San Francisco!

So, I went to San Francisco. Here is the blog documentation of that trip.

Most people think I went to visit one of my favorite people on the face of the entire earth, Em. Seventh grade science brought us together and I have probably ran more miles with this woman than anyone else {probably thousands ... literally. We ran in high school together as well as at USU}. Which is partially true why I went there ... But there was another reason I went that direction ... I wanted to check out this school for a masters program.

Anyone know this little school? You might be familiar with it ... Stanford? Does that ring a bell? I haven't told anyone yet, but I am looking in to their cryptozoology program.

Em and her hubby gave me a tour of campus {Hubby is getting his masters at Stanford too!}. The campus is gorgeously amazing. Here are a couple other sights of campus.

And then, as if the Stanford gods were calling to me ... I found the following statue on campus {sorry, bad picture}.

This will only make sense to some of you who have spent a lot of time with me ... But a statue that is doing my autistic hand-flapping thing! Coincidence? I think not!

The following day Em and I decided to head to the ocean in Santa Cruz. We got all spiffed up.

To try a little bit of this.

A little paddle boarding/surfing! Here we are in the harbor ... Note to anyone attempting to paddle board/surf: doing so in the harbor - easy. Doing so in the actual ocean - prepare to die.

We absolutely loved this and we would recommend it to anyone!

Next up on the itinerary {I cannot believe I know how to spell that word, I got it right on my first guess!}, Em and I did something we haven't done together since August ... We went running! In all honesty, had I just flown to Cali for that run and then flew home, it would have been worth it! I heart running with her {maybe because we've been doing it together for the last 12 years!}.

After our run we met up with her brother and his girlfriend for dinner. We ended up going to this really posh restaurant in Palo Alto. I was afraid they wouldn't let me in because I was in my normal garb of shorts and flip-flops.

When we got in I could see a back corner that was hid by some walls and alcohol and I said, "I bet they sit us there because of what I am wearing ..." And guess what, they did.

Entertainment heightened when another groups in the same casual attire as myself came in and they them in another corner! Muwahaha! I found some entertainment in shaming all the high rollers. :)

Here we are in our corner {not to be confused with working the corner}.

I now must insert a shout-out to Cedra and Brent {Em's ma and pa}. They sure did raise their off-spring {I hate that term and am using it to become less hateful of it} right! I had to beg every meal to let me pay for myself! Em and Hubby were so generous to let me stay with them and eat at their home, but insisted on paying for our meals out too! Then, when we went to dinner with Brother, he insisted on paying for me then. 

This family is just amazing in every way possible! Thanks 457*, Em!!

The following day was the Sabbath. I attended Church with Em and Hubby. Afterwards Em and I decided to see some of the sights of San Francisco.

Here we are at Lombard Street, known to be the crookedest {most winding} street in America! Here's a better view of the cars coming down.

Of course we had to check out the Golden Gate Bridge {which I keep referring to as the San Francisco Bridge. It drives one of my friends completely insane that I do that ... 10 stars to anyone who can guess who. 10 more stars to anyone who has read to this point without poking their eyeballs out!}.

It was sooooo cold on the bay! Buuut, we had matching pink hoodies! Could life be any better? I think not! :)

We also saw this quaint and friendly little place.

Which I may or may not have become a little obsessed with ... My favorite part is reading about the escapes. They Alcatraz officials claim that no one escaped successfully ... that two people drowned in their attempt - yet their bodies were never found. Hmmm ... Maybe it's just me but this actually sounds like a ... oh, a success. P.S. I am convinced I could escape if I was there. I could make that swim.

We also came across a game of BEER kickball. Now, if I was a drinking woman, I am also convinced I would play this. Every day. First of all, I love kickball. Did you know this? I do. Love it. And in this game {I took photos but don't care to put them up} you have to play the entire game while holding a glass of BEER. And when you get home, you drink the beer.

After beer kickball we also saw this.

Extremely intrigued. So we check it out.

Please tell me you can comprehend the grandeurness of it ... It's HUGE. And after all out investigating, we could only find a single plaque that said this entire Rome-duplication was made in honor of one man. What did he do to deserve this? We have no clue. How this honors him? We're not sure. But it all sure did look pretty cool {does that sentence make sense?}.

Nooow, ten golden stars to anyone who can tell me what we duplicated here.

