Day Five

We went to Church in Adam's ward. I learned that Rico Suave is still single and that I ought to marry him. After all, he can dance ... and that is the most important thing to me in a marriage.

We were then off to ... to ... Mount Vernon, which for the life of me I cannot remember. In my head it always comes out as Martha's Vineyard. Cut me some slack though ... Martha did live there.

Remember when we asked a lady to take a photo of us in front of George Washington's house ... thinking she'd get a photo of us ... and the house? But she just got us?

So this is what the house looks like ...

To get inside we had to wait in line for a bit:

While waiting we also saw the "Necessary" ...

We waited in line some more:

And then best day ever! We found a ...

bench to sit on!

We weren't allowed to take photos inside the house (surprise, surprise!) ... But here is a picture of the other front of the house (the house has no back. George was very particular about that).

A view from the other front of the house:

Lookee here ... This is where George and Martha are buried:

And then we saw the General's dentures!

But of course I wasn't allowed to photograph them! Curses. I am pretty sure I will never see a sign that says this ever again. P.s. His dentures were made out of human and animal teeth - never wooden teeth like some youngins have been taught in their history classes.

After Martha's Vineyard (errr ... Mount Vernon) we went to Arlington Cemetery.

We saw the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier:

We also saw the "changing of the guard" which is a special ceremony that takes place every half hour at the tomb. Silence and standing is requested.

Unfortunately, the cool oath or requirements you may or may have not heard about the guards (not being able to swear, drink alcohol, etc.) are all false. But not to totally dampen your spirits, this is a fun-filled accurate fact: the tomb has been guarded every minute of every day since 1937.

After Arlington we decided to go see the Washington, DC Temple!

Adam, Mindy, Mike, Amber, and Brady

And that pretty much wraps up day five. Now, historically speaking, day five of my vacations have always received no comments. You should probably feel obliged to fix that. Golden stars may be at stake.


Krystal said...

why don't they let you take pictures anywhere? That's so annoying...

I love your purple dress though... so darling!

The DC temple is pretty... that's where my dad served his mission :)

Chance said...

The changing of the guard is one of my most favorite things in DC.

Mike said...

590. I totally thought all the stuff about the guards was true.

Alison said...

Did you know that the changing of the guard ceremony lasts exactly 10 minutes? I have it all on video if you would like to watch it again sometime....

Marina said...

Benches. Mmmmm. Walking around DC makes you realize how good sitting down really feels!!!

Linze Kate said...

I love the changing of the guard there... It's one of my biggest regrets that I never made time to see it in London cause it's a HUGE deal there.

Your pics of the DC Temple are AWESOME! You've got an eye with the camera... I'm so glad you had a blast, girl!

Meg said...

Beautiful pictures of the Temple.

10 more stars (plus any extras you may award for commenting on day 5).

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