101 Most Shocking Moments of 2009

  • For anonymity purposes I sometimes refer to a person simply as he or she. Thus, not all the he's or she's are the same person.

  • Also, 10 gold stars for each time you make the list or something on the list relates directly to you. Feel free to argue your case on how an item relates to you in the comment section provided below. :)

  • I tried to put each moment in its proper order, with the absolute most shocking moment as number one and so on ... But it gets really complicated, so they are in the general location of where they should fall. Although, the top 20 are pretty concrete.

  • I had a really difficult time not putting exclamation points at the end of all of these. :) Shocking moments deserve exclamation points, however, over-used exclamation points defeat the purpose of an exclamation point in the first place. :)
And now, without adieu ... Mindy's 101 Most Shocking Moments of 2009!

101. Mindy's fear of paddling surfing in the ocean.
100. Mama gave away Mindy's favorite couch.
99. The second consecutive Disneyland-less year. Oh, sadness.
98. How much I like her despite of her overbearing pride.
97. Berry Peach chapstick. To.die.for.
96. Mindy's continued impatience in all things. You'd think it might get better ... even slightly. But, no.
95. They fired her.
94. Jan-et took over both areas.
93. Jan-et is now one of my BFFs.
92. Mindy didn't sleep at her parents' house on Christmas Eve for the first time ever.
91. Chance and Adam both not being in Provo for four months. At the same time. Please, boys.
90. Mindy wears scarves now. Not just like with coat when it's cold outside. But just with shirts. Inside.
89. On Frontier Airlines, you have to pay just to watch TV. Please.
88. That her parents let her marry him.
87. That that dress could be worn in the Temple.
86. The palm reader said Mindy would get married.
85. How much Mindy eats.
84. Mindy counted down the days until the new Walmart, two blocks away from her apartment, would open so she could have Chugs nearby ... Mindy went the first day of opening only to find that this was the only Walmart she has ever been to [minus the one in Mexico] that didn't sell Chugs. Worst.day.ever.
83. The day Chugs magically appeared at said Walmart.
82. How hot Washington, DC is in the middle of July.
81. How adorable Mindy's Christmas tree and decorations turned out. Loooove them.
80. The run-in at Cafe Sabor. Really? Stop stalking Mindy.
79. The taste of Amish lemonade. Mmmmmmmmmm!
78. How Mindy almost cries whenever she sees a deer. Seriously.
77. The tan-line Mindy got in April while on the beach in Cancun is still there.
76. Mindy's passport came less than 48 hours before she was to board a plane to Cancun, Mexico.
75. Mindy's new shopping obsession. Thankfully it barely ended.
74. Mindy's response to the August decision.
73. How horribly awful The Box was. Never see it.
72. The haircut. Oops.
71. The un-kept grounds at the Mall in Washington, DC.
70. Mindy went water-skiing for the first time and was actually able to get up.
69. The roommate picked up all her belongings and just moved out without really telling anyone.
68. Then how nice said roommate was when Mindy and roommate ran into each other three months later.
67. Dave updated his blog.
66. Stupid Rick. She is amazing and you are a fool to think you can find anyone as good as her.
65. The insane nosiness of people who think it is their business to know the details as to why Tiger Woods crashed his SUV. Get.over.it. It's nunayour business.
64. The moment Mindy realized she was at a couples-only fireside on "Strengthening Your Marriage."
63. Settlers was not played once while Mindy visited Chance in July.
62. Mindy actually liked the Philly Cheesesteak she had in Philly.
61. Mindy likes The Office more than she likes Smallville.
60. The mudslide that collapsed one of Mindy's all-time favorite running trails.
59. Matthias knew who Steve Prefontaine was.
58. When Mindy found out what Mustang Ranch is.
57. Places like Mustang Ranch still exist in America today.
56. Matt's text about women not being controlling. Whoa, what?
55. Looking at the breakfast bill in Mexico, thinking it was in dollars, but it was really in pesos. Phew.
54. Mama didn't put up the Christmas decorations.
53. Mindy has clients that are married - and she is not!
52. They were separated.
51. Mindy lost a Facebook friend due to her stance on Proposition 8 ... her cousin, actually.
50. The swine flu quarantine at work.
49. How many toothpastes Mindy loathes.
48. Mindy went three months of having a GPS running watch without using it.
47. Adam's discovery which was discussed at lunch in Provo.
46. In 2009 Mindy traveled to Reno, Nevada [WAC Basketball Tournament], New Mexico, Mexico, San Fransisco, Philadelphia, Virginia, Washington, DC, Wisconsin, Denver, and bought an airline ticket for Florida.
45. The cenote in the Mexican Jungle.
44. The October text.
43. Mindy's response to the October text.
42. How difficult it was for Mindy to learn Thriller.
41. The one point loss to Marquette in the NCAA tournament.
40. BFF ran on his own without a reminder.
39. The hideously ugly Thriller scar.
38. That Mindy connected the smell of her Memory Foam pillow to the smell of the cast she had on her arm over 20 years previous.
37. Her orneriness.
36. Dave's phone call while on his honeymoon.
35. Mindy got proposed to ... by a client.
34. One of Mindy's seminary students passed away.
33. When Pat prepared Mindy for a lifetime of being single.
32. The March decision.
31. For the first time ever, Mindy used only a carry-on while flying.
30. Wilson made it over 60 miles with the gas light on without running out of gas.
29. Mindy did the most girly thing she has ever done with help from Jillian.
28. How much a couple of people freak out when Mindy doesn't put a smiley face in her texts.
27. NB's nervousness.
26. He lied.
25. The Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC.
24. Weedus went to the Howl.
23. NB's assertiveness.
22. The one time he didn't open the car door.
21. He picked Mindy up at the airport.
20. The fortune cookie was right.
19. And somehow Mindy knew the fortune cookie was going to be right
18. How thoughtful Ben was to send Mindy the M&Ms.
17. He didn't go to Ohio.
16. He returned to work ... in the behavior area. Of course.
15. December 22nd. Oops
14. Mindy dislikes someone. Completely.
13. USU lost at home for the first time since the 2004-2005 season.
12. Another he lied. Blah. Stop the lying, people!
11. Dad's heart.
10. Mindy is going to get her masters. Blah.
9. Everything BFF taught me.
8. That text that one day.
7. Fourteen days! Not a single call, text, or anything for fourteen days!
6. Steve's cancer.
5. B's death.
4. Mindy is still not married.
3. BFF's patience.
2. Her feelings for him. She never would have guessed she'd feel that way ... No one would have!
1. The choice that was made.


