Promised Update ...

This handsome dude ... was finally able to come home! He probably doesn't like the fact that I am putting hospital photos up on here. Oh, well. That's what happens when you go into the hospital, peeps. You give Mindy free reign to take whatever photos she wants as well as free reign to do whatever she wants with them. Here he is receiving respiratory therapy.

While he is out ... He still needs your prayers. Some of you may not be aware, but he has Muscular Dystrophy which makes recovery a lot different and more difficult than the road to recovery for you and I. Please still pray for him. Please. Please.

P.s. The following painting was hanging on his hospital wall:

Now, I know it isn't the ugliest painting in the world ... But honestly? The first thought that came to my mind when I saw it was this, "If I was in this hospital bed in a coma and woke up to see this ... I'm pretty sure I'd go back into said coma."

This week, look forward to riveting conversations on: violin lessons, cats up trees, and pineapple. Please. Contain your excitement. Oh, and I will most likely update the gold stars this week too. Only one month left to earn as many as you can! From this post through the rest of March, comments with be worth 50 gold stars each! Good luck!!



Bears eat beets.


Dear John Krasinski:

Hey, uh ... Can I talk to you about something?
I was just ... uhm ... I am in love with you.

I'm really sorry if that's weird for you to hear,
but I need you to hear it. It's probably not good
timing - I know that. I just ... I just need you to know.


Mindy M. Thornley

500 gold stars if something stands out to you about this letter that should stand out to you.


Indulge me ...

This post isn't going to be funny.

And that is not to say that I think all my posts are funny.

But let's be honest, sometimes they are. ;)

I am not sure why I want to blog about this. But I do. It was an experience I had about three years ago while living in Provo.

I was teaching in a Special Education classroom. It was a specific class to help higher functioning clients learn skills to help them transition from school to a job.

Occasionally we would go on field trips in the community to practice some of the vocational skills we had been working on. One day in particular we went to the museum on BYU's campus [do you like how I say the museum as if there is only one? I am sure there is more than one. But I only know the one that is just north of the Wilk].

While in that building I had one of the most profound moments I have ever had. A moment I am certain I will never forget.

We came across this painting:

This is a painting of Christ at the pool of Bethseda. A short summary of the story is that the man the Savior is looking at had been afflicted with an illness for 38 years, crippled so much in fact that he could not walk. The Savior finds him, knowing how long he has been ill and asks if he wants to be whole. Of course the man longs for this. The Savior then says to him, "Rise ... and walk." The man is healed by the Savior's command and he is freed from the illness he suffered with for almost four decades. It was a miracle.

Back to the museum ... :) As one of my students and I were standing, viewing this painting, I knew the specifics of the story. I am certain she did not. She had LDS influence in her life, but in part due to her disability, she made choices in her life that were not the healthiest. I couldn't help but wish she knew what I knew about this Man.

After several moments of silence she turned to me and almost in a whisper asked, "Did He really do all that they said He did?"

I had a flood of emotion sweep over me. I paused for a moment to think of what I truly believed about this Man in the painting. I knew what I knew was truth and I knew that all that had been spoken of this Man was truth. While choking back the tears, I looked at her and barely got out, "Yes, He did."

She looked at me for a minute longer and then turned her gaze back to Christ and said, "Wow. That is so cool."

I will forever be grateful for her innocent question that allowed me to feel what I felt about this Man and His mighty miracles. P.s. He is still a God of miracles today. He has come to the earth ... and He will come again.

To quote a dear friend, that's all.



Who's ready ...

for another amazing, to-die-for recipe?

Now, I know I received absolutely no feedback concerning how wonderful my last recipe tasted ... Which might lead the average person to shy away from sharing another recipe ever again ... However, I'm 5'11" so that alone proves that average has nerve been my forte.

So, here goes round two ...


Things you'll need:

  • Cereal: Reese's Puffs are the way to go ... just in case you were wondering. Or Lucky Charms, Froot Loops*, or Captain Crunch. Be aware that Captain Crunch can make the roof of your mouth raw. **
  • Milk: Some college students have been know to substitute this with other choice fluids [chocolate milk, orange juice, etc.]. You may not know this, but that is the only defining difference between a college student and a college graduate [oh, and some silly piece of paper the college mails you].
  • Bowl: Select a bowl that is deep enough to hold both your cereal of choice and milk.
  • Spoon: Select a spoon size according to your preference [or whatever is available].


1. Pour cereal contents into bowl. Be aware that often times sugary cereals have small toys in them. If so, follow these two simple steps:

a. If a toys falls into your bowl, take it out before moving on to step #2.

b. The consumer should be aware that most cereal toys are not suitable for children under the age of three. Which is a fantastic thing for all of you who read my blog, because you are over three. Congratulations, you have just obtained a fun new toy!

2. Pour desired amount of milk into bowl.

3. Use spoon to get contents from the bowl to your mouth.

4. Chew thoroughly and swallow.

*50 gold stars to anyone who knows why Froot Loops is spelled like that opposed to Fruit Loops like it originally was.

** You can really fill the bowl with any cereal of your choice. The ones list are the best though, just sayin'.


Uh ...

I may or may not have gone shopping today. To whom it may concern, I am over my shopping fetish. I am. Really. I just go occasionally now. Liiike, once a month.

I bought several articles of clothing at a well-known store ... As I handed the cashier my items she noticed one sweater and said, "I just loooove this sweater."

I never know quite what to say in these moments. "Thanks," as if I own it [because at the time, I still don't] ... Or, "Yeah, me too." Duh, that's why I am purchasing it.

Then to make matters worse, as she went through all the items and began folding them and putting them in the bag, she came back to said sweater and said, "I really do love this sweater."

Not only did I not know how to respond for a second time ... But then I thought, "Does she think my other clothes aren't cute? She could have commented on xx amount of other items but didn't."

Ugh. Over analyzing it all? You bet. But come on now folks, you shouldn't be too surprised about that.

Hope all your shopping sprees are less analyzed but as fruitful as mine are! :)

P.s. I love that I went to five different stores and saw eight people I knew in all the stores combined. I actually play a game when I go out to see if I can have an outing without seeing someone I know. As this one statistic can prove, I usually fail.


Donations being accepted ...

Watch out, JT ... Look who's bringing sexy back now! No, my earrings are not dream catchers, but how fitting would have that been if they were?

So, the details of this fashion faux paux [or brilliance, take your pick] is not important. However, being an equal opportunity blogger, if you want to know - ask - and I will answer.

The point of this post is to say I am actually anticipating having a Wolf Sweatshirt Day at work. In order to do this, I am going to need a lot of wolf sweatshirts. So far ... we have ... one. I need like 10 more.

So, yes ... This means I am currently accepting donations at this time for wolf sweatshirts [that originally came out as wolf sweatsh*ts. Oops.]. Remember, they will go to a good cause, will be photographed and blogged about, and you will earn 500 gold stars for each donation.

Steal of a deal for you. Just sayin'.
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