Wow. I tell ya what, wow.

One never quite knows what to expect at a job like mine.

Today I got called an interesting name.

I was called, and I quote, a s-h-*-t lord.


I'll get back to you when I find out exactly what that entails.

Hope your day was just as pleasant. :)


Festival of Colors

Every year at the Krishna Temple in Spanish Fark, Utah the Holi Festival of Colors is held. The festival is to announce the arrival of Spring, which I am more than willingly to celebrate in any way anyone suggests. At the Krishna Temple it is celebrated by throwing colored chalk into the air {as well as singing, dancing, and a burning effigy!}.

Naturally, anything that is bright and colorful attracts me, so I knew this event was made for me {okay, so they weren't really thinking, "Mindy would love this!" , but they could have and you'll see why}.

I went with Mikey and my roommates. Mike and I thought we should get a photo of what we looked like before the madness began:

The festival began at noon, but you weren't supposed to play with the colored chalk until one. You can clearly see that the people behind us were a little impatient. Mikey and I figured since this was a religious ceremony on Temple grounds that we probably should be obedient. So for an entire hour I was patient and did not play with my chalk until I was given permission.

However, that isn't to say that I stayed clean until one ...

Some guy walked by me and said, "You are too clean!" and he pelted me with some pink chalk. At least it was pink though, right? :)

Then came a couple more people to pelt us with colors {notice the orange and green now}...

Today I realized it is an odd experience to have complete strangers throw stuff at you ... Well, I probably realized this in middle school when Cort McCaughey threw a tater-tot, meant for the lunch lady, which actually hit me instead. But today was a good reminder. :)

Still while waiting ...

I saw Optimus and Darth {smart kids wearing masks ... you'll see why}.

{Ugh! Curse blogger for refusing to make this vertical!} This is the witch, Holi, who was prepared for the burning effigy! They burn her because legend has it she burnt babies and small children! Oh, my!

So, after that hour of waiting patiently and not throwing my chalk ... the real celebration occurred. It looked a little somethin-somethin like this:

And when all was said and done we looked a bit like this ...

My really good friend, Jon, happened to find me in the thousands of people!

Jessie {not really my roommate, but she could be if she wanted to be ... She can sleep in our basement behind the creepy door}.

Mindy and Mike!

The roomies {how do you spell that word?}.

An attempted shot to show the insane amount of people there ... and what we all looked like afterwards!

It was a fantastic celebration ... I only wish they would have warned us that the color celebration would continue when we blew our noses {purple and pink snot} and upon showering!

Oh. P.s. On the way back to our car we came across a porta-potty graveyard. Naturally, this warranted a photograph. :)

The Festival of Colors happens every March and I would encourage you all to go and experience it. I had a maaaaahvelous time!! :)

I updated the gold stars! You have until April 1st at 12:00 am to earn as many more as you can. I will try and give lots away this week. From this post until April, each comment you make will be worth 100 stars. Plus, additional stars can be earned with the posts I make this week {book review, I think}.


My job ...

is awesome.

Exhibit A:

for a co-worker's birthday, I got a chocolate cake. Don't worry, she got a carrot cake, but because it was her birthday, I got a chocolate cake. Annnd, the baker of the cake specifically cut out a middler piece for me so I didn't have to {I hate ends}.

Also ... While I was away in Reno I got this photo text:

With a caption of, "Apparently no one can park there even when you are not here." That's right, that is my spot {the best one in the lot, I might add} ... And apparently I have a lot of clout because it is left open in my remembrance even when I am gone on vacay.

However, there is one thing I dislike about work ... Some of the staff assisted the clients in making this:

This poster-sized catastrophe was posted up on a wall for me to see when I walked in ... They got all the clients to sign it and add to it, making them believe I loved deer. Gag. {Avree, look closely, you can find your brother's name ... And, yes, he did play a major role in this. I am sure you are not surprised.}

But don't worry, I will get them back. Insert evil cackle.


P.s. I am cancelling my trip to the Caribbean. :( The cruise is being super dishonest, charged me twice, and is refusing to refund my money. I am positive I will get it back, but because they are being naughty, I am not only demanding a full refund of the second charge, but the first as well. I'll show them. But still, blah.


Whoever said ...

"parting is such sweet sorrow" clearly never left Reno. [P.s. This is going to be a long one. 1,000 gold stars if you read the entire thing. Ah, bribery NOT at its finest ... yet it will still do.]

Oh, the dump. The dump. The dump. The dump I keep returning to for one thing and only one thing, Aggie basketball. Let's just get some things out of the way:

* There are roughly 137 tattoo shops in Reno. Did you read that correctly? One hundred and thirty-seven.

[Skin Tattoos? Opposed to what other kind???]

* And for just about every tattoo parlor, there is an excavated, run-down, out of business, trashed building.

* Not in Reno, but in Elko, Nevada, I was there for less than 10 seconds when I saw someone with his pants off, taking a dump on the corner of a busy intersection. There were 10 plus buildings within 50 meters that he could have gone to to use their facilities. But why bother, right? 50 meters is 50 meters. And he could take a dump right there.

