Bring Mia Home ...

A friend of mine posted on her blog about this cute little girl, Mia.

She has been adopted by an American family, but due to the US being stingy on getting her a visa, even though she was legally adopted in 2008, she is still in Haiti while her new family is here.

Unfortunately, Mia's story is not uncommon. There are hundreds of children in Haiti who have been adopted by loving families in the United States but still remain in orphanages. At this point, the process of getting these children to the US is taking years.

Please go to this online petition to help brings these children home to their families.

After you sign your name on the first page it will take you to a second page that will ask for a donation. You do not need to donate. You can close the page at that point and your name will have already been put onto the petition..

Please spread the word.

For more information on Mia and her family go here.

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Danelle and Alex said...

Thank you for posting this and spreading the word along!!!

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