Over the weekend ...

I went to New Mexico to visit my friend Chance and his family. Let's just clear this one up right away: No, we are still not dating. And the still does not mean that we are planning on it in the future. It means we weren't dating the last time I posted about visiting his family, nor the last before that time, nor the the time before that. But thanks for wondering. :)

And for what it is worth ... If I am dating someone, I might blog about it before I blog about my engagement. Maybe. If you're lucky. :)

Now onto our trip.

Most shocking moment: we did not play Settlers. Yippee! I don't know how I got out of it, but - yippee! Although, I did touch the pink settlements, roads, and cities, just because they were so pretty. :)

On Friday we decided to go to Mesa Verde, a national park of ancient Indian ruins. These were actually cliff dwellings inhabited around 1100 AD. The first dwelling we went to was Balcony House. And we got there by scaling down a cliff {on man-made stairs} just to climb up this 30-foot rickety ladder:

Here are some photos of and around Balcony House:

And here are some views from Balcony House {and where it gets its name}:

Here are some pictures getting around and through Balcony House {note: the average woman that resided in the cliff dwellings was 5'0". I ... I am roughly 5'11"}:

After leaving this dwelling we were off to Cliff Palace. But first we saw this:

I cannot even begin to tell you how badly it smelled. Buuut, look how creative they are: Le Pew! French sounding or not, poo smells like poo anyway you spell it!

On our way to Cliff Palace, we saw the House of Many Windows:

Cliff Palace is the largest cliff dwelling in America:

Look what I found while at Cliff Palace ... Can you tell what?

I found some Utah State Aggies!! The girl in the navy blue shirt with an "A" on it. :)

In the above photo are Nat {Chance's friend from BYUSA}, Linds {Chance's sisterC, Chance, and Brad {Chance's other friend from BYUSA}.

After the ruins we went to the fireworks. While we waited we played spoons.

And while playing spoons, some people were setting off their own spectacular fireworks while we waited. 

These fireworks were literally over our heads as we played.

On Saturday we decided to go tubing down the river. We here are squished in the van with the inner tubes.

Pre-river photo shoot.

Annnnd, we are in!

After the river it was time for mud volleyball with the missionaries! Notice my white shorts ...

I wonder if they will ever be that color again?

I think this was after a Chance take down. Unfortunately, it didn't mean I took him down. Then we have a Brad take down. Although he initiated, I think I won.

Then Troy thought it was his turn to try ... Notice fantastic Lindsay running to my aid!

After all was said and done we looked a little like this ...

Later that day ... there was a tragic incident. Wilson's keys got locked inside!!!!! Oh, no! {P.S. Not my fault.} I gave Pa Basinger three rules as which to abide by while making the attempt to get the keys out:

1. First and foremost: I thanked him for being willing to help me out {not a rule per se}.

2. Nothing must be broken with this attempt. Nothing. Not the inside of the door, not the window. Nothing.

3. No paint could be chipped or scratched in this attempt. In fact, nothing could be scratched.

With the rules set in stone, he forbade me from watching and sent me in the house. I walked around nervously as if waiting for a loved one to come out of surgery and to hear the prognosis. I did peak out the window multiple times and got a picture of it.

What you can't see is Troy and Brad on the driver's side just peering in the window, so intrigued what was going on. About eight minutes later, with all rules abided by, the doors were opened and the key retrieved. Wilson and I were so happy!!

We left the Basingers on Sunday after Church ... but the adventures weren't over just yet. Nat and Brad were troopers and drove from New Mexico to Provo {where they both live} for me so I only had to drive from Provo to Logan.

Nat was driving first. We headed past Moab. We came up on Green River.

Said Mindy, "Nat, do we need to stop and get gas here before we get to Price?"

Nat, "Noo, we'll make it to Price just fine."

We continue on our journey in the middle of pure desolation and ... The gas light comes on. We have roughly 60 miles until the next gas station. And the gas light is on. Now, I don't know much about cars, but I would guess that most gas lights come on when you have about 30 miles left of gas.

In the middle of the desert. No shade. No gas station. Air conditioning comes off as to save usage of gas. Going up huge hills with no emergency pull offs.

I turn to Brad in the back, "Have you prayed yet?"

"Yes, twice."

"Nat, have you prayed?"


Mindy, "So have I."

I then made a promise with God to do something I really didn't want to do that I felt like He wanted me to do if we could just get to a gas station before running out of gas.