Here's a hint, "Whatever happened to predictability? The milk man, the paper boy, and evening TV?" 

Hahahahah ... Yes, we put out a blanket to be more legit.

Okay, I am getting bored. So this has got to go quickly. This just epitomizes San Francisco.

Then we went to a little touristy place called Coit Tower ... where you can go to the top and overlook all of San Fran with magnificent views.

Oh, did I mention the elevator was out of order and the stairs could only be use in case of emergency so we didn't actually get to go to the top? Just walk around the bottom? Yeaaaah. Oh, well. We did get another view of this quaint and friendly little place.

Hahah! Word to Alcatraz. :)

Let's move on to my last day ...

Em and I decided to do a little shopping ... at H&M. Have I told you I am in love with this store? P.S. I am in love with H&M. I am not sure shopping has ever been so fun in my entire life. I walked into the dressing room and the sales associate asked me how many articles of clothing I was going to try on. 

Eighteen. Really.

Em and I spent the next hour trying on all of the clothes and coming out and having the other approve or veto. I loved it. Em and I had never shopped together before. Loved it. Shall do it more often. At H&M.

A sign at the store said, "Today might change your life forever." And, it did. Thank you, H&M.

Afterwards we headed to Fisherman's Wharf. Saw the sights. Had lunch. This is right outside of the restaurant we ate at. It said it was a picture spot {First off, I want that job. I want to be the person who goes around and hangs up those signs so tourists know where to take their pictures. Secondly, of course it's a FANTASTIC picture spot because it has Em's and my heads in it ... and that's all ... But guess what was behind us!? ALCATRAZ!}.

I think I am the only person in the world who goes to eat lunch at Fisherman's Wharf and does not eat something ... from the sea.

My club sandwich was massssssive.

Even for a girl who can shove her entire fist into her mouth, this was sure difficult to consume.

After lunch Em had to take me to the airport. :( It was a super short trip, but so amazingly fantastic! Again, thank you, thank you, thank you, Em for everything! I had such a great time! And I will be back soon so I can attempt to swim from Alcatraz Island to the shore! ;) Em will be on hand to video it for all of my 3.7 faithful blog readers!

Also a big thanks to the other sacrifices that were made so I could go on this trip ...

That's right. Countless of little bugs' lives were taken on my drive to and from the airport. Thanks for the sacrifice, guys! P.s. Will you please remove your internal remains from my windshield?


Have you ever noticed how people say "no thanks," "thanks," and "thanks a million"? Well, what about all the numbers in between? That's why Em got a thanks 457. I think I am going to start doing this more often - be more specific in how many thanks I give to people.

To all of you who read this entire post, thanks 238.8. And feel free to claim 10 more additional stars.
The header is actually my doormat that Em's mom gave me for my wedding! :)


Under construction ... again.

I don't know how I feel about any part of this layout. Surprise, surprise. I hate change. But you are stuck with it until at least tomorrow night (I am going out of town ... again). 10 golden stars for any comments or suggestions for the layout. P.s. Remember to be nice. :)


UPDATE: Is this better????

This was my 100th post. Kinda lame.


Thank you, Salt Lake City International ...

I returned from San Francisco last night.

A post dedicated to it will appear ... tomorrow? Probably not. That's a wee-bit too optimistic.

However, I do want to share some thoughts I had while waiting for my flight to San Fran in Salt Lake City International ...

Have you ever come across a human who you don't know if is a man or a woman? Ugh. I hate this. I am a mentally healthy and stable adult with a college degree. I should be able to tell if any given human is a male or a female. Arg.

Next ... A man came and stood in front of it (refer to unidentified gendered human in above paragraph). Man had rather large biceps. And by rather large I mean ... larger than my head. And that's fine. What I found rather strange is that ... he would flex them and look at them ... about every three minutes.


Dear Mr. Biceps:

Your biceps are indeed large. However, I can guarantee they did not get larger since the last time you checked ... three minutes ago.




There was one more tidbit such as these that I wanted to share ... but I cannot remember. Insert tears here.

Well, that's all for now folks ... More to come soon about here:



Do you ever meet someone and think, "Really? Your parents named you that?" P.s. In case you didn't know, it's always better when you think that opposed to actually saying it, right?

