Super Cool.

My brother-in-law is super cool.

In fact, he is so super cool that he is my favorite brother-in-law.

In fact, my brother-in-law is cooler than any of your brother-in-laws [this is what blogs are for, right? To talk about babies and to brag about family members. Generally, people brag about their husbands or children ... but I severely lack those two things, so this is what I am choosing to brag about].

To prove my point, here is just a tiny glimpse of why he is so super cool:

* For Valentine's Day every year, my brother-in-law not only gets my sister [his wife] flowers ... No, no. He also gets my mom flowers, my little sister flowers, and me flowers. And gifts too [like flip-flops and other super cool things].

* A little over a week ago the power in most of southern Cache Valley went out. My brother-in-law found out that I didn't own a flashlight and had to use my cell phone for light during the five hour blackout. The next day he bought me a flashlight for my apartment. And a second one for my car.

He always knows what needs to be done and does it before anyone asks. He does things like this all the time. I am constantly in awe of his sensitivity and thoughtfulness towards others. His capacity to sense the needs of others is greater than that of which I have ever seen before.

He is perfectly amazing in absolutely every single way. We all love him so much, more than I think he can comprehend. He will never know how much our entire family needed him and continue to need him in our lives. I love him as if there was no "in-law" attached to his title.

There might be another reason I am bragging/blogging about him today, besides continually trying to fit into the blogging world .... It might be to let you know that he is the one who was diagnosed with cancer last week. It might be so that you can pray for him on a first name basis ... Steve. His first treatment should begin on Thursday. It is to be quite painful.

I ask that you pray for the treatments to work. That the initial treatments can get rid of the cancer, first try, that no other treatment will be necessary.

While at this point the cancer is not life-threatening, it has some other horrendous possibilities that would have permanent, life-changing, heartbreaking, and quite frankly, devastating results. Please, please pray for the initial treatments to be successful in getting rid of the cancer. Also, if you wouldn't mind, please pray that he and his adorable little family might feel peace and comfort at this time.

Thank you just doesn't seem adequate. But know that I am overwhelmed with gratitude and thanks at this time.


Debbie said...

I needed this reminder just now that my problems are very minuscule compared to some. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

Burke and Emily Adams said...


Hi sweet lady. Burke and I will definitely keep Steve and the rest of the wonderful Thornley family in our prayers and we'll put him in the St. George temple prayer roll when we go this week. Do you think you could pray for Chels too? She is having problems with her pregnancy and might have the baby 2 months early (you can read her blog for the details). I know you two were always great friends and we are also in need of prayers! Thank you for your wonderful example and your awesome blogs that are always so much fun to read. Keep the faith Mindy!

Loves and Prayers!

Katie said...

Wow, I have just reunited with the blog world and now realized how much I have recently missed. You have had a lot going on lady. First of all, I am saddened to hear about your bro-in-law Steve. I remember him giving you a gift on Valentine's day, very sweet! We will keep him your family in our prayers. On a lighter note, I would like to tell you that I appreciate the fact that you continue to blog without having to talk about your "husband or children." Your blog is my favorite of all to read, definitely the most entertaining. Thanks!!

The Enslingers said...

Wow! That poor little family has had WAY too many trials and tribulations! Steve is truly an amazing guy! I will definitely keep Tiff's dear family in my prayers! :)

Allred Mom said...

My prayers are with all of you and especially, Steve. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to pray, too! :)

Avree said...

Mindy, I'm so sorry to hear about this. I'll definitely keep Steve in my prayers, he seems like a great guy. If he's going through chemo I have some nutrition suggestions :) So e-mail me if he is.

Jade said...

Wow, he sounds amazing. I will be praying for Steve, you sister and your family. Thanks for sharing.

Krystal said...

I have never known Steve's name before now, but remember hearing for years about how he would get all of you flowers on valentines day and thought he must be the greatest guy ever... I will definitely be keeping Steve (and your whole family) in my prayers. Good luck.

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