Milwaukee and Mindy ...

So ... I went to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This blog post is going to be about the time I went to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 100 gold stars to anyone who reads the entire thing. Yes, I bribe my readers. What's it to ya?

I have been asked a lot, "Why Wisconsin?" Clearly, the people who have asked this don't know that one of the most amazing people on the entire face of the earth lives there ... Her name may or may not be Amber. And clearly, those said people don't know that one of the other most amazingly people on the entire face of the earth was going to be visiting there too, Em.

But before we get into that, we need to talk about airplanes.

1. I cannot help but wonder why the stewardesses bother to make a fuss about making my seat into a flotation device when at no point in my flight will I be flying over water. But, just in case you were wondering, your seat cushion may be used as a flotation device. Put your arms through the straps on the bottom and hold on tightly to your wrists.

2. I had an epiphany while on my flight to Denver {P.S. there is no direct flight to Milwaukee from SLC. Boo-hiss-arg!}. From now on, my carry on is going to be a parachute. I think the reason behind this is self-explanatory, no?

3. I think I am the most impatient person on the planet. The second I step foot onto the plane I want to step off ... and already be in my desired location. I cannot bare to sit on that plane. The worst part is waiting from sit-down time to actual flight time. I think to avoid spontaneously combusting, my body immediately becomes narcoleptic. Seriously, I cannot remember the last time I was actually awake during take off {and this is coming from insomnia girl}.

4. Due to item three, I think my favorite noise in the entire world is the sound of the landing equipment deploying. Seriously.

Now that we have those thoughts out of the way, on to Milwaukee {P.S. this is going to be the most non-fluid vacay post I have ever posted. It will move from one thought to another without a moment's hesitation. Live with it. Mm-k?}.

The first night Amber introduced me to one of their family traditions. Dennis would have been bummed out that we went without him because he loves it so much {he was in the Dominican Republic pulling out peoples' teeth. Yes, Dennis the dentist}.

Anywhoot: this tradition is called the Jingle Bus - it cost a dollar. Best dollar spent of my life. Actually, that is a lie. Amber spent her dollar for me. But that is beside the point, let's talk what you get for that mere dollah: a cookie, coloring book, a cup of hot chocolate, annnnnd: a ride around downtown Milwaukee that shows you some super cool buildings, gives the city history, annnnnnnnnnnd people decorate it all for the Christmas season.

Here I am with Emma. Her biggest concern of the night was wondering why the bus had no seat belts. She asked me this about 10 times. I was lame. And I had no satisfying answer for her inquisitive three-year-old mind. And below is Amber with Will.

At this point I would love nothing more than to show pictures I was able to take of everything we saw on the bus ... but you are going to have to settle for this:

I was on a bus. At night. Plus, no one else was taking photos. Annnnd, so ... I didn't. Sigh.

On a perkier note, he finally warmed up to me! :)

Amber left to pick up Em at the airport and I was left with the youngins ... He came up to me, snuggled in my lap and fell asleep. Hopefully he will remember this moment the next time I see him. :)

So, as I mentioned, we picked up her:

P.S. Have any of you ever tried to fit in the back of a car, squished between two car seats? Quite the achievement, if you must be told. {10 gold stars if you covet her hair like I do.}

While in Milwaukee we decided to visit the Domes.

It's basically a conservatory show casing three different climates in the separate domes. The first one was a jungle one ... Oooh.

You cannot see it, but there is a water fall behind us. I would show you more of the jungle climate, but I'll be honest: I just cannot be bothered with it right now.

Next up, the desert climate.

You cannot see it, but there are a plethora of cacti behind us ... Oh, wait. You can see it. :) I would show you more of the desert climate, but I'll be honest: I cannot be bothered with it right now.

Next up: WINTER CLIMATE ... ish.

Does that tree look lop-sided to you? It should. Things were kinda just thrown on there. And not just small things ... No, no. Things liiiike, full-sized Mr. Potato Heads.

I am not sure when he became Christmas decor. But whatev.

In the bigger picture you might be able to see a over-sized toy block or two. Or three. The moment I saw these I got sooo excited, hoping they had a "M" block that I could sit on and take a photo with. My dream came true.

As I sat on that blessed block I began to contemplate. The "C" block had a silhouette of a cat on the side. The "D" block had a dog. The "E" had an elephant and so on. I couldn't help but wonder what the "M" block had ...