My friend Weedus and I know a girl who has an unusual name (in fact, she might be said Dairy Princess from this post). Part of her name is totally normal ... but then her parents added a random letter (and an apostrophe) to the beginning of her name.

Confused? Let's see if this will help ... It'd be like if my name was B'Mindy, pronounced Buh-Mindy. Or if like Avree's name was F'Avree, pronounced Fuh-Avree. Or if Mike's was T'Mike , Tuh-Mike (I think you get the idea).


I could be wrong, though.

What are your thoughts? And more importantly, what would your random-letter-apostrophe name be?

P.s. From now on, readers may earn gold stars for leaving comments. For the time being, this is limited to one comment per post ... Meaning, you can leave 39489 comments on one post, but you will still only earn one gold star for it. I like comments. They should be worth something. Happy commenting, peeps.


The man of my dreams ...

I met him.

At a wedding ... of two people I didn't even know. I was just tagging along with Weedus. And at our assigned seating table sat a man named Mathias.

We started small chat as strangers do at wedding dinners.

He was big into sports ... Which is nice, but not so much impressive per se just because most men are.

He spoke of his ESPN fetish. He said most girls he knew said he watched "too much" ESPN. To which I reply, "Is there such a thing as too much ESPN?"

I think that's when I snatched him.

Me ... still not impressed. Interested in more sports related conversation, but not impressed.

I ask him what his favorite sports team was. He was very specific naming a team and a year. A year which I was pretty sure he wasn't even alive yet.

He says, "Don't you have a sporting event that you love but weren't alive for?"

I respond, "Welllll, I am actually pretty fond of a race that occurred in the 1972 Olypmics."

"Isn't that when Pre ran?" he asks.

Jaw drops to the floor. I am speechless for at least 47 seconds. I look around the table, "Does anyone else know who Pre is?? Anyone?" They all shake their heads in the negative.

I was pretty much in love with this man. Right there. Right then.

The conversation only got better as although he is a BYU cougar, he knows the seating capacity of Romney Stadium and the Spectrum ... as well as other random things that no one else at the table besides me cared about.

Oh, did I mention he is super young? Thus, the story ends here. But, the perfect man ... errr, boy does exist. And I am pretty sure his name is Mathias and he attends BYU.

The end. :)

Yes, I know I should really put more pictures up instead of blab so much. Oh, well. Get over it. :)

Oh, here are two other blogs to pursue today: Erika and then Mikey too.


And the award goes to ...

Avree Anne Sandberg Ethington!! (The girl, not the baby ... How could the baby earn gold stars? Well, he could be for being so stinkin' cute, but he's illiterate and would get most of the poll questions wrong.)

Ladies and gentlemen, this is an exemplary story of persistence. I am sure most of you thought Brandon, Adam, or Chance (who all held out strong at the top for the entire year) would win this prestigious award ... But, no ... While Avree never held a top three position, she remained steady and faithful. Annnnd with a last ditch effort surge, made her way to the front of the pack!

Avree is pretty much one of my favorite people on the planet, and so it brings me great pleasure for me to give her this award.

Have you noticed I don't really know what to call the award? "Most Golden Stars" award sounds pretty much lame. Maybe 10 golden stars to whomever comes up with the best name for it. Or, Avree can come up with something she likes because she is the first recipient. Anywhoot, Congrats Avree! And good luck to everyone else for this upcoming year! :)

Yeah, and you thought I'd have some crazy Mother's Day tribute posted today. That'd be super nice and fancy and all ... but my mom doesn't read my blog ... So, I don't think it's the most brilliant idea to tribute her here. No, no ... I will wait to do so in person. In song, dance, and puppet show. But for what it's worth ... my mom is soooo better than your mom. ;)


Pulling the hair back ...

For those of you who know me well, you know that I almost always have my hair down and curly. I do this for several reasons but one of which being ... Having my hair straight or pulled up/back makes me hate all my clothes.


I don't hate the way my hair looks straight or pulled up/back, but I hate the way my clothes look when I do it pulled up/back.

I decided to pull my hair back today (in a messy bun I guess you could call it). And suddenly all my clothes are ugly.

I put on a shirt and some shorts and even asked the roommate if it was alright. She said yes. But then 30 seconds later those clothes could be found on the floor and I was trying on something else.

