I don't do this. Ever ...

but maybe I should.

Today, for no reason, I am missing him:

A lot.

And I just thought he should know.

Since this post is relatively short, let's have a quiz to earn some gold stars. Mm-k?

1. Who is this man? (One gold star for first name, one star for middle, and one for last.)
2. How did I meet him?
3. What thing did he do for me the first week I met him that made me decide forsure we'd be BFF?
4. Name one place we have traveled together.
5. Where is he from?
6. Where does he go to school?
7. What did he introduce me to that I have been using for the last three years?
9. Annnnnd, one additional point for any other information you can give me about him! :)

I heart you, friend!! :)


Krystal said...

1. Adam Paora George Ruri
2. EFY
3. the EFY dances? (that's a guess)
4. Disneyland... multiple times
5. New Zealand
6. BYU
7. no clue...
9. he is currently in DC, he was the BYUSA president, he's super freakin' cool!, and he has the most amazing eyes and smile ever :)

Meg said...

1. Adam Paora George Ruri
2. Alright, alright, alright, alright.. EFY
3. Sing?
4. Anaheim (I believe you met Chance there too! Aug 2006 when you all missed EFC to go to Marks Disneyland trip.. I'm not bitter!)
5. New Zealand
6. BYU I hope since he was the BYSA PRES
7.I wish I knew this one!
8. What happened to 8?
9. He has an adopted family in St George that the "dad" is adorable and funny and they adore Adam, He has a GORGEOUS singing voice,He has an accent that make girls go goo goo, He has A LOT of girl Best friends. I know WAY too much about him and I have never really got to carry a full convo with him.. I feel like a stalker but I am justified cause I lived with one of his Best friends!

Allred Mom said...

Okay...here goes...
1. Adam Paori Ruri
2. EFY a few years back!
3. Took you for icecream.
4. New Mexico
5. New Zealand
6. BYU
7. Electric toothbrush

8. Hmmm....where's your number 8, Mindy? I'll answer without a question..He's going to get gold stars because he's a true friend!

9. He has his own "I heart Adam Ruri" facebook page.
He was the president of BYUSA.
He currently is working in DC and you are going to visit him.
He likes to go camping with his pals and sleeps wherever.
He fries oreos, as well as other things to eat!
He sang the Nathional Anthem at a baseball game in Idaho.
He truly loves his family!

There you go!

The life of a college girl said...

Oh I love this man too! He is great!

1. Adam Paora Ruri
2. EFY
3. Ice cream run
4. New Mexico
5. New Zeland
6. BYU
7. Lots of things
8. You forgot my dear
9. Was BYUSA president last year
He is doing an internship in DC working with Senetors and giving tours, He is freaking amazing, He gives the greatest hugs, He has an AMAZIG accent, He is super friendly, I could go on and on and on!

Gold stars for me!

Adam R. said...

Wow...first I get my own FB group (which, unfortunately, has fallen into inactive status...sorry Mindy) and now I get my own post.

I answered those questions in my head because it's interesting to read what every knows (or doesn't...wink wink).

P.S. The big picture is a nice picture of us. I heart it and you!

Linze Kate said...

1 - Adam (Edam) Ruri
2 - E.F.Y!!!!!
3. I think he took you somewhere... I can't remember.
4. New Mexico! To Chance's!
5. New Zealand, mate!
6. Ra ra ra ra ra, Goooooo Cougars! BYU!
7. Nutella???
9. Adam is a very good wrestler... He once beat Drew Chapman in a wrestling match on the BYUSA/SHA floor. Yea. Also, he is currently in DC on an internship...... and I miss him too. :)

P.S. I believe that I should receive an additional point for not
looking at the answers above... That was HARD!

Meg said...

I don't know him, but I've picked up from other posts that his name is Adam.
I assume, also from other posts, that your friendship began at EFY.
He goes to BYU.
That's pretty much all I've gleaned about him and since I have no reason other than your blog to know anything, it's probably good that I don't know more. :-)

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