* Wendover. Really? Why would anyone in their right mind go there? This is Wendover folks: Impressed much? Clearly, I am. As always.

* Oh, and there are three prisons on I-80 from Wendover to Reno. I think this is where they put all the sex offenders. If you recall, one in every 15 men in Reno are registered sex offenders. Awesome.

Don't worry, we didn't pick up any of the hitchhikers we saw [lie, we didn't see any]. :) The first night we got to the Dump we checked into our hotel and went to dinner ... I think. It's kinda a blur. The next day we had some time to kill before our game. So I sat in this chair:

Which killed all of 20 seconds. Awesome.

This next photo exists simply as a memoir of the location of where I learned what Mustang Ranch really is. Plus, it shows you one of my super cute Aggie shirts I got. :)

Sure, it's not Aggie blue ... But it is pink. Can you see the adorable little A's dropping down. Loooove it. Oh, Dad. Why can't you smile? I also ran into this guy ...

Wild Bill, who is making quite the name for himself by dressing up in amazingly awesome costumes ... Nacho Libre, Batman, a mermaid, in a Hawaiian lei and coconut brad [just to name a few]. In fact, he missed the championship game because ESPN flew him out to headquarters to do some commercials and some other things. Spiffy.

I also picked up a new hobby ...

Don't worry, I still gave one-tenth of my earnings to tithing. ;) [No, peeps. I didn't really play the slots. Mindy listens to the prophets.]

And this next photo ...

It exists for two reasons: 1. To show that ugly art follows me where ever I go. And, to ask, why on this green earth would you put artwork behind a hanging lamp?

On to the games ... Have I told you how much I loathe band music? With every fiber of my existence I hate band music! HATE IT!

Wow, I am glad I got that off my chest. What is even worse is when the band members are the only fans to show up to cheer on a team. Like the Boise State band, the Fresno band, the Idaho band, the San Jose band, the La Tech band, and the New Mexico State band.

This is what their fan sections looked like:

Then they might have had like 50-75 senior citizen fans show up, but that's all. When the band members have no other fans to back them up, not only do they play annoying music, but they cheer obnoxiously too. Although, let's be honest ... the La Tech band [pictured right in blue shirts] did have a fun cheer. When the other team got a foul called on them they would chant, "They say you touch.too.much! They called a foul on you." And I kinda liked that. :)

This is the Aggie band/student section:

Awkward angle [blogger won't let me fix it], but I wanted to show as many people as possible with one photo. P.s. This one one of at least six sections we had filled that full. And then Aggies scattered in sections throughout the entire arena. Let me clarify one more time, other teams had their bands to cheer them on. Aggies had over six sections filled. We.are.awesome.

Our first game was against Boise State. We won by ... fifteen-ish. After the game I ran into this Nevada Wolfpack fan:

And you must see the side view.

It's a good thing no animals were hurt in the making of this costume ... Uh, waiiiit. Hmm ...

The following day we had more time to kill. Surprise, surprise.

So we went and found the bestest thing in the entire city of Reno ... Can you guess what it is? Here's a little hint ... And another:

Yes! Reno has a temple!! You cannot really see it well at all, but here is cute, adorable USU shirt number two! It is a peachish-cream color and it say Utah State on the front. It makes me happy. Almost as much as the beautiful building behind us does.

After a look-see at the temple we decided to drive to Lake Tahoe, which as you will see is absolutely gorgeous!

Unfortunately, however ... We went when a storm was rollin' in and it actually looked like this:

Hahaha. Whatev. :) We were just happy to get out of Reno. :)

That night we played La Tech in the semi-finals.

We won handily by 20 points. :)

We stayed to watch the next game [the winner of which we would play for the championship game]. Nevada verses New Mexico State.

You may remember him from my last post on Reno. Well, he was back, much to my entertainment:

The next day we ... tried to kill time. Again.

So I went shopping. A little Wet Seal. A little Charlotte Russe. And a little Forever21 ... I couldn't complain. Plus ... I found these:

Dip n' dots!!!! I heart Dip n' dots!!! Almost made the trip to Reno worth it. Almost. ;) This also poorly show cases adorable USU shirt number three. :) It just made me happy. Plus, this one was actually in school colors. :)

After Dip n' dots it was time to go to the CHAMPIONSHIP game! Utah State University Aggies [Utags] against the New Mexico State Aggies [Newmags].

And it must be said that five of the Newmag players have been or are under investigation for illegal activity. From robbing banks to indecent exposure ... This must be said so you can understand this clever sign:

"Real Aggies have Morrills" [Stew Morrill is our coach, but get the play on words ... Morrills ... Morals? Insert your chuckle here.]

And the question must be asked ... Which Aggie mascot would you prefer?

I could be, but it is unlikely, slightly biased to Big Blue ... But I just think he is one of the classiest mascots out there. He is the epitome of a perfect mascot. Really. P.s. Remember this fiasco from last year? While the two mascots played nice this year, USU fans couldn't help but remember and poke fun at Pistol Pete:

Ugh! Blogger has a mind of its own and made this vertical. Whatev. You still get the idea. Aggie fans have memories like elephants and wit like ... something super witty.

