That's sad ...

Indulge me for a moment while I reminisce of days of old ... I mean, you don't have to. But if you do, 10 gold stars for you. :)

Do you remember Gelly Roll pens? In case not, here you go:

I feel like they used to be a lot more popular than they are now. But whatev. That is beside the point ... Here is the point: my senior year of high school I received a 12-pack of these babies as a birthday present. I adored them. And took them to school so I could do all of my assignments in multi-colored fun [much to Bruce R. Crane's dismay ... 10 more stars of you know who he is ... and 10 more if you think he looks like who I think he looks like!].

One afternoon, heading into the locker room after having ran a cross cross country race, I saw my backpack lying on the floor. I wanted to kick myself as I saw it lying there, first off, because who puts anything they actually plan on touching again on the locker room floor and secondly, although I live in Logan, Utah where about one crime happens biannually, I always took extra precaution. As I got closer I saw the front pocket was opened, and I knew I hadn't done it.

When looking in the pocket, I realized immediately that the only thing taken was my brand new 12-pack of Gelly Rolls. As I continued to look through the front pocket I realized that the thief had only gotten away with 11 ... for the navy blue pen was not in the package, but hiding in the very bottom of the pocket. I'm not positive, but I am sure I coddled the little blue pen for a minute, blamed myself for living the bag out in the first place and depressively [no, not a word] went on my not-so-merry way.

The following day in the locker room, getting ready for practice, one of my teammates who knew about the larceny, told me that in one of her classes a girl had a brand-new pack of Gelly Rolls.

My eyes widened with interest.

"Yes," she continued, "and guess what color was missing?"

Jaw open, head shaking, "Not the navy blue one!" I say.

"The navy one blue one!" she confirms. "And, to top if off, she is on the volleyball team and should be coming into the locker room any minute!"

Just as my mind began racing about what was I going to do ... she walked in. I immediately grabbed my navy blue Gelly Roll and walked up to her. I held out the pen and say, "Here you go."

"What?" she asks.

I try to hand it to her again. "Here. I figure you might as well have this one since you took all the rest."

"What?" she says. Again.

"You took the rest of my Gelly Roll pens so I figured you might as well have this one, that I assume you left behind by accident."

"I don't know what you are talking about."

"Yes, yes you do. Now, either you can give me back my pens, all 11 of them, or I can go to chat with someone with higher authority to get them back. Which would you prefer?"

"Well," she says, "I do have some Gelly Roll pens ... I can give them to you."

"You mean you have my Gelly Roll pens and you will give them to me."

Then my favorite line, as she is rummaging through her bag, "I didn't know they were yours."

Snotty Mindy then replies, "I realize it might have been difficult to realize they weren't yours, especially when you took them out of my bag."

She immediately starts handing me the pens individually and as she does, I count them out loud, "One ... two ... three ..." all the way to eleven to make sure I have them all.

Now, why do I tell this story? Because I ran into her, I dare not say how many years it has been, but years later and my immediate thought is, "You're the girl who stole my pens." And that, that is sad. Partially for me [forgive and forget, Mindy], but mostly ... mostly just for her and her larceny.

I cannot help but wonder if she recognized me ... I also couldn't help but wish I would have had a Gelly Roll with me to leave behind as a reminder.


My memory ...

I've always thought I had a good memory [of course that should be no surprise, after all, it's my brain telling me that - it always tries to make itself look good]. In high school and college I somehow would remember my teammates times and places at races when they wouldn't even remember, among many other strange things that my memory would store.

I had a moment today that reminded me of how amazing memories can be ... I bought a memory foam pillow [ironic that that's the name of the pillow considering my topic today, but that is beside the point]. I opened it up and it clearly had a scent. Not a good smell, not a bad smell. Just a smell. And immediately my mind started racing to place that smell - where had I smelled it before?

Less than 20 seconds later I placed it. My memory foam pillow smells like the cast I had to wear on my arm when I was four-years-old, after I had tragically fallen from hanging upside down in the doorway [a good blogger would insert a photo of said cast and arm and of said four-year-old Mindy ... but I don't have one. I doubt my parents really wanted a photo of that cast, after all, I just used it as a weapon against my siblings].

