So, hey ... I moved.

Soo, once upon a time I moved out of my apartment into an adorable little house.

The process of this move was quite interesting {and perhaps long and boring, so 10 gold stars if you stick with me}. I began toying with the idea of moving in early December. I knew I wanted to sell my contract and move into this house with one of my BFs, Jill. A room had just became available and I figured it was my room to live in. At that time the reasons for moving felt pretty selfish {I simply wanted to keep my sanity}. What made it even more intriguing to me was that even though my reason was selfish, it still felt like it was right. And in my mind selfish was never equivalents to right.

When week after week went by with no real bites, I began to question the rightness I felt about the move. I was about to accept defeat of my contract not selling and the fact that I wasn't going to move.
But on January 1st I found out what I knew was the real reason for the wheels of my move to begin motion weeks before ... BF Jill's mom passed away unexpectedly. I knew that the room opened for me to move in to help her during this time and I knew my contract would sell even though I hadn't had any real interest in it for about a month. And as it would work out, three days later the contract sold and I began the moving process.

Said moving process was a little complicated. Since I am a big person now, I own living room furniture, kitchen furniture, and bedroom furniture. In fact, when I left my apartment I left them with nothing. No furniture. Zilch. Zero. Nada. None. Oops. :)

Annnd, can you guess who helped me move all of said furniture?

BFF may or may not have spent over seven hours on three separate occasions {this occasion he was actually helping me get rid of extra dumpy furniture that was in the house so my furniture could fit} helping me move everything. He is so good to me! Although, I did buy him fried pickles for his assistance, which is clearly worth all the work he did. In fact, maybe he is now in my debt!

Anywho ... Let's talk about my cute little house! I love the way my cute table and chairs look in the kitchen with the red walls!

This is my favorite part of the entire house. Every time I walk into my room I see this and am just so happy!

I also love that my window overlooks out backyard {obsessed with backyards}.

You can't really see it, but frost was frozen on the branches outside and it just looked so pretty. I heart my room.

There are two downsides to this little house.

One: no dishwasher. So for the first time since I was like seven, I have to do dishes by hand. And ...

Photoed doorknob is crasy. You have to turn it right to open it {you may not know this peeps, but you naturally turn doorknobs left to open, but not this baby}. But I guess if those are the only two downsides, then my house ain't too shabby, eh? :) Oh, there is a creepy basement with a really creepy door. I don't dare open said creepy door. If I was to guess what was behind the door I would guess skeletons or ghostly spirits. It's just that kind of door. Maybe we can discuss this more later. :)


Allred Mom said...

Very cute house! And stay away from creepy basement and door!
Oh...and I'll take those 10 gold stars for staying with you!
And, I'm glad that BFF was able to help you so you are now roomies with BF!
Isn't life amazing how things eventually turn out! :)

P.S. word verification: ducksp
(Is that like duck spit or ducks Pee?) lol ;)

Avree said...

Cute house! I'm so glad you were able to sell your contract and move in with Jill.

P.S. Did you find any argyle tights?

Andrea said...

i like the house.
i like the window looking out over the backyard.
. . .and i think that you should open the creepy door. . . .and post about it.

whitneybb said...

I am glad that things worked out so great! Your room looks so cozy! You are pretty stylish moving that couch! Hotness radiates from you!

Mike said...

So, I tried an experiment and I have found that I turn doorknobs to the right. I tried turning it left and it felt unnatural to me. Am I abnormal?

Meg said...

Very nice house. So glad you were able to move and that you are happy there. Hopefully you will survive the crasy doorknob and the lack of a dishwasher without losing your sanity. :-)

About the creepy door: my sister lived in a house that had a door that led to a stairway that led to...nowhere. That was pretty creepy. Especially since it was an old, crumbling stairwell in a dark, dreary corner of the basement. I assume it went somewhere once, but I don't know where.

capturedbydaniem.blogspot.com said...

Ooh I LOVE it!! Cute little houses are the best! I'm sorry i never got back to you about our house...you don't want to live there. period. It's darling, but that is all it has going for it! haha that and the firepit in the backyard. If by chance you still want to live in it call me and I will explain and convince you why you in fact do NOT want to. ha.

Also i miss you.

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