Today is Saturday.

1. I will be updating gold stars this weekend. You will receive 250 gold stars for reading this entire post and 250 more for making a comment that says more than just, "I read the entire post." [CoughcoughMike!coughcough!]

2. I am so hungry I am about to dry heave. Odd little phenomenon in my life.

3. I have been very sick for about a week now. I am not sure who to curse [since it seems I have sick people flocking towards me]. So, I guess I will curse them all. P.s. As previously discussed, when sick I sound like a man.

4. I accidentally threw my adorable debit card in the trash yesterday. My roommate then took out the trash. So, I did a little bit of this:

Dumpster diving. On my birthday. The epitome of my life. At least I have a good attitude about that epitome, no? :)

5. I should be heading out soon to watch the marathon. [Update: it is now two hours later. I did watch the marathon. I will run one someday. And I will get married someday too. ;) Hahaha!]

6. Is birthday cake a suitable breakfast? Because that's what I am going to go get to eat right now.

7. This might be shocking, but this man is still single. [Worth listening to, promise, promise.]

8. Shh. I didn't get my clean laundry put away until yesterday. This weekend's project was going to be another trip to the post office [twice in one month? I know, right?]. But that's just a little too ambitious for the week [month] I've had.

9. Mmm ... This cake tastes fabulous.

10. Said client from this post asked his staff at work yesterday to do this for me:

Specifically, part of the artwork:

A hanger. My client wanted to give me a hanger for my birthday [he's not only obsessed with boxes, but hangers too]. I love that in his world, giving me this is like the best birthday gift ever.

At one point he also asked, "What do you want for your birthday, Mindy?" I said I wasn't sure and he said, "Boxes?" :)

He also wanted his staff to draw this:

It's a pedestrian/school crossing sign [if you couldn't tell]. Whenever we are driving on the streets and my client sees these signs he will say, "There's Mindy!" Either one of two conversations will happen at this point:

a. You'll notice the pedestrians have no hands or feet so I will ask where my hands and feet went and he will say, "Took them." I will ask where he took them and he will say, "Under my bed." Or ...

b. "Oh, no! What am I doing?" I ask. He will say, "Walking home." I will ask, "What will happen if I walk home?" He says, "Get hit by a car!"

So, while this artwork might not mean much to someone else, it means a lot to me. :)

Now, another client was feeling out. She wanted to draw me something for my birthday too ...

Yup. It's a dead body outline ... "Like they draw on CSI," she says. :)

And, finally ...

11. I cannot decide what to post about next. So, please put the following blog posts in the order in which you'd like to appear first, second, third, etc. in the upcoming week or two:

a. My new hobby.
b. The most ironic story. Ever.
c. August stuff I never got around to.
d. A letter to BFF
e. A blog about my children.
f. My new favorite book[s].
g. More about the epitome of my life.

Thanks for your assistance annnnnd ... that's all. I am still hungry. The end.


Brandon Thornley said...

A letter to BFF
The most ironic story. Ever.
My new hobby
My new favorite book[s
More about the epitome of my life
August stuff I never got around to.
A blog about my children.

Katie said...

Ok, so first of all I am very sorry I did not give you happy birthday wishes!! I need organize my life better!! Second, you do indeed need to update your stars. I am not even sure if the Katie listed is Katie Foote or not!! As for the sickness, I am sorry I did not recommend a cure, sounds like the witches brew we discussed didn't work too well :) LOVE the drawings, and I miss hearing all of the funny stories from the kids you work with!! As for your next post:

1. The most ironic story. Ever.
2.A blog about my children.
3. My new hobby
4. More about the epitome of my life.
5.August stuff I never got around to
6.My new favorite book[s].
7. A letter to BFF.

Lissbeth said...

I hope your birthday was great! Changed your background, I see. :)

Adam R. said...

Not only did I read your post--but I also sat here stunned that I was the only person in the world to think that your birthday was today, instead of yesterday. JK.


Natalie Willmore said...

All of the above, in any order you choose. Although I am looking for a good book to read and I would like to hear about your children.
I want to wish you a Happy Belated Birthday! And...obviously I got a blog. I like it and I want to apologize for peer pressuring you into not liking it.
p.s. My brother Brad ran the marathon in Logan today. If he can run one, so can you!

Danelle and Alex said...

A : Cake is always ok for breakfast. I had chocolate satin pie this morning. Actually that was just an appetizer for my french toast. And you wonder why I have such a nice body. :)
B : I would like to hear about the most ironic story ever and about your children.
And C : Happy late birthday!!

Krystal said...

