"Oh, no. You're going to blog about this, aren't you?"

Yes, BFF. I am. Do you have a problem with that? If so, you know how you can reach me. Preferably not at 1:56am this time, mm-k? :) 

P.S. I heart you. But you already know that.

But back to everyone else ...

So, I am pretty much a big deal.

I did this.

Disclaimer: I didn't say I looked good doing it. But I did it. For the first time ever. I think it took about four times to get up and stay up. I.am.amazing.

Oh, and maybe BFF got up on his first try.

Maybe. Whatev.

We also did a little bit of this.

All thanks to these people.

Lillian {right} and her fam! Thank you, Bakers! {Even though they don't read this blog. Not even Lillian does.}

Other photos I liked.

Getting the water skis on for the first time. Jill's dad said, "Now, if you are going to get up, I need you to act like a man, okay, Mindy?"

It's only fair if you see me when I got up if you see what it looked like when I fell off the water skiis. :)

Where'd I go?

BFF and I at the end of the day.

And believe it or not, amongst all of this we came across a "car graveyard." In the 1940's people intentionally drove their cars off this cliff. There just a rump-load of them piling up. Kinda cool.


If you add up how many gold stars I currently owe you, I will give you 100 more. I just cannot be bothered with adding them up anytime soon. :)


Quiz answers!

1. Who is this man? Adam Paora George Ruri

2. How did I meet him? E to the F to the Y. EFY!

3. What did he do for me the first week that I met him that made me decide forsure we'd be friends? He smelled rotten milk for me!

4. Name one place we have traveled together. Disneyland/California and New Mexico, and accidentally to Grand Junction, CO! :)

5. Where is he from? New Zealand

6. Where does he go to school? Brigham Young University {and I still like him, crasy, I know [yes, the "s" was intentional. Pronounce it that way. It's more fun]}.

7. What did he introduce me to that I have been using for hte last three years? Facebook!

9. Annnnd, one additional point for any other information you can give me about him. {The following things that were mentioned about him are true: He is currently in DC, I am going to go visit him there, he was the BYUSA president, his smile is pretty much phenomenal, he has an adopted family in St. George, he pretty much has the most amazing singing voice and accent ever, girls do go goo-goo over his accent, he has a lot of best girl friends [I am clearly #1], he has a "I heart Adam Ruri" Facebook page [you all should join], he does go camping and sleeps on picnic tables, he did fry Oreos, he sang the National Anthem at a baseball game in Idaho, he hearts his family, he does give tours in DC, he does give the best hugs [seriously. Best. Ever] and he is a good wrestler.}

Evidently he is basically super cool.

Also, I couldn't be bothered with a number eight. Nine would have felt left out.


P.S. This may sound odd {or like I am just plain lazy} but I am currently taking Blog Post Requests. No, those words should not be capitalized, I just like making it look like this is some formal, super cool thing. In the past I have had people mention I should write something about this or that ... and I figure, why not? If you have absolutely anything you want me to blog about {something in my life, something in your life, anything!}, let me know and I might do my best to satisfy your requests in a way that only I can {sounds a bit arrogant - and I like it!} ;) Of course there will be a minimal fee if your request is chosen. Okay, lie. I just want to satisfy my readers requests. I am a super cool blogger like that.


If you have actually read all the fine print of this post, give yourself an additional 20 stars. :)


Allison and Josh said...

Oh Mindy, I always look forward to reading your latest posts! I think you should blog about your love for the color pink! Then I can show Joshua and he will know that I am not the only one out there obsessed with the color! :)

Katie said...

Congrats! I would have NEVER pictured you up on WATER SKIS! You look absolutely sexy :) But just one thing...did I miss out on the reason you wrote "Lillian?" I know Jillian Baker but not Lillian. Is there something I don't know about?

Linds said...

I am super excited that 1) You got up on the water skis and 2) That I get 120 new gold stars, which brings my grand total to 123!
I don't have any requests for blog posts, only to keep them coming because I enjoy reading them :)

Adam R. said...

20 points for me.

Allred Mom said...

Way to go!
Pretty soon you'll be slalom skiing! Looks like a GREAT day full of fun!

As for what you should blog about...you seem to do great on your own....so no suggestions from me!

Now for the "Golden Star" points:
Well...I had to actually go and count the Cancun pic comments!
25 comments = 125 pts.
Adam points- 13 pts.
Reading the "fine print"-20 pts.
Adding them up-100 pts.

I may just catch Daniel yet!
Then again, probably not! :) lol

P.S. Obviously, I had extra time on my hands this afternoon! lol

Krystal said...

*20 points for me, plus *550 for the photos :) (you love my comments), and I don't remember how many points I'm owed for Adam's post... and um, I will think about some fun posts. How about how to shop for the ideal pair of flip flops?? OR do food reviews for yummy spots to eat in Logan (like bluebird or firehouse).

the boating trip looks like lots of fun! I have never water skiied before, so good job!

Meg said...

45,000 stars for me oh yeah plus the 20 for reading the fine print! Thanks those stars remind me of you are special. and I need them! Love you girly

Mike said...

My total should now be at 400. Given the 100 for adding them up, that makes it an even 500.

Avree said...

Way to go Mindy! I've never been able to get up skiing, only wakeboarding (for about 20 seconds). Woohoo for you!

Cory & Rebeca said...

You looked great for your very first time waterskiing! I prb look the same way myself. :)

Chance said...

20 Points

Lil said...

So according to Meg I should get a gold star for every comment I make therefore I should get 22 stars. But then I did send you that invite, which is a very rare and precious thing, so maybe we should add another 50 stars. :)

Meg said...

Well, I figured you owe me 126 more stars (including the 100 for adding them up myself and 20 for reading it all). That brings my total to 457. :)

Also, I passed your comment on to Lil and she did invite you to her blog, so perhaps I should get another 20 for the reference. :)

Scott, Andi and Jack said...

I really am proud of you. That looks like so much fun.
I'm so glad that you know you Reid is. I'm starting to wonder if anyone else watches. They are missen out man.

The life of a college girl said...

Well I love reading ur blogs, no matter the topic. They are a bit random just like you, so keep em coming girl!!! As far as points, I got all right with Adam, read the fine print, commented numerous times.... I would say maybe around a 100 or so, you can choose the number. Love ya girl, jealous you are going to DC!

ShaeandJustin said...

Mindy you look pretty awesome on those water skis!!!

Whitney said...

Blog Post Request:

Please post about how you almost frost bit your ears because you were running.

Also, please explain how, as Shauna was bandaging up her shredded knee caps and ankles before a meet she was still able to say, "You should really start running Whitney, it's really good for your body."

I suppose that would translate into: A blog post on why runners are crazy (and I mean that in a very loving sort of way)

Kristin said...

Oooooh, I am too late. I would have aced this Adam quiz. Hope yous guys are having so much fun in DC!

~Jake and Brianna~ said...

You are such a good skiier (sp?)! Way to show those skiis (sp?) who's boss, Mindy!!

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