Day Four

Rented a car and we went to Philadelphia today. Word.

Here we are at a Metro station to go pick up the rental:

I heart the Metro and hate it at the same time. I never feel so dirty as after coming off of it. It has given me a new found obsession with washing my hands.

After we picked up the car we decided to go to a farmer's market to get a fantastic breakfast. It was so fantastic that so many people were in line that it would take over an hour before we'd order.

We decided to go to McDonald's and grab something super quick instead. As we walked back to the rental we came across a man walking on the street. We asked him if he knew where the closest McDonald's was. He looked at us like we were the filth of the earth and said, "I don't eat there." We.are.such.slobs. Who dares to even think of eating there? (Please note the sarcasm.)

We then remembered we had Garmin with us. And Garmin would tell us where the nearest McDonald's was.

It brought us to here:

The dumpiest McDonald's we had ever laid eyes on in the sketchiest part of town (although, this pink car is cool ... Right? Hahaha). We actually began to walk in when I stopped dead in my tracks, followed by Adam stopping dead in his. We glanced in and knew we could not go in.

Standing in line was a man who had very obviously wet himself. And not only had he wet himself, he went into public after having wet himself.

Quite possibly my favorite Facebook status ever ... "Adam Ruri decided not to go into the small McDonald's with the man who peed his pants."

Even as I type this, I am laughing ... and crying. My roommate says from the other room, "What are you laughing at?" I don't dare tell her that I am laughing at my computer screen.

Anyway, we were off to Philly where we saw ...

the Liberty Bell.

Independence Hall

And guess what I found that made me oh so happy ??? A bench to sit on!!!

We then saw Benjamin Franklin's grave. We were told it was lucky to throw a penny on his grave. Naturally, I tried it.

And here is the actual penny I threw ... Heeey, that building on that penny looks familiar!

I will let you know when I start experiencing all this luck from standing on that star thing in the Capitol and from throwing this penny. Mm-k?

We then met up with Clark Tanner (who Chance thinks I should marry. I told him okay ... Chance, not Tanner. Tanner didn't ask). He gave us the most amazing tour of Philly (he has lived there for two years for dental school. I have no problem marrying a dentist). During the tour we may or may not have been squished in the back seat a bit ...

This is called Boathouse Row. I loved it.

A bridge I liked. A lot.

The Rocky statue!

The steps Rocky ran up! The most amusing thing was to watch other people mimick Rocky and prance around at top. Unfortunately, I didn't hear anyone yell, "AAAADRIAN!"

William Penn on the top of City Hall. The Philadelphians are a little superstitious about this statue and how it affects their sports teams. Read about the Curse of William Penn here. I believe it. How else would you explain the Philly's win in the World Series???? Coincidence? Doubtful, Rube. Highly doubtful (10 gold stars to anyone who knows what movie that line comes from).

Then we were off to see this:

A state penitentiary! ... Ironically enough, also cursed! The layout of the prison was used with five other prisons in the country ... And for some reason, inmates in all the prisons with this layout would go CRAZY! So they closed down all the prisons and have never built one with the same layout ever again!

What's right behind the prison?

A playground! Hahaha! Let's not play there, okay, kids?

We also saw the Masonic Temple ... Down the street was a Jewish Synagogue (not pictured, sorry). And in between the two is a barren, run-down parking lot ... that has plan to become this. Mindy thinks that is super cool.

And, since we were in Philly we had to go here:

To get one of these:

I was scared. My only experience with Philly Cheese Steaks were the ones at EFY 2004. 10 gold stars to anyone who remembers those babies. But this one was actually FANTASTIC!

Tanner also took us to this amazing market. We got the best tasting lemonade I have ever had in my entire long-legged life! It was sold to us by an adorable Amish man with a beard.

We sure do love lemonade ... evidently.

I would now like to put up my favorite photo of all time ...

I look like I want to kill you. Cool, huh? :)

When then headed back to Georgetown to see if we could get into this place again:

It was open so we got us some of these:

We then decided to head to Iwo Jima:

And then we asked Garmin for interesting attraction nearby. She led us to here:

Which may or may not be the steps from the movie The Exorcist.

Or maybe these are the stairs from Exorcist.

We don't know. None of us watch rated-R movies. Hahaha. :) But thanks, Garmin. :)

Off to view the National Cathedral:

It was pouring rain and lightening when we were out and about taking photos of the Cathedral. At one point a cop car shows up and with their mega-phone say, "Blah, blah, blah!" We couldn't understand, so we ask and they inform us, "TAKE COVER! There is a lightening storm! Those umbrellas are dangerous! Take cover!! Return to your vehicle!" Hahaha, so typical of something happening to me. I loved it. P.s. Had this super cute photo of us all sitting in an arch-way of the Cathedral, but Blogger keeps putting it sideways. Blogger is driving me nuts right about now for that and multiple other reasons. UGH! Die!

I think that wraps up this day. Oh, my word. It should. These posts are entirely too long. 50 gold stars if you are still with me.


Krystal said...

I wondered what Adam's facebook status was referring to... my first job was at McDonalds :) but I don't think we ever served a guy who had just peed his pants...

I do remember many EFY 2004 dinners... but I don't think I ever had a Philly cheese steak...hmm... not sure I care to... BUT those cupcakes look DELISH! I am becoming such a cupcake fan lately... yum!

+50 stars... still with ya :)

Chance said...

You called Tanner, Clark. His name is Tanner Clark.

Mike said...

580. And I am so not in love with the picture that makes it look like I've got my finger up my nose. I promise I don't.

Seth & Mel said...


I am very disappointed you wasted your money at Geno's, when Pat's is directly across the street form Geno's. Did you know that Pat's was the ORIGINAL philly cheese steak!!!!!! When we went to Philly we didn't waste our money at Geno's. Don't tell me you were lured by the fancy Las Vegas Neon Lighting. You should lose 100 gold stars for eating at Geno's adn not Pat's. One more thing the Food Network also did an entire show on Pat's and how great they were, also why didn;t you get Cheese Wiz on your sandwich...very very dissapointing.


Linze Kate said...

Best place for Philly Cheesesteaks in the WORLD - and remember, I grew up for seven years of my life in Philly (it's prob where I should claim as home, but I love VA too much...) - IS... Lorenzo's! It's a shop in the actual Italian market downtown... Love it!

Anyway, seeing Philly made me long to be back again... The Phillies are my fave team, along with the PADRES - which you saw. Classic awesomeness!

Did you guys see the Philly temple site? It's RIGHT downtown and is gonna be like NY's temple...

Again - jealous. :)

Meg said...

Woohoo! That's another 60 stars for me. I love that you take pictures of all your food. :-)

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