1 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY yesterday... I feel like a horrible friend... I always remember Sept. 18, I just lose track of the days when I get home from school so exhausted... I literally did NOTHING last night after working 10 straight hours. I was useless. But I hope it was a great day anyway.

2 - I did read the whole post!! AND I think I should be at 1,000+ gold stars total :)

3 - here's the order I would like posts to be in (but really, they all sound great and any order will do): E, B, F, G, A, C, D

Di said...

Mindy I think birthday cake is an excellent breakfast. My favorite breakfast happens to be sugar cookies and diet coke so who am I to judge. I would love to hear about your new favorite books I need a good read. Also, I hate to break it to you, but I think I am around 125 gold stars short on the list...No hard feelings though you do have to count up a lot of gold stars for people. Thanks for writing I love your posts!

Di said...

Oh yeah p.s. Happy Birthday sorry you had to spend it in the trash. The picture made me want to puke. Ha ha

Chance said...

Not only did I read the entire post but I have written two songs for you in the past two days, that is one heck of allot of stars, if I do say so myself.

Amber said...

Nice post! I hope you had a great bday! The great thing is that you are still celebrating today because you had leftover cake!! If your still hungry...eat more cake! I loved the post of the single dude. I wonder why he hasn't been snatched yet! As for upcoming post...here's my vote: b,d,e,g,c,a,f...in that order. Hook me up with some stars!!!

Lindsay Johnson said...

As the newest reader of mindy's blog all my dreams would come true if I got a few gold stars.

I vote:

Ironic story
Fav. Book
Blog about Children
New hobby

I would LOVE to read them all!

BreAna Palmer said...

So that totally sucks you had to go dumpster diving. did you find your card? I sure hope so, and I think on your birthday you can have cake every meal of the day. That's what birthday's are for. Next post I think you need to talk about your children.

Allison and Josh said...

Oh Mindy, you should have a career in blogging because your blog is so fun and entertaining! I love when you have new posts! By the way, Birthday cake is a GREAT breakfast. Yesterday for breakfast I had cookies. So yeah, I'm all about that sorta thing! Second, did you find the debit card you went dumpster diving for? And here is the order in which I would like to see your blog posts:


Mike said...

I regularly leave in-depth, meaningful comments that should be cherished forever. 1201. :-)

emily said...

Love the post!

a. My new hobby.
f. My new favorite book[s].
b. The most ironic story. Ever.
d. A letter to BFF
e. A blog about my children.
g. More about the epitome of my life.
c. August stuff I never got around to.

capturedbydaniem.blogspot.com said...

Oh I am so happy that I have my stars!! I am also happy about your new posts. You. are. crazy.

ALSO, I like you.

Also I would like to cash in on 500 more stars :)

Your Mother said...

I have read this post twice now. Yes that is correct, I continue in my stalking ways. I am still quite good at it. I hesitated to post anything because if the past has taught me one thing, its that you are determined to not award me my gold stars. Shame be upon you. Once again I am holding you to your word. I need two fifty for this comment, two fifty for reading the post, the million gold stars I earned for pure awesomeness and all other gold stars you still owe me. I will require an extra two hundred because in hasty fashion you deleted my gold stars from the blog. A curse be upon you and your posterity. I had around 536.863462 gold stars before they disappeared. So if my math is correct, I should have a trillion billion gold stars which will never be deleted again. Muwaahaha. Muwaahaha.

The life of a college girl said...

You make me laugh, I love it. I know I start the morning right by looking at your blog. So 250 plus 250 equals...... 500 pts for me!!! PS I think ur total is off.... I swear I have more than 420 pts!! Anywho, love that your weekend was so productive. I wanted to watch the marathon, jealous that you got to, I had friends running in it. Bday cake for breakfast, not bad, but I would much rather have brownies, not a big cake fan. :( For your posts... I like them all, but my order would be,
Love ya!

Our Little Fam said...

Happy Late Birthday!! I did read the whole post, and I agree with you on the new sheet thing. I love new sheets. Especially on Tate's bed, little boy sheets are just really cute. I want to hear the ironic story first.

Zann said...

I read the whole post.

Meg said...

So, I must claim my stars for reading the whole post and for my amazing comment I am about to make. :-)

Birthday cake is absolutely a suitable breakfast food. I also find it to be suitable for lunch and dinner. Even more so if ice cream is included. (Of course, I consider ice cream an acceptable meal by itself.)

About #7: Wow! He's quite the catch, just ask him.

I love the birthday artwork. I'm glad you got pictures. (Do you know who the dead body was?)

And my opinion on future posting, since you asked:
1-the most ironic story. Ever.
2-a blog about my children
3-my new favorite books
4-more about the epitome of my life
5-my new hobby
6-a letter to BFF
7-august stuff i never got around to

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