And isn't it ironic?

i*rony* [ahy-ruh-nee]:
an outcome of events contrary to what was,
or might have been, expected.

Recently there has been someone who I was extremely close to that has made some decisions that have left me ... quite sad [to say the least].

Another friend noticed my spirits were down and informed me that he would be taking me out that night to get my mind off of "things."

He didn't tell me where we were going. It was a surprise.
He knows how I feel about surprises. But that is beside the point.

As it became clear we were leaving Cache Valley he said, "When sad things are going on I like to get out of town and away from whatever it is making me sad so I don't have to think about it."

Super cute and sweet, no?

I still had no idea where we were going or what we were doing. But, finally, when we got on the freeway past Brigham City he informed me where we were going. A city approximately 93.3 miles from Logan.

Irony is when the city 93.3 miles away that we were going to to get my mind off of said close person who made decisions that made me sad, is the same city said person is from.

I asked what we were going to do in the city 93.3 miles away. He said we were going to dinner and such-and-such restaurant.

Irony is when such-and-such restaurant is actually the same restaurant said person used to work at.

I didn't have the heart to tell the friend the comical irony in all of this. Bless his heart as the irony in my life continues to not surprise me day in and day out.


10 gold stars to you if this story actually made any sort of sense at all. I mean, does it? Does it make sense? Do you see the irony? Please see the irony. I need someone else to see the comical irony. Do.you.see.it?


Some more thoughts ...

Serious ones. Again.

I hope this makes sense ... I always knew I loved my client who passed away [I love all of my clients, deeply. Profoundly]. I always knew how grateful I was to be a part of his life. Yet, I am still surprised at the ache that remains because of his absence. I never imagined I would miss him this much. I guess that is because it never crossed my mind he'd leave us [or that any of our clients would]. They are some of the most resilient people ... they may get knocked down, but they always get back up.

Because his funeral was on a weekday, not everyone at our company who wanted to attend could. Some of us had to stay at work for all the other clients. Although I wanted to be at the funeral more than anything, I stayed back to help.

Another client [from this post and this one] was a roommate to the client who passed away. His home staff and parents took him to the funeral. I wasn't aware of this before the day started. All I knew was as the clients arrived, both were gone. The absence of both clients was almost too much.

When the client finally returned [in his button-up shirt and sweat pants, which is what he wore to the funeral and he looked so handsome!] I heard his voice in the front office and literally ran to him! I needed my little buddy to make it through the day.

I was able to sit with him and talk with him for awhile. I asked him where he had gone and he said to "Church." He told me he was good and quiet while at church and that there were a lot of people and a lot of chairs there. He was so proud to have gone to church and to have behaved so well. We celebrated together and after a moment of silence he said, "Miss B."

"Me too," I said.

"Where's B?" he asked.

"In Heaven," I said, holding back the tears [which I was only successful at for a few more moments].

"Why's he in Heaven?" he asked.

"To be with Heavenly Father."

"B's happy?"

"Yes, he is. He is very happy."

I love that I was able to share that moment with him. I needed to share it with him. I knew that he knew how I felt. And to have that connection with him is something I will cherish for always.

And so it goes, B's favorite couch is still empty [no one has sat on it since]. But our hearts are full. We miss him. But we will go on. And we know that we will see him again. It was a difficult day. But it was a good day. A day where the veil was so thin and Heaven didn't seem all that far away ... We should find a way to make more days like that.


A difficult goodbye ...

This one is going to be serious, folks. Unusual, I know. But you will understand why.

As most of you know, I work with people with disabilities. I absolutely love my job, mainly because of the people it allows me to work with. I absolutely love the people I work with. I absolutely love my clients.

This week our company suffered a tremendous loss. One of our clients, one of my clients passed away Sunday morning.

There are no words to describe how much I miss him. There is no way to explain the emptiness that the lack of his presence creates. My heart aches when the realization creeps in that I will never again be able to see that mischievous look in his eye, see him tease new staff, or watch him skip and frolic outside as his staff try to keep up with him.

Upon hearing of his passing I couldn't help but reflect on the last moments I had with him. I'm not sure it could have been written out more perfectly. He sat looking out the window at the mountains, as often times he did. I was sitting next to him, calling him by the nickname I have for him, scratching his back and patting him on the leg. I remember him looking at me with those amazing eyes that so many times spoke the words he couldn't speak. They had so much to say. In that moment, I somehow knew it was a moment I would remember forever ... I now know why.