REALLY!? REALLY!? "M" doesn't stand for deer! How ironic. How simply ironic that the joy of me finding a "M" block was shattered by this filthy beast on the side of said block. Seriously, though. I just laugh at the irony in my life.

Because I was a little bummed, Amber took me an indoor playground to cheer up my spirits {exaggeration, we didn't go there for me}.

It was hard to fit through that ... I had to army crawl out. But I managed.

I really wanted to go down the slide ... Unfortunately, my feet got stuck on the edge about three inches from where they are in this photo and my slide ride was immediately over ... I thought it might work better going stomach first ...

Another failed attempt. Ugh.

This next photo exists simply to show that in Wisconsin, they turn roadkill into fur vests:

What other explanation would you have for that article of clothing?

Throughout the trip Em and I got a small taste of what it's like to be a mama ...

This tub was given without any assistance from Amber {as she was at the grocery store replenishing the milk I consumed}.

10 gold stars to anyone who can tell me what is wrong with this picture. :).

And, of course, what would a Mindy-Amber-Em reunion be without a little bit of this:

Running in a snow storm during a Wisconsin winter with a double-wide stroller. Loved every second of it!

The trip was a short one {only two full days and two half days} and it ended too soon. I had a marvelous time with these girls! Amber was so amazing to not only let us stay at her place and eat her food but she made us every meal {breakfasts, lunches, dinners!}. She is one of the best mamas I have ever seen! She also let us mooch with things like shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, blow dryer, everything.

And here I am with Em at the airport as we are waiting to fly out {the chairs were demented ... they leaned all the way back each time you sat in them, but that is beside the point} I have so much fun with this woman! 

I have never had more fun in an airport than I did with her. We were so lucky too, without planning we ended up on the same flight back to Denver! Plus, with her assistance, I was able to accomplish one of my life-long goals: to take a carry-on and only a carry-on while on a vacay. Normally I panic about not checking in my luggage {and panic might be a slight understatement}. But with her by my side, I carried that baby right through security and onto the plane and did not have to check-in a darn thing! Thank you, Em!!!


P.S. In each city I was was in or was supposed to be in to make it back home, major snow storms were predicted all day {so much so that our flight out of Denver was supposed to be delayed for two hours}. But the Snow gods decided to love Em and I and we made it out of Milwaukee before the snow really hit there, Denver froze over instead {Hello, -10* F} ... And Salt Lake did the freezing thing too. We thought we might be spending the night on the Denver Airport floor, but luck struck and we both made it to our respective homes pretty much snowless.

Also, please play the game in the post below. :)


Dennis and Amber Ogilvie said...

WE all miss you! Thanks for taking the time to visit! Emma talks about you and Em all the time and wants you to come back! I'm sure you don't want to though as shortly after you left temperatures quickly plummeted to about -15! Lucky you got out when you did! Thanks again!!!!!

whitneybb said...

Oh how I love that the deer is on your block. Seriously having been with you when that deer shot out of the trees and onto the BUSY street in the MIDDLE OF THE DAY made me a beliver, they do have some strange attraction to you. It is fun seeing Em and Amber and the running picture. Good times. I can't wait for your next travel adventure!

The life of a college girl said...

Dear Mindy,
Loved the post, read it all and laughed the whole way through! I need to travel with you more often!
Love her hair, it is so shiny and looks so soft, I want it! Those domes, amazing, but the deer? Really? Come on. Um when you put on a diaper, the pic goes in front..... FYI..... ;) So sorry that your flight got delayed but at least you made it home. Unlike you, i love to fly, I have not done it very much but it is still fun! I know I am weird, oh well
So that gives me at least 130 stars, and i will play the game later, when I am not supposed to be working...... oops!
Love your guts girl!

Mike said...

I really enjoy the sound of the phrase "luck struck." Looks like a fun trip. This may sound odd, but I have wanted to go to Milwaukee after seeing all the fun stuff to do there on the McArthurs' blog. Too bad they've moved from there now.

Allison and Josh said...

Oh Mindy, I love when I see you have posted a new blog post!! It always makes my day!! Your trip looks like it was a blast! Glad you got to take a little vacay! And I am with you, flying is such a pain and I get really impatient as well. When my mom and I were flying back from Denver in October, our plane had been delayed about 30-40 minutes before we boarded and then when we got on the plane, we didn't take off for another hour. It was pure misery!!!

