Happy Halloween!

1. My thoughts on dancing ... I can't.

2. I will not tell you how many hours it took me to learn this.

3. And now, for your viewing pleasure ...


Matchy-matchy green sweaters ...

So, I was out shopping today. Yes, I might have a problem. I might shop too much. {I am actually going to blame this on BFF. Normally he doesn't like to be blamed for things ... but I don't think he'll mind this time because he'll just be happy he's getting a shout-out on my blog. It feeds his ego.} I am actually not so concerned about my shopping addiction. It goes right along with my eating and eating-out addictions {yes, two completely separate additions. 1. I eat far too much and 2. I eat out way too much}. I hear good things come in threes though ... right?

Anyway, this post is not to talk about my addictive personality disorder {self-diagnosed, of course ... just like my ADD ... which now that I think of it, will most likely be the topic of my next post. Please. Contain your excitement}. This post exists to talk about what I saw while out shopping ...

Have you ever seen a display like this before? I know I have. Countless times. But tonight was the first time that it crossed my mind the complete and profound importance that your dinnerware and bedroom set should color coordinate.

I don't know how I have lived my entire long-legged life purchasing these items separately without a concern in the world if they were matchy-matchy. But this display ... this display has changed that. In fact, it has changed my life.

From now on, anytime I go to purchase a bedroom set, I will take my dishes with me. Just to make sure they coordinate. Just in case I ever want to not only bring my my tea cup, plate, and place mat into my room, but for all the occasions I place those items on my bed.

Thank you, Dillard's. Thank you! Changing one life at a time with your thought-provoking displays. My life is just that much more complete now. Word to your mother.


P.S. 20 gold stars if you know what movie the title of this blog comes from! :)

And in case you didn't know ... USU basketball ... TOMORROW!!!!!


The fortune cookie ...

"A friend long absent will be coming back to you."

Kinda creepy when the fortune comes true, no?

Even more creepy that I put the slip of paper up on my fridge because I was secretly hoping it would come true with a specific friend in mind ... I guess I thought that maybe if I put it on the fridge that it would somehow make the fortune be good on its word.


Dear Fortune Cookie:

Thank you for giving me a heads up,
even though I still doubted what you foretold.

And I am glad you think nine weeks is a long time.
I do too. A terribly long time.

Anyway, thanks again. The fore-coming of your fortune
has made me super happy. Nervous. :) But happy.


Mindy M. Thornley


Hell froze over because ...

I was proposed to!


It wasn't exactly what I had dreamed of ... wrong hand, a borrowed ring, at Charlie's, and coming from one of my clients ... But, a proposal nonetheless. :)


Super Cool.

My brother-in-law is super cool.

In fact, he is so super cool that he is my favorite brother-in-law.

In fact, my brother-in-law is cooler than any of your brother-in-laws [this is what blogs are for, right? To talk about babies and to brag about family members. Generally, people brag about their husbands or children ... but I severely lack those two things, so this is what I am choosing to brag about].

To prove my point, here is just a tiny glimpse of why he is so super cool:

* For Valentine's Day every year, my brother-in-law not only gets my sister [his wife] flowers ... No, no. He also gets my mom flowers, my little sister flowers, and me flowers. And gifts too [like flip-flops and other super cool things].

* A little over a week ago the power in most of southern Cache Valley went out. My brother-in-law found out that I didn't own a flashlight and had to use my cell phone for light during the five hour blackout. The next day he bought me a flashlight for my apartment. And a second one for my car.

He always knows what needs to be done and does it before anyone asks. He does things like this all the time. I am constantly in awe of his sensitivity and thoughtfulness towards others. His capacity to sense the needs of others is greater than that of which I have ever seen before.

He is perfectly amazing in absolutely every single way. We all love him so much, more than I think he can comprehend. He will never know how much our entire family needed him and continue to need him in our lives. I love him as if there was no "in-law" attached to his title.

There might be another reason I am bragging/blogging about him today, besides continually trying to fit into the blogging world .... It might be to let you know that he is the one who was diagnosed with cancer last week. It might be so that you can pray for him on a first name basis ... Steve. His first treatment should begin on Thursday. It is to be quite painful.

I ask that you pray for the treatments to work. That the initial treatments can get rid of the cancer, first try, that no other treatment will be necessary.

While at this point the cancer is not life-threatening, it has some other horrendous possibilities that would have permanent, life-changing, heartbreaking, and quite frankly, devastating results. Please, please pray for the initial treatments to be successful in getting rid of the cancer. Also, if you wouldn't mind, please pray that he and his adorable little family might feel peace and comfort at this time.

Thank you just doesn't seem adequate. But know that I am overwhelmed with gratitude and thanks at this time.

