

We won handily by 20 points. :)

We stayed to watch the next game [the winner of which we would play for the championship game]. Nevada verses New Mexico State.

You may remember him from my last post on Reno. Well, he was back, much to my entertainment:

The next day we ... tried to kill time. Again.

So I went shopping. A little Wet Seal. A little Charlotte Russe. And a little Forever21 ... I couldn't complain. Plus ... I found these:

Dip n' dots!!!! I heart Dip n' dots!!! Almost made the trip to Reno worth it. Almost. ;) This also poorly show cases adorable USU shirt number three. :) It just made me happy. Plus, this one was actually in school colors. :)

After Dip n' dots it was time to go to the CHAMPIONSHIP game! Utah State University Aggies [Utags] against the New Mexico State Aggies [Newmags].

And it must be said that five of the Newmag players have been or are under investigation for illegal activity. From robbing banks to indecent exposure ... This must be said so you can understand this clever sign:

"Real Aggies have Morrills" [Stew Morrill is our coach, but get the play on words ... Morrills ... Morals? Insert your chuckle here.]

And the question must be asked ... Which Aggie mascot would you prefer?

I could be, but it is unlikely, slightly biased to Big Blue ... But I just think he is one of the classiest mascots out there. He is the epitome of a perfect mascot. Really. P.s. Remember this fiasco from last year? While the two mascots played nice this year, USU fans couldn't help but remember and poke fun at Pistol Pete:

Ugh! Blogger has a mind of its own and made this vertical. Whatev. You still get the idea. Aggie fans have memories like elephants and wit like ... something super witty.

The championship game ... Oh, the championship game. It was ug-lay. So ug-lay in fact that a Newmag player busted Tai Wesley's nose. Even the ESPN announcers [who are not partial to either team] showed the incident over and over in shock of how intentional it appeared.

Tai had to leave the court for awhile to get the bleeding under control ... And within seconds of getting back into the game, can you guess what happened? They hit him in the nose. Again. [Ironically enough, depending on how bad the break it, Tai might have to wear a face mask like his teammate, Brady Jardine, who is pictured in the background of the photo].

The game didn't get much prettier. :( We never got into our groove, played a sub par game and ended up losing by six in the final minutes.

Tears were shed, hearts were broken, and lives were changed forever.

Buuuut, to help us Aggie faithful pick ourselves up ... we still got an invite to the NCAA tournament [rightfully so!].

It will be another match of Aggies verses Aggies as we play Texas A&M. Friday. 3:00pm MST. I'm callin' it a win for the Utah Ags. Bring on Purdue. :)

P.s. I did read six books [I think] while on vacay. Anyone interested in a book review? :)

It also should be noted that I said my final goodbyes to Reno. With the tournament being relocated next year - I never have to return to the Dump! And I never will. Goodbye, Reno. I hate you. Almost as much as I hate band music.


Mike said...

1. Excellent Reno post.

2. Just to clarify, Aggies actually beat LA Tech by a whopping *30* points.

3. I love that the dancing Nevada male cheerleader is back.

4. I loved that video of Pistol Pete trying to take down Big Blue. It was the most pathetic attempt at a takedown I've ever seen. Also, you're right, Big Blue is a WAY better mascot. Mascots without real costumes are kind of creepy.

5. Utah State fans have wit like something super witty, me!

6. I finally understand your reference to cheer squads/bands.

7. I would like to know what books you read.

8. I read this whole post. Again, I don't remember how many stars I'm owed, but this should increase that number significantly.

Andrea said...

i'd like to collect my gold stars please. i think i was deprived of gold stars as a child because i enjoy collecting the ones you are handing out. . . but yet still not the reason i read your blog.

i want to know what books you read. i am always looking for good books to read.

i have never been to reno. . .i never intended to go . . . now i really never intend to go.

Jamie and Brad said...

I read the WHOLE ENTIRE THING! I feel like I was almost there with you, oh how I hate Reno, NV and I am so glad that I never have to go back!
PS I {heart} all your shirts I need to find me one for Friday.