Annnnd ...

We made it! Curse that promise! :) But we were so happy to make it! I have never been happier in my entire long-legged life to make it to a gas station!

And that, for the most part sums up the trip to New Mexico. Word. :)

Yes, I know I owe like 504,950,949 gold stars to you faithful gold star earners. I will try to get those all updated today.

Also: how do I make it so you can click on my photos and it enlarges the photo in a new window? 20 gold stars for anyone who can help me figure that out! :)


Mike said...

Oooh, Mindy, who is this Chance boy? Tell us all about him, we're all dieing to know when and where you will be getting married!:-)
Also, about the picture thing, mine just does that automatically, and has always done it, so I can't help you there. I think I'm am currently owed twelve stars.

Allison and Josh said...

Mindy! I love the pictures and I'm glad you got out of playing settlers. I thought I was the only one in America who thought that game was an epic waste of time! :) I love the mud wrestling pics. I have always wanted to do that. I have jello wrestled before and that was super fun! and super sticky! Did you leg wrestle in the mud as well? :) Also, I LOVE the new background. VERY summer-y!

Krystal said...

looks like a super fun trip indeed :) And I'm glad Wilson is okay... poor guy.

As for the pictures, I have found that when I am in the "edit HTML" mode, it will upload the picture in a way that you can click on it and make it bigger... if you are in "compose" mode when you upload it, you can't click and make it bigger. Not a scientific answer, just my own experience with blogger...

Krystal said...

PS, I *love* the new background... oh my cuteness!!! Love it love it love it!!

Chennell said...

Hey there. I'm getting a flashback of 4th grade Utah history with your cave dwelling pics. Looks like you had lots of fun. I guess the question is when don't you?

whitneybb said...

Oh Mindy I like all your adventures. I am jealous of the mud wrestling...I have always wanted to do that but never have, I have rolled in mud though. (why is your mud so much lighter than everyone else's?)Love you!

Ruth and Kyle Emmett said...

Wow I'm so jealous of your fun trip! I'm glad you had a great time. (Chance is pretty cute:))

Allred Mom said...

WElcome Back to Utah...once again, Mindy! Looks like a great time was had! As for Mesa Verde....I've been there! We decided those short people had to be Nephites! What do you think?
I think your white shorts are now going to be brown tinted for life!
Glad you didn't run out of gas...that would've been horrible! Now what promise did you make????? :)

Toni said...

Yay for another adventurous trip to nm!! Awesome pics ...and I LOVE the new layout!

Barbara Anne said...

I went to Mesa Verde for Girls Camp one year! Yea! Your pictures brought back memories. I am jealous that you get to travel so much!

The life of a college girl said...

Love the pics. You always manage to have way too much fun on your trips my dear friend! :)

BreAna Palmer said...

you do the funnest things. I love how much fun you have all the time. I need to have more fun. You look great.

DeeAura said...

I've always known you were in love with Chance. Don't know why you gotta hide it like that...

bahahaha. A little joke?

Okay, I'm openly very jealous of you going to Mesa Verde. I know this may sound silly, but I've wanted to go there since I was about 12. I really should just take this desire into my own hands. Honestly. :)

(p.s. are you copy/pasting the pictures in your blog when you put them there, or are you uploading them through blogger? That sometimes makes a difference. Other than that, I dunno...)

Adam R. said...

That sounds like HEAPS of fun! Ahhh...the New Mexico memories are good ones.

jill said...

I love the mud wrestling pics and if you find the secret to the picture enlarging let me know cause I have the same issue!!

Dennis and Amber Ogilvie said...

Do you really read all of your comments, because you get soooo many! You're trip looked like a lot of fun. It reminds me of the fun you might have if you ever chose to visit say Milwaukee, WI!:) Can't wait to see you in a little over a month!

Linze Kate said...

HOW FUN!!!!!! Jealous. I'm glad things are going brilliantly for you!

P.S. My word is resseso.... sounds like a Harry Potter spell or something.... haha! Thought I would share.

Kristin said...

This trip is fabulous. I like the stories. Why are you so rad?

As for the enlarging of the blogger pix- make sure you are in HTML mode when you click the upload button. Also, when you paste them into the spot where you want them, you must also do this in HTML mode (not "compose") by cutting and posting the big paragraph of non-sensical code which represents the picture- and paste it to the spot you want it. Get it?

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