But, really.

How can a memory be that good? A scent I haven't smelled for over 20 years and it was correctly identified in less than half a minute.


Now, onto more important things ... My last post was evidently the most boring post I have ever blogged. One comment? One? Really, people? It is clear none of you care about how many layers of clothing I wear ... Which, quite frankly, is shocking.

So, here is the deal: leave a comment on the post below, pretending to be interested in that post and I will give you 20 gold stars. Leave a comment on this one, and I will give 10 more. And next time, pretend to be interested without being bribed, mm-k? :)


Being ...

Pre*pared [pri-paird]
properly expectant, organized,
or equipped; ready

One tank top.

One short-sleeve.

Three long-sleeves.

Two pairs of running tights.

A pair of jeans.

Three pairs of socks [one super fleecey and thick].

Two pairs of gloves.

Two hand warmers.

Two blankets.

One USU hoodie.

All for the USU vs. Boise State football game. The first nationally televised game from Romney Stadium since 1977.

And all of that I was still a little chilly ...

Did I mention the game was played at 7:30pm. On November 20th. In Logan, Utah.

With temperatures reaching 23*F.

But I survived. I wish the football team could say the same.

52-21. On Senior Night. Ouch.


I heart ...


In particular this fence:

For those of you not familiar with this fence, it is located in Sardine Canyon [aka Wellsville Canyon]. And its purpose is to keep the deer off the road.


I am sooo in love with this fence.

If I were to write a letter to UDOT, I would say this ...


Dear UDOT:

I am sooo in love with this fence.

However, I hope you don't mind, but I have included an extremely professional-looking, somewhat digitally-enhanced photograph to show you how I think your wonderful idea could be improved upon. Imagine this:

That's right ... Making the fence four million feet higher so the deer have an even smaller chance of getting across and jumping in front of Wilson and I.

Just an idea.

P.s. That light is not a UFO.

I look forward to hearing back from you about my vision.


Mindy M. Thornley


I think with my amazing graphic design abilities UDOT will be able to envision something greater that lies within that deer fence. And, undoubtedly, you feel the same. Feel free to leave a comment telling me how amazing this idea is and how amazing I am to have come up with it.


Don't tell ...

Jillian or Bob ...

But this is my Tuesday night tradition ...

Watching the Biggest Loser while eating take-out. Perfection.

Clearly, the show has had a profound impact on my eating habits.

Please note the sarcasm.

But let it be said,I only eat one dinner on Tuesday nights, opposed to some other nights. :)


Should I quit my day job?

That's right. You heard me. I am curious if I should quit my day job ... In mere moments you will see why.

Met up with this cute gal.

To do some finger painting at her new house!

The following are the masterpieces I came up with. 25 gold stars for each photo you correctly identify. :)

Blogger hates me and wants to put this one sideways even though it's set up horizontally in my photo file. Grr. This is photo #21.

Photo #37 ... You may or may not be able to tell, it's 3D!

Easiest one to decipher, no? :) Photo #289.

And my absolute favorite.

We'll call this photo #7.

If you are interested in purchasing them feel free to leave a comment with your bid. Don't hesitate, the time to buy is now. These timeless pieces of art will go fast!

I am also doing one of those ... blog give-a-ways. One lucky person who comments on this post will earn a free finger painting from me ... and the painting will be of their choice.

I'm amazing. I know.


I'm leavin' ... on a jet plane!

Today I bought an airline ticket to go visit her:

And see these little ones:

[You may remember how much he loved me from this post.]

And, to make things even better ... She's going to be there too!

[That was my lucky sports bra in high school. Seriously.]

I am not leaving until the first week of December ... but I am beyond excited. And I just thought you should know.

Black Pants Party tomorrow night [Wednesday 11.04.09]. Inquire for details. :)

10 gold stars if you know who the people are pictured in this blog.

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