B and J said...

Oh and another thing, it is ESPN's fault that we lost to New Mexico, they took away our lucky charm to shoot some commercial, how RUDE!

emily said...

I love the picture of you in the big chair AND i have that exact same jacket. That is the second pink jacket that we both own :), we have great taste. Miss you!

Avree said...

Haha, another wonderful post! I've never been to Reno but I also HATE it because you describe it so well!

Allison and Josh said...

haha! Loved the post! That is one ghetto place! You really saw someone take a dump?? That is just WRONG! By the way, I love your hair in all the pics! Very cute! Oh and the guy in the wolf getup...hilarious. And even more hilarious that you got a picture with him. I also love the pink Aggie shirts. If I were an Aggie, I would want those shirts! :) And Dippin Dots ARE amazing!! I always have to get them if I see them somewhere!

Susan said...

Of COURSE I read the whole thing! I laughed, I cried...it moved me!

P.s. Your shirts really were pretty ridiculously cute. (:

BreAna Palmer said...

Okay really! Taking a crap on the road you've got to be kidding me. I have never been to reno and after reading this post I don't think that I ever will. Sounds like a magical place. agh! I am just glad the aggies did so awesome.

Brooke Hill said...

Wow, what a town. And to think that my husband wants to go visit there for a vacation... I think not!!! ;) Love the play by play of the games, too bad about the nose, good night they are brutal!! I read the whole post so..... 1000 stars for me!!! yea!!! :D

Meg said...

So, did you get a tattoo while you were there? I mean, it sounds like you had plenty of time to kill. :-)

I love the big chair. I've always wanted a really big chair. I don't have a good reason. I just think it'd be cool.

Big Blue is, of course, the best mascot ever.

So, I would like my 1000 stars for reading the whole post.

Chance said...

+1000 for me! Though I am excited that NM won, I would have been happier if UTState would have won! Forgive me, I am from NM.

Allred Mom said...

Okay....I deserve the 1,000 points for reading that LONG post! But, I will say, Reno was good for another thing...my birth! Yeppers, I was born there, fortunately, I didn't live there! It looks like a good trip and you survived Reno, yet another time!

jill said...

i heart the la tech band for their lame yet catchy jingles. that nevada kid is re-freaking-diculous, thanks for the reminder lol. and I love that wolf guy (well not love but you, know.) Glad you found some wholesome things to do!!

Kristin said...

Read the whole thing, baby! i love your writing. Thanks for the PF advice btw. I'm planning to follow it! My thougts on this post:
1. Dippin dots- yes!
2. Reno- ew!
3. the hitchhikers sign with the bullet holes is a hoot!
4. I envy the pink Aggie shirt.
5. If you're going to put a picture behind a lamp- why not at least center it?
6. YES on the book review. PS: ever heard of goodreads.com? LOVE it!
7. I want that "touch too much" cheer on in video format with you as the performer.
8. I couldn't view the video you posted...why!!!?

Erica said...

After reading your thorough review of Reno, I must say I'm glad we didn't end up having an EFY session there while I was with EFY. :) (We came pretty close.)

Oh, and my first question with the picture behind the lamp picture was WHY do they have a thing to hang a plant on next to the lamp? (Then I realized that might be for the lamp. But still!)

Krystal said...

totally read the whole thing (at work, no less!!) I am just so behind on commenting because I can only *read* blogs at work, and if I try to comment I get blocked off the server... it's really annoying. SO, here's what I want to know... if I send you money, will you buy me some cute new USU gear? I am in love with the pink shirt...

all in all, it looks like a fun trip... and I did not remember Reno having a temple... so at least it has some redeeming qualities, right?! :)

Daren said...

Ok. So I'm really late commenting, but I have to say I resent that you bash on the pep band. I had a lot of fun being in the band at basketball games. Much better than freezing you bum off at football games. I demand an insincere apology now since I know I won't get a sincere one.

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