Retaliation ...

Soooo, he retaliated.

I went out to my car a couple mornings after the hay incident to find this:

I thought, "Bless his heart, as if this even comes remotely close to my amazingly awesome prank."

As I began to pull the TP away I realized two things ... 1. It felt like Charmin. Really, who spends that much money on TP that is just to be decorating someone's car? And 2. He had further decorated Wilson!

I laughed and I laughed and I laughed at the creativeness [I am sure Wilson would have joined in if he wasn't car] ...
This one was my favorite:

Or maybe it was this one due to the blatant oxy-moron of it all:

While of course this prank didn't match the grandeurness of mine, he still gets points for the extremely high entertainment value. Of course I was 15 minutes late for work as I cleaned up Wilson [he would be so humiliated to sit around all day while displaying such conflicting messages!], but it was well worth the laugh. :)

Thank you, Mr. Nelson. :)

P.s. Here is a little photo of us at the USU vs. Nevada game on Saturday. Before the USU game we watched the Texas vs. Oklahoma game. Mr. Nelson is from Texas annnnd ... watching him watch that game. Intense. But fun. :) [P.s. Photo was taken upside down with my camera phone and with funny shadows from the bars behind us, so it looks a little ... psychedelic?]


Power of prayer ...

I would say that 99.9% of you who read this blog know that I am a religious kind of gal. I believe that faith matters, hope endures, prayers are answered, and miracles do happen.

Not only do I believe that faith matters and prayers are answered, but I also believe that the power both of these things can have can be magnified when the faith and prayers are shared by more than one.

I share this with you, because I have a plea today.

Your prayers are needed.

I just received news an immediate family member has been diagnosed with cancer. I don't have all the details just yet and I am not sure what details we're comfortable giving out at this time, more may follow later. But for now, please pray for him. Please.



That's what most people blog about, in case you didn't know. Babies and children, of course. Someone just had a baby. Someone just found out they were expecting. Someone's child just colored on the walls ...

I will not be left out.

I am going to blog about my babies - my pride and joy. My babies arrived on December 25, 2007.

Cute, huh? Nike running shoes with pink accents! And you thought your kids were cute, pff!

Their stats at birth were:

Height- 4.5 inches, 50th percentile
Weight- 1 ¾ pounds, 50th percentile
Overall Circumfrence - 12 inches, 50th percentile
Length - 9.5 US, 7 UK, 41 Euro, and 26.5 cm

And noooow, here they are at 21-months-old:

They are a little dirty, we hadn't had bath-time yet (who am I kidding, we haven't had bath-time in 21 months. Does that make me a bad mom?).

But they are becoming so much fun! They completely surpassed the crawling and walking stages and went straight to running! Insane, right?

They love to jump in puddles and frolick outside ... They are always wanting to go outside! Sometimes I feel like I can barely keep up with them!

They give me no troubles at night, I put them away ... err, to bed and they don't make a peep - ever. And I always find them in weird positions when I go to get them ... sometimes upside down, on their sides, you name it!

They love to travel and have been on multiple airplane rides already! They have been with me to NY, New Mexico, Cancun, Nevada, Washington, DC, and Hawaii!

Annnd, they are starting to learn how to roll over! Here's a video:

Okay, so ... they were a little intimidated by the camera. But you get the point. My babies are just as cute as your babies and now that I have blogged about them, I fit in to the blogging world just that much more! {I covered all the bases, right? Talked about everything everyone who blogs about their babies talk about? If I missed something, let me know!} :)


Just curious ...

I want to put together a little shin-dig in the next week or two ... to celebrate the life and legend of this man:

That's right, Patrick W. Swayze.

No, I've never seen a full film that he was in and I don't really like this* song he sang all that much either.

But none of that is important. What is important is Pat's love for black pants. It was noted one night while Pat was dirtily dancing away that even though I have never seen his films or documentaries to their entirety, every time I have seen him - he was in black pants. Just a few examples ...

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

So. To honor his life we could all meet up for a little dinner ... wearing black pants. Naturally.

The point of this blog: would you be interested in joining me?


Let me know. Invitations may follow.

No, I am not obsessed with black pants ... I really don't like black pants so much. But evidently he did and so I feel that if someone is so passionate about something it should be honored. In life. In death. Join me. Please.

* WARNING: The video to that song has got a little ... dirty dancin' to it. Just sayin'.


Courage take, for goodness sake!

cour*age [kur-ij]

the quality of mind or spirit

that enables a person to face difficulty without fear.

obsolete. the heart as the source of emotion.

She's got a lot of it.

Thinking of you today, friend. Fingers crossed.

10 gold stars to anyone who knows where the subject heading of this post comes from.

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