The championship game ... Oh, the championship game. It was ug-lay. So ug-lay in fact that a Newmag player busted Tai Wesley's nose. Even the ESPN announcers [who are not partial to either team] showed the incident over and over in shock of how intentional it appeared.

Tai had to leave the court for awhile to get the bleeding under control ... And within seconds of getting back into the game, can you guess what happened? They hit him in the nose. Again. [Ironically enough, depending on how bad the break it, Tai might have to wear a face mask like his teammate, Brady Jardine, who is pictured in the background of the photo].

The game didn't get much prettier. :( We never got into our groove, played a sub par game and ended up losing by six in the final minutes.

Tears were shed, hearts were broken, and lives were changed forever.

Buuuut, to help us Aggie faithful pick ourselves up ... we still got an invite to the NCAA tournament [rightfully so!].

It will be another match of Aggies verses Aggies as we play Texas A&M. Friday. 3:00pm MST. I'm callin' it a win for the Utah Ags. Bring on Purdue. :)

P.s. I did read six books [I think] while on vacay. Anyone interested in a book review? :)

It also should be noted that I said my final goodbyes to Reno. With the tournament being relocated next year - I never have to return to the Dump! And I never will. Goodbye, Reno. I hate you. Almost as much as I hate band music.


Word to Reno ...

So, I am leaving for Reno, Nevada on Wednesday ... You may recall my last trip there.

I wanted to let you know a few things that you will have to look forward to when I return and report.

1. I just bought three, new, adorable USU shirts to wear [one for each game]. I know, you are really looking forward to seeing those. Don't worry, you'll get to.

2. I am going with my parents ... They are reminiscent of Aboriginal people ... I think they think that if they are photographed, that their souls will be sold to Hell. Errr, whatever that myth is. Sooo, what I am saying here is this: you might get a lot of awkward pictures of me ... alone. Exciting, right?

3. I feel as though in my last post about Reno, I covered all the highlights of that dumpy town. I'm just not sure what is left to tell ... But I will try super-duper hard to find something new. For you. Yes. YOU.

4. Remember how the drive is the worst eight hours of your life?? And by your life, I mean, my life? So, my dearest roommate Lillian decided to help keep me entertained. Currently stacked on my desk are eight novels ... yes, eight that I intend to read while driving. Yes. All eight. I will somehow find a way to give a non-detailed, non-boring book report on each. :)

5. Lillian also thinks I need to return to my childhood and bring some coloring books and crayons. I will show case my work. Please feel free to give me your ideas of what coloring books I should entreat myself with.

6. I have a pink contact case. That has nothing to do with Reno [although, it will be going to Reno with me]. I am just telling you because it was the best 79 cents spent of my life. P.s. I am contemplating giving a non-detailed, non-lengthy commentary of my inanimate objects and their first impressions of Reno ... Just to spicen' things up. If this makes sense to you, award yourself with 50 gold stars.

7. Remember said adorable dress in this post? It was a bust. Ugliest, cheapest, thickest dress I have ever seen. Yes, I did say thick. I think it was triple-layered. Gag. I sent it back. Okay, Lillian is sending it back tomorrow.

8. I may or may not have just booked a cruise to the Caribbean for the first week in April. I am beginning to really, really enjoy my first weeks in April [Cancun last year, Caribbean this year]. Yeah, I know, rough life - right?

And ... I think if you are still with me at this point, give yourself an additional 57 gold stars.

Peace out, peeps.


Oy ...

Tuesdays are really starting to drain on me.

I know it is Friday ... But we are still going to talk about Tuesdays.

First: Tuesday afternoons and early evenings are when my adorable roommate teaches violin lessons ... to like six-year-olds. Ever wonder what that sounds like for over four hours straight? Eeeeeeeewaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewaaaaaaaaaawaaaaaaaaaaaaaeweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Yeah. A little something like that.

Secondly: It's junk mail Tuesdays. I may or may not be a clutter freak. And I may or may not despise coming home and seeing all that junk mail on the kitchen table [yes, my adorable kitchen table] every Tuesday. I may or may not throw it all in the trash can [not even the recycle bin].

At this rate, Tuesdays may become worse than Mondays. Just sayin'.

But then again, there are some other things we must discuss too ... I bought the most adorable dress. It should arrive today or tomorrow. And I have the most adorable red shoes to go with it. Happiness.

Also, I need to have a small discussion with each of the 6.5 billion people on the planet. I would ask each individual, "Why didn't you tell me that I love pineapple?" Seriously. Why didn't YOU tell me I love pineapple? Why have you let me go 96% of my life without knowing this. Juh-erks.

But I forgive you.

P.s. I have a love/hate relationship with the Olympics. I realized that I hated them when on Tuesday nights I went to turn on the Biggest Loser and ... AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! It wasn't on!! [Then to make matters worse: two weeks without The Office. AHHHHHHHH!]

Buuuut, I am getting over it. Clearly. As this post would indicate.

P.s. I have slept two hours the previous two nights. Awesome. And by awesome I mean, not awesome. The end.
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