In that moment I remember thinking, "I hope he knows I love him."

Oh, how I wish I would've known that was the last time I would be able to share my love and gratitude for him.

His life and his death are the most perfect reminder that these special people are truly angels amongst us. They teach us tolerance, patience, acceptance of others and unconditional love.

I do not know why I have been so blessed to have my life so full of these angels. They truly have brought me some of the greatest joy I have ever known. It is my hope to do everything in my power to give them a little bit of that same joy they have given me. I want every interaction I have with them to be able to show them I know how special they are. I know their strength. I know their character. And I am eternally indebted for the lives they live and what they bring to me on a daily basis.

This photo was displayed at his viewing tonight ... What a beautiful scene to be captured. Oh, what I would have given to see this client be reunited with his Heavenly Father ... The Father being so pleased with His son who triumphed in this life against insurmountable odds ... being so pleased with His son who lived with struggles and complications most of us will never know and used those struggles and complications to accomplish the extraordinary in the lives of those he touched daily.

B, I miss you. I love you. Thank you for your smile, your laugh, your teasing, your love. I look forward to the day that we meet again and you can finally tell me your thoughts you've never been able to speak. Love you, friend.


I win.

It was time for another prank.

Not as intense as my last one. Yet, new victim was still totally deserving.

I may or may not have written up this little ad on Craigslist ...

This was the actual phone call he got in response to the ad:

And the point goooooes to ... Mindy.


But, really ... Is anyone surprised?

To whom it may concern: Yes, I did get my debit card out of the dumpster [and no, that photo below is not actually me in the dumpster].

Gold stars have been updated ... There is one person whose stars are unaccounted for. You know who you are. I will put your stars up if you can remind me how many you had [before the post-it note ones].


Today is Saturday.

1. I will be updating gold stars this weekend. You will receive 250 gold stars for reading this entire post and 250 more for making a comment that says more than just, "I read the entire post." [CoughcoughMike!coughcough!]

2. I am so hungry I am about to dry heave. Odd little phenomenon in my life.

3. I have been very sick for about a week now. I am not sure who to curse [since it seems I have sick people flocking towards me]. So, I guess I will curse them all. P.s. As previously discussed, when sick I sound like a man.

4. I accidentally threw my adorable debit card in the trash yesterday. My roommate then took out the trash. So, I did a little bit of this:

Dumpster diving. On my birthday. The epitome of my life. At least I have a good attitude about that epitome, no? :)

5. I should be heading out soon to watch the marathon. [Update: it is now two hours later. I did watch the marathon. I will run one someday. And I will get married someday too. ;) Hahaha!]

6. Is birthday cake a suitable breakfast? Because that's what I am going to go get to eat right now.

7. This might be shocking, but this man is still single. [Worth listening to, promise, promise.]

8. Shh. I didn't get my clean laundry put away until yesterday. This weekend's project was going to be another trip to the post office [twice in one month? I know, right?]. But that's just a little too ambitious for the week [month] I've had.

9. Mmm ... This cake tastes fabulous.

10. Said client from this post asked his staff at work yesterday to do this for me:

Specifically, part of the artwork:

A hanger. My client wanted to give me a hanger for my birthday [he's not only obsessed with boxes, but hangers too]. I love that in his world, giving me this is like the best birthday gift ever.

At one point he also asked, "What do you want for your birthday, Mindy?" I said I wasn't sure and he said, "Boxes?" :)

He also wanted his staff to draw this:

It's a pedestrian/school crossing sign [if you couldn't tell]. Whenever we are driving on the streets and my client sees these signs he will say, "There's Mindy!" Either one of two conversations will happen at this point:

a. You'll notice the pedestrians have no hands or feet so I will ask where my hands and feet went and he will say, "Took them." I will ask where he took them and he will say, "Under my bed." Or ...

b. "Oh, no! What am I doing?" I ask. He will say, "Walking home." I will ask, "What will happen if I walk home?" He says, "Get hit by a car!"

So, while this artwork might not mean much to someone else, it means a lot to me. :)

Now, another client was feeling out. She wanted to draw me something for my birthday too ...

Yup. It's a dead body outline ... "Like they draw on CSI," she says. :)

And, finally ...

