I'm a vague person.

Have you noticed that I am a vague person? That I never really go into details of anything? Admit it, you like it. It leaves you on the edge of your seat. And who doesn't like being left on the edge of their seats (besides me, of course)?

So, to stay true to character ... Let the vagueness begin. :) I have been blessed with many things in my life ... For example, I am an amazing leg-wrestler, parallel parker, and I can text extremely fast. You're jealous, I know.

But I have also been blessed with amazing people in my life. I don't have any physical evidence of this just yet, but I am confident that my parents are paying each one of these people a monthly stipend. It's the only logical answer as to why I, peon Mindy Marie Thornley, have such a vast network of such remarkable people.

While I am constantly reminded of how grateful I am for all of these people, this week there was an outpouring of goodness from so many. I want them all to know how grateful I am for what they have done for me this week.

Weedus Sue Lily. Thank you for the countless phone calls and texts and for the entire talking to God thing. Thanks for checking in, for listening, advice, and for the conversation we had Saturday morning.

Lillian. Thanks for letting me call you Lillian (no, that has nothing to do with this week) and for helping me do the most girly thing I have ever done in my entire long-legged life. :)

To these three: Brett, Cami, and Geoff. Thanks for Wednesday night fun of conversation, other stuff, and teaching me that to get a man I need to dye my hair with Kool-aide. :) As well as the text checkin-ins. (P.s. It was so difficult to find a photo of all three of you!)

Neecole. Thanks for lunch at the OG and the amazing conversation that came along with it (especially the Pixie Stick!) :) As well as advice from Talon and texts that followed. :)

Avree. Thanks for your email, for listening, and that other thing you have been doing. :)

Dave and Dani. Thanks for the phone chats and advice. Plus, for just being so stinkin' adorable in this photo!!!

Whitters! Thanks for the email and the texts and your faith!!

Heather Anne. Thanks for your optimistic message on Facebook (even though it was wrong). And for the visit we had the week before. :) I miss you, woman!

Shurlana. Thanks for always being on my side, no matter what. Your loyalty is as resolute as it comes!!

Rachel. Thanks for all messages sent through such a variety of electronic means this week!! :) For listening and for advice ... as well as the other stuff you do. :)

Stacey. Thanks for not wearing that cowboy hat at the apartment. :) And for all other stuff that you put up with in the apartment. :)

Amber and Emily. Thank you for everything! August is quickly becoming one of my favorite months ... Almost as good as Christmas. :)

BFF. Thanks for just being you and all that entails. :) P.s. I cried because I was so beautiful.


Geoff & Cami Brown said...

Of course the only one you can find of all 3 of us is one where I am disgustingly sweaty, ha ha.

I love ya! Everything happens for a reason... I have had many disappointing things happen in my life where I was left confused and now years later, I see why I went through those things. You're a strong, beautiful, sassy woman who I admire a great deal. You will rise above everything and be even better because of it.

whitneybb said...

We all do it because you would do the same for us! Remember when you drove all the way down to the hospital to see me and stayed with me a whole day and just talked about things. That is just ONE of the many thoughtful things you have done for me. I wish I could do more for you.

You are an amazing person and friend.

Nicole Anderson said...

I echo Cami & Geoff as well as Whitney! You are the truest friend out there! We love you tons and tons... and I AM SOOOO FLIPPIN' GLAD THAT YOU WERE SO BEAUTIFUL... and that you worked that into your post. Oh my. Made my day... again! And the blue tongue is now gone... sad. We'll need to go on a mission to find some more sometime soon!

Alison said...

i like you. thanks for adding my request to your needs to be kicked list. it made my day :)

The Enslingers said...

I love you, that's all. Oh wait. That is not all. Did you call me and then hang up on me yesterday? If so, I forgive you and you can call back! :) Oh and nice pic of us. We need a more recent one. Okay, now that is all.


emily said...

Thank you for everything! You are a great friend and I wish lived closer! (p.s. I'm not a fan of the new work schedule)

The life of a college girl said...

Mindy Sue, I love you!!! And all that you do!!!! Cant wait till i get to see you again!

Allred Mom said...

Wow! I never, ever, ever....thought, I'd actually see my face on your blog! Of course it looks like I've been in the sun all day! lol Oh well!

You have been and are a wonderful friend! I, too, wish I lived closer! I want to be in on some of the fun things you do! Although, I'm not ever, ever going to leg wrestle you! But..run, I can do or write with chalk or play volleyball in the mud, or take trips, etc., etc., etc!
But, just as you are vague...so am I so, I'll just say, "You can Do it!"

P.S. I hope you get those pink folders!

Meg said...

Fun people follow each other! Just as they all said you have all those amazing people in your life, because you are so amazing! Thanks for always having something great to talk about on your blog. I look forward to all the updates, ideas and thoughts! You rock the blog!!

Krystal said...

so behind on blogs... and now I'm so confused... but thanks for the post anyway :)

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