17 ...

That is the number of scars I have ... at least the number I can think of off the top of my head. There is my appendix scar. My I-was-being-pumped-on-a-bike-and-got-my-heel-cut-open-by-the-spokes scar. The multiple scars from clients that were being aggressive ... Just to name a few.

I like all of my scars.

All of them.

But one.

I refer to it affectionately as the Thriller scar. For, it is the scar I obtained while learning that horrible, awful, intense dance.

Lesson to be learned: when your wound can talk like this ...

you probably need stitches to close that baby back up [don't mind my roommate's commentary]. This is another look at the nasty little bugger the day it happened:

And now, almost two months later ... It's the ugliest, most horrific scar. Ever. I hate the shape of it. I hate the color of it. I hate how dark it is. And most of all, I hate the location of it.

Now, I realize that many of you think I am being overly dramatic. You all lose 100 gold stars. Photos just don't do this beast justice. I dare you to ask me to see this baby in person and see if you don't agree. It's over an inch long and flaming purple. Ugh!

Wow. Let's calm down.

But just because this post is showing you the complexities of my life, I shall now show you another complexity ... This is called, Mindy is Allergic to her Laundry Detergent:

Welcome.to.my.life. But I think I am getting a new pair of Nike running shoes for Christmas, so ... I'll survive. And, I am somewhat ashamed to admit that not only am I listening to Beyonce's "If I were a Boy" ... I am kinda enjoying it.

I am still trying to sell my contract. For details please look in the right hand column. :)


Allison and Josh said...

Oh Mindy, I love you!! Scars are so funny. I definitely have my share...You should invest in some Mederma for your scar on your leg. It really does help it not be so noticeable. Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

Katie said...

I was going to suggest Mederma as well!! The older your scar gets, the less likely it will heal from the Mederma so get going!! It's a bit pricy though, like $17 for a little bottle..but worth it I'd say. Sometimes Dermtatologists will give away free samples :) Good luck with that..don't worry your leg still looks sexy.

ShaeandJustin said...

I'm sorry Mindy you have so many scares but I don't think it even compares to my legs from razor scares alone. J/K Scares are never fun, and seem to never really go away. I still have some on my arm from my three barrel curling iron incident back in college. I hope you can find something to help it fade some more! I do feel that scares give you a topic of subject on a really bad day.

Allred Mom said...

First of all...."OUCH"! That was a "Thriller" of an occasion! I wanted to let you know that you can also use Vitamin E oil to help with scars healing.

And as for the laundry detergent allergy.....ITCHY! I guess that's where the Benedryl comes in!

Have a great Christmas and watch out for the "OOPS"! :)

Avree said...

Talk to Jaren, he had a melenoma spot on his neck removed and apparently there's something the dermatologist can inject to make scars shrink. At least you don't have a bunch of spider veins from being pregnant (I know someone who does, it may or may not be me)

Meg said...

Did you figure out the detergent allergy quickly? I surely hope so. My skin is itching just looking at your arms.

emily said...

I have seen the scar with my own eyes and it is not pretty..

I with allred mom, try vitamin E lotion!

Kristin said...

Ouch! That is an intense scar. But a sexy calf. Also I just checked out the Beyonce video. I like it!

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