Day .5 and Day Two

So, we arrived in Washington, DC on a late afternoon and weren't able to do a lot that first evening, hence: day .5 ... We checked into our hotel, went to dinner and met up with Adam. The one thing I did photograph this day was this at dinner:

Please tell me you think he is as amazingly awesome as I do!! He wasn't a waiter, he didn't take orders. He just brought out all the patrons' food ... like this. 47 gold stars for him.

The following day we jammed pack with as many things as our soon-to-be exhausted little bodies could handle.

We started off at the Smithsonian and the American History Museum. We had high hopes to see this ... but after asking the staff, we found out it was no longer on display. Sadness.

I cannot even begin to tell you all we saw there. It was amazing! We saw the Star Spangled Banner, but of course weren't able to take photos of it. We saw gowns that all of the First Ladies had worn, the ruby red slippers in The Wizard of Oz ... So many things! One thing I somewhat enjoyed but found creepy at the same time was this:

These are the actual hoods worn by the eight conspirators of Abraham Lincoln's assassination. Creepy, I told you.

We then were off to check out the White House:

This is the first photo that documents the humidity and my hair fighting ... It flipped out!!! Ugh!! I hate it flipped out!

Now, the pictures thus far do not indicate a small, minor detail. It.was.pouring.rain. Off and on. All day. We would be drenched and then the sun would come out and scorch us dry in 30 minutes, just in time for it to rain some more.

I bought this umbrella for five dollah from a vendor on the street. Notice the flipped out hair. UGH! Bane of my existence!

The above photo is right outside of the American History Museum. Can you seen the torrential down pour? Please.say.yes.

Did I mention I was wearing my Old Navy flip-flops? Do you know anything about Old Navy flip-flops? Do you know anything about the lack of traction on the Old Navy flip-flops? I was more slippery than a greased pig in a wild pig chase!

In fact, they made a sign just for me:

As I complained and complained to Mike and Brady about needing new shoes ... I came across these:

For some of you faithful readers out there, you may recall the time in New York that I came across running shoes and the time in Hawaii I came across another pair of flip-flops. It's as if the shoe gods are calling to me!

Regardless of potential death by slippage, we went onward fearlessly to go to the top of this little thingy-thing:

We took some pictures from on top, but I wasn't extremely thrilled with how any of them turned out. So, none shall be shown here. Plus, this post is massive enough already. :)

Our next stop was the Holocaust Museum. There are no words to describe this experience. None. If you are ever in Washington, DC you must go. We weren't allowed to take photos inside, so I stole this from my friend's blog (I am not sure where she got it, but you do see it in the museum):

We also went to the Museum of Natural History and saw this baby:

Then off to the Air and Space Museum ... The Smithsonian is fantastic. It reminds you of things you are totally interested in and things you are totally not. I bring this up now because, this was probably my least favorite museum of all (sorry, BFF). But while there we saw the very first plane EVER from the Wright brothers:

And also we saw these stinkin' huge missiles!!!! Oh.my.word!

We then met up with Adam to go to dinner. And then were were off the most amazing cupcake shop in the world!! Georgetown Cupcakes! It began pouring rain ... again. I had to take off my flip-flops and walk shoeless so I wouldn't slip. We walked for-ev-er. Seriously.

Just to come upon this:

A closed Georgetown Cupcake. Frowny face. Yet, we were still happy. Because Mishap is my middle name and when on vacay with me, you just better expect this.

And this sums up days .5 and two. Betcha never thought days .5 and two would end, did ya?


Krystal said...

wow, that rain is annoying! BUT I think your hair actually looks cute all flipped out and stuff... all the museums look really cool... I really want to go to DC and check it all out!

Mike said...


Lissbeth said...

Mindy, Mindy, Mindy... you are a world traveler. What's the name of the diamond? Is that the hope diamond? Also, could you explain the "gold stars" on the side of your blog? I am intrigued.

Meg said...

Just have to let you know that I fully read days .5 and 2. Does that mean I get 15 stars?

Amber Lenora said...

oh my gosh! Please tell me you went back to Georgetown Cupcake?!?!

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