Oh and I'm not positive, but I think the baby's diaper is on backwards?

emily said...

Best blog post ever! I had so much fun, Love you!

Jake & April said...

Oh that was a fun update. I remember way back when we all were in the 31st ward together. I do love Em's hair. Also was the diaper put on backwards on purpose or accident? Glad you had fun.

Avree said...

I laughed out loud when I saw the deer on the block, I think that was my favorite part about your trip :)

P.S. I miss you! We need to get together for ice cream or something else full of calories soon!

ShaeandJustin said...

How fun! Looks like you ladies had a blast together. I have to admit, when I saw the picture of you guys out running, I was a little jealous! Reminded me of our good old days at USU!

Porter said...

Hey Mindy,
I would like to have a jingle bus here. That would be fun to tour around Logan and see the sights.

You have some great pictures on here. I am new at this, so it will take a little bit to get my blog where I want it. The deer shooting game was fun. I might be addicted to it, even though I haven't actually been real deer hunting. It would be fun to go out though.....

Edie said...

Thanks, Mindy. You help relieve some of my Emma and Will cravings.

Dennis and Amber Ogilvie said...

Hi Mindy,

Getting home and reading this post, I have two observations:

M for mule deer?

The diaper is oriented correctly, but came unfastened on the left side.

It's a gamble but that's where I'm putting my money.


Nicole Anderson said...

I read the entire thing and I do covet Emily's hair! Looks like you had an amazing time! So... you should drive up a few streets and come play with me soon. No luggage necessary!

Meg said...

I have tried to fit into the back seat of a car between two carseats. It is not, shall we say, comfortable. I do not recommend it for long car trips. Or short ones.

Perhaps that is a Manchurian Red Deer on the side of the M block. I do love the irony.

I'm trying to figure out what is wrong with the picture: I don't think the diaper is wrong (looks like Huggies which I believe have pictures both front and back). (Is it sad that I know that?) It looks like there might be something on the bottom of his foot, but I can't tell for sure. I guess if I figure it out I'll have to come back and comment again.

I've been stuck in the Denver Airport overnight, alone, due to severe weather in Chicago (where I was traveling to). It was an interesting experience. One I would rather not ever have again. I'm glad you didn't have to experience it and made it safely home to the frozen west. It is much nicer, I think, to travel with only a carry-on. Sometimes a pain, but at least you know all your stuff will get to your destination with you.

And in case you can't tell from the length of my comment, I did indeed read your entire post.

Allred Mom said...

REad the entire post! Yep, give me some stars! I even played the deer shooting game! Did quite well if I say so myself!
And the diaper needs to be turned around but also should the baby be in the crib and not out of the crib? lol Let's see what else was there....Oh...I "heart" the jingle bus! I would be addicted and riding it every day! How fun! And I want to go play at the indoor playground!
And the M is for MOOSE! Yep..What movie is this from..."I look like a moose!"..."Yes, but I very pretty moose!" lol
And, can I have Em's hair? Yes, I covet it, too! How do girls get so lucky?
Also, sorry about the Denver airport, but it could have been worse!

So, yes...I read the entire post and I feel like I've been to Milwaukee! Thanks! I've never been there before!
Have a good day!

Nikki said...

HMMMMM....I read this entire blog and you crack me up. Have you EVER considered writing as a side career? I love your style.
I love Em and you guys have so much fun together. Wish I could go running sometime with you all!!
Keep up the fantastic writage:)

Jo said...

I read the whole thing too, even though I should already be in bed. I wondered about the diaper being on backwards, but was more concerned about Will being so close to that radiative heater. If it's like the ones we had in our second apartment, they can get really hot. He has something on his foot too, but well, many of us do from time to time. I love Em's hair too, and I do sit between carseats from time to time. I'm glad you had a fun trip. I wanted to go see the Domes when we were in Chicago but we didn't have the time. Oh well, maybe next time.

Kristin said...

I read the whole thing, yes I do cover her hair cuz it's straight and shiny (mine is very matte), and what's wrong with the picture? Either the diaper's on backward or there's a bug on his foot. Haha. You look so super hot it that pic on the bus with the kid and you in the black outfit. Also, I'm looking at the "deer" on your M block. I'm pretty positive they were going for moose. Look at the antlers. They're not deer style- they're moose!!

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