11. I cannot decide what to post about next. So, please put the following blog posts in the order in which you'd like to appear first, second, third, etc. in the upcoming week or two:

a. My new hobby.
b. The most ironic story. Ever.
c. August stuff I never got around to.
d. A letter to BFF
e. A blog about my children.
f. My new favorite book[s].
g. More about the epitome of my life.

Thanks for your assistance annnnnd ... that's all. I am still hungry. The end.


He's happy ...

I have a client at work who absolutely loves boxes. In fact, he's border line obsessed with them. Most conversations revolve around boxes. A lot of joy in his life comes from talking about boxes, looking for boxes, and holding boxes. In fact, he will do almost anything just so he can hold a box for five minutes (he then has to recycle the box because he gets too attached to boxes. But that is beside the point.).

At work today I was mentioning how perfectly wonderful it was that he found so much joy in something so simple. I said how I wanted to be more like that.

Several hours later, upon returning home, and having forgotten that conversation, I was straightening up my room and decided to put on fresh bedsheets.

I went into my linen closet to acquire the fresh bed sheets. And there they sat ... The brand new bedsheets I had bought two weeks early (during my Retail Therapy ... we could have an entire year's worth of blog posts on why I had to have said Retail Therapy, but also beside the point).

I was thrilled as I put these babies on my bed:

And even more thrilled when I realized the pajama bottoms I had bought at the Gap outlet in Park City over Labor Day weekend matched by spankin' new bedsheets!

He loves boxes. I love pink things (and let's be honest, polka dots too). We are a lot more alike than I realized. And that, that makes me even happier than I already was. Perfection for a mere moment today. :)

P.s. I have the most ironic story to tell ever. I just need to find a way to vaguely tell it on here ...


Ambitious ...

Every weekend I have a project ... something that I must complete before Monday morning rolls around. Last weekend it was going to the post office.

This weekend it is folding/hanging up the clean laundry out of my laundry basket.

Such daunting tasks, I know. I am such an ambitious fool. I probably need to cut myself some slack with completing these weekend projects ... Maybe extend my deadline through Monday so I don't get so overwhelmed.

I hope your weekend is as productive as mine clearly will be (although, I highly doubt it will be ... Unless you too have a laundry basket of clean clothes to put away too).

P.s. I have posts stacking up like banana pancakes at the Hukilau Cafe. Essentially what this means is, I will probably be posting a lot this week. No, that doesn't mean I am full of myself and think you all need a daily dose of Mindy ... But, who are we kidding? You do. But the fact remains, it doesn't mean I am full of myself. ;) Prepare yourselves ... whatever that entails.


The results are in ...

percent of you think I have met a special someone and we could potentially be getting married at the beginning of October!

percent of you think I have gotten a new job! And ...

percent of you think I am moving to Boston!

Brother and sister called - had to know if it was Boston ... After all, this announcement would be a lot like the time I came home one weekend from EFY and informed my family I would no longer be teaching seminary and I was moving to Provo immediately. Well, okay ... I informed them of this on a Saturday, was going to Disneyland the following day and would be moving the next Saturday, so not quite immediately.

Best friend in Wisconsin calls, wondering if she has to buy a plane ticket to Utah for my October wedding.

Oh, the fun repsonses.

The answer?

Let me explain ...

Update [9.15.09] At one point, these gigantic number match my blog layout. Now they don't and they look pretty hideous. Okay, that's all I have to say. kthanksbye.

Remember when ...

I did this ...

(Ran for Logan High? I look so happy, I know.)

And then when I did this ...

(Ran for Utah State? 10 gold stars to anyone who knows where this track is located.)

I decided it was time to go back to my roots. I began coaching at a local high school about two weeks ago. I.love.it.

Favorite conversation so far:

Boy: I don't think I know any of your girls' names. What's yours?
Girl #1: Erica.
Boy: And what grade are you in?
Girl #1: 10th.
Boy: And what is your name and what grade are you in?
Girl # 2: Kandyce and I am a junior.
Boy: And what is your name?
Mindy: Mindy.
Boy: And what grade are you in?
Mindy: Uhm, I'm your coach.

(Behaviorist by day ... Coach by mid-afternoon and workin' the corner by night. Sigh. The busy life I live.)


Need a babysitter?

I am extremely good with children ...

P.s. I feel like there was something super important I was going to blog about to tell you ... but for the life of me, I just cannot remember what it is right now ... Hmm ... :)

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