Mike said...

The following relate to me in some way, although are not necessarily about me: Number 82, Number 79, Number 71, Number 62, Number 61, Number 58, Number 57, Number 25. However, most depressingly, nothing on this list appears to be about me. More evidence that you like Adam and Chance more than me. :-)

Allison and Josh said...

I think I am indirectly in number 61! Smallville also used to be my favorite show(I still love Tom Welling forever and always) but The Office has since become my number 1 show!!

Toni said...

I'm kind of shocked that the Office/Smallville was not number one!! And I'm totally with you on the patience. It is a cirtue that I do not posess in any small amount. At all. And number 2. I'm not sure who or what you're talking about specifically, but I relate! Love you!

Chance said...

The following list is my connection to your most shocking list:
91. I was gone
78. I helped with increasing the fear of deer by telling you that you have to hit them head on
72. I told you not to get a haircut
63. Settlers, how did we not play?
46. Traveled to N.M.
37. I am ornery
30. It was while on the way back from NM that Wilson drove 60 miles
18. You thought it was me that sent the M&M's, that was more funny than shocking
10. I am getting my Master's and so can you
4. And still not dating Chance, haha
1.I would be most shocked of it if I knew what it was
GRAND TOTAL: 110 points!!

and Mike...sorry, life is hard.

Debbie said...

I only want to claim #31 and #4 - #31 you were visiting my family and #4 because, gee, me neither. On second thought, I'd like to claim #35 as well - just because it happened at the same time my weird relationship stuff was happening.


Avree said...

I don't know that any of these refer to me. Thanks a lot. But I'm happy to see Rick on your needs to be kicked list...even though I actually like him...just not his actions.

Meg said...

The only one I can make be remotely related to me is #60: Lil's good friend was living on the island, couldn't go home for three days, didn't know if her house was even still there for a while, and finally only got to go in to take out her stuff. Okay, maybe it relates more to Lil than me, but Lil is my sister. :-)

Allred Mom said...

#8...I told you you'd get a text...I'll take gold stars for that one! :)
#58...since I grew up 15 miles from that place, I think I deserve stars...
#57...yes...since Mustang closed, they had to open another just a few miles away!

And, I will say, that there is a certain someone that will get TONS of gold stars, if they will accept that they are the main subject in most of these! lol

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