I actually walked out the door in the next ensemble and drove to work. All the way to work. I then turned back around and drove home.

To change my ugly clothes.

Changed the clothes. Came back to work.

And what I am wearing is just as equally ugly as attempts #1 and #2.

But if my hair was curly and down ... Sigh.

Maybe I should take a personal day.

Jokes, people.

I am not OCD.

I can manage to live my life without interruptions of the ugly clothes.



I can.

I have requested several of my readers to help me dress more cute (Whit Brench, Whit McAdams, Avree, just to name a few). But so far, no luck. Maybe if they helped dress me my clothes would still be cute even with my hair pulled back/up and/or straight.

Ugh. Think about something else. Quick. Or I will want to go home and change. Again.

I fear I will be spending the afternoon/evening shopping. 1 golden star for anyone who shows me cute clothes that I can buy and 10 golden stars if I actually end up buying the item you show. :) (These stars will be added to your new running total ... And I will announce the Golden Star Winner tomorrow ... or next Tuesday). :)


Procrastinating ...

For some reason I am hesitating to add up all golden stars and announcing a "winner." I would hate to think that it would make some of you feel as "non-winners." Anyone who has a golden star, or even half of a golden star, is a winner in my book ... Mm-k?

These are some of my thoughts from the weekend:

1. I need a husband so he can brag about me on my blog and visa versa. Right now I am not sure who or what to brag about. The only thing I know for certain is no one is bragging about me. It's tough. I just want to fit into the blogging world.

2. Pretty much everyone is domestic. Pretty much everyone but me. I see so many people doing/making the most amazingly creative, adorable things and showing them on their blogs and then I realize: I cannot even cook Ramen noodles. (But I have an idea in the works ... just you wait and see what I can do when I get creative!)

3. I got overlooked by a guy for a near-college graduate Dairy Princess. Seriously. Should people still being doing the Dairy Princess thing when they are in college (let alone, almost ready to graduate college)? Standing on a float in a gawky-orange prom dress with sequins, a crown, and waving as that float travels down the route of the Days of 47 parade? Need I remind you: I got overlooked. And, she did not. Uh, what?

4. Same guy overlooked me for a 19-year-old who doesn't know what the word prostate means. Hmmm ...

5. He has been known to read this blog occasionally. Here's hoping for not today. If so, oops??

6. Was the Dairy Princess and 19-year-old thing mean? I guess I am just starting to be unethical all the time now. And guess what? I liiiike it!

7. Shout-out to Brady for finding me the most perfect red shoes to go with my new dress! Thank you!

To everyone else: have a fantastic day ... unless you had other plans. :)

Three golden stars (to be added for your new running total) to anyone who read this entire post and 10 more for anyone who can tell me what's been changed on this blog that has been the same since July 2008. :)


One year, yo ...

www.nikerunner.blogspot.com has officially been around for one year (okay, a little more ... the goal was to have this posted on the actual anniversary, but I was in Cancun).

Here are a few highlights in the past year:

  • 98 different people have left at least one comment.
  • Most popular post (as determined by comments left): Just in case you were wondering...
  • Second most popular post: Amazing Recipe!
  • Least popular post (as determined by comments left): Hawaii Day Five and Cancun Day Five. (I feel much pressure to make day five of my next trip amazing.)
  • The only states where I do not have readers are in Indiana, South Dakota, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and New Jersey.
  • Post to cause the most stir/commotion/questions: New Mexico.
  • Most serious posts: My favorite pirate ... and After thoughts ...
  • Most likely to leave a comment: Michael Brian Lundberg and Krystal.
  • There are at least five people who have commented that I have no idea who they are.
  • I have left two comments on my own blog.
  • Least likely to leave a comment ever: Tiffany.
  • Most likely to pester me to update my blog: Chance or Em.
  • In the first year, there was over 16,000 views of the blog.
  • There have been 861 comments left.
  • It is read in over 14 countries.
  • 3,684.5 golden stars have been awarded so far.

You officially have 72 more hours from the time of this posting to earn as many golden stars as you possibly can. This can be done primarily by reminding me of either super-cool things we have done together or awesome memories we have. You tell me what you think the gold star value of those things should be. I will confirm or deny and award you accordingly. The next post will recognize the person who earned the most gold stars for the first year and be highlighted on the right-hand column for the entire year!

Good luck!

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