We're fighting ...

That's right. All of you, except Avree, and myself are fighting.

I give you the most opportune moment to bid your final farewells to me and what do I get?

Nothing (except from Avree).

Avree will now be awarded with 300 golden stars.

I am giving you once more chance, people ...

You also may want to take a little looky-look at the Needs to be Kicked List.


This is how I currently feel about the lack of final farewells:

Update: I forgot Chance called to make sure I wasn't dying from the swine flu. 302 golden stars for him.

Also: Di gave me encouraging words that I would not die. 300 stars for her.

And: I basically just wanted everyone to tell me how much they loved me and how awesome I am ... So, I am not really upset at anyone! :)

Update 1.2 (June 23, 2009)

Whitney B.: 300 stars. Thanks for your words of encouragment.
Adam: 200 stars. You should've been more specific with how many you were awarding yourself. You could've gotten more. :)
Avree: Matt is right. You should get 302. I added the two more.
Matt: I like that you gave input. 100 stars for you.
Baby Spencer: You cannot be the only one in the family not getting stars. 50 to you.
Krystal: Refresh my memory of this tribute and I will award you stars accordingly.
Brandon: Risked his life by hanging out with me when I potentially had swine flu. 389 gold stars as requested.
Meg Gaz: Thanks for patiently waiting for an update. 300 gold stars for you.
Allison: Thanks for the heads up about a pink iron. I want to own one. 300 golden stars for you.
Dee: 301 gold stars for you. No one should've had to prepare that lesson. No one. Mine went well, p.s. :)
Brooke A.: Thanks for caring. 250 gold stars for you.
Mike: You texted. 300 gold stars for you.
Rachel: I love that you left Utah to avoid the swine flu. 300 for you.
Katie: You have a great point. 300 for you.
B: I just like you a lot. And you are going to have a baby pretty close to my birthday. 300 for you.
Hilly: I like you. 300 for you too.
Heather: This was the closest we've come to seeing each other in a year. 300 stars for you.

Anyone else?


whitneybb said...

I am sorry, Oh how I love that baby picture though. Mindy please fight..fight..fight! I don't make friends very easily so I want to keep the good ones I have, and friends don't come any better than you. Be tough girl! Love you!

Adam R. said...

Well, I can see why Avree gets gold stars. But, if I had a (NTBK)list, someone may or may not have appeared on it for blatantly disregarding my questions. Ha ha....I award myself gold stars sometimes. So, I actually out-star everyone. Except your brother, Brandon. Because on mine (for you), he always has more stars than I do. I try to beat him sometimes.

Avree said...

Yes! I just showed this to Matt and he says I deserve three hundred and two stars, not just three hundred; you can do whatever you want, I mean it's your blog, but I'm just saying.

I LOVE that picture! I'm sure at the time your mom was so sad that you wouldn't smile (this is coming from someone whose child was an absolute NIGHTMARE at his 1 year pics) but I'm sure she loves it now!

Krystal said...

I'm sorry... I guess I need to go back and read my last comment but I didn't think I was being rude?? I was trying to be optimistic rather than say audios... (AND, in my defense, after reading Geoff & Cami's comment, it sounded like everything was okay)

Ok, nevermind... I went back and read my comment again... guess I need to work on my niceness... so sorry. I am with Avree 110%, because I would miss your blog too.

Can I still earn stars for last year's challenge of paying tribute to you on my blog? You ARE an amazing person and I don't want you to die... but I still think that you are far stronger than Swine!! You are Mindy Marie!! And MMT is AMAZING!!

I will work on making it up to you this week. Can you ever find it in your heart to forgive me??

Chance said...

Wow, I called to see how you were doing and you didnt even call me back. You know I dont like to call so that was better than posting a final farewell.You also better not die because we have tickets for something exciting when you come.

Brandon Thornley said...


Meg said...

Mindz you are so funny!! The last I read you didn't even have it.. isn't that what your own words said to us?!
"No, I do not have it. Yet. Okay, let's be honest, I don't have any symptoms either. Yet."
I was patiently waiting for an update I think I deserve some PATIENT stars here!!

Love ya and glad you are well enough to fight us now!

Allison and Josh said...

Mindy! I don't want to be kicked! hahaha! Swine flu is scary! I also work with 2 people who have had it and have some family members that have been dealing with it! It blows! I really hope you don't get it!!

p.s. If you are ever in the need for a new iron, Target has a pink one! That's right! A PINK ONE! I totally registered for it, much to Josh's dismay! haha Love you, Mindy!

DeeAura said...

Huh. You're not really upset at anyone, and yet...I'm on the "needs to be kicked" list? (At least in general.) Seriously, Mindy. I have a problem with this.

Actually, I don't. I'm sorry I took your Swine Flu epidemic *possibility* so lightly. Shame on me. Oh, wait...remember where I work? I'm ready to throw all "swine flu" criers in a giant hole together and let them fight it out. Stupid media. :)

That sounded nothing like an apology. Sorry about that...

How did your lesson go? Did you figure out how to bring people back to life? Because I did. :)

The life of a college girl said...

Hey now, I have not had time to read blogs.... I am sorry!!! I hope you are doing ok, stupid sickness, I mean really, if it takes down the all mighty Mindy, wer are all dead!! Stay well love, we cant loose you! Love ya!

Brandon Thornley said...

hey now....i found out on Wed you might have swine flu. Yet on thurs i invited you to dinner so i could see you one last time in case you passed on. of course i could have caught it and died myself......so i deserve 389 stars for checking on you in person.

Mike said...

I texted you that day! I still have the evidence in my phone! Do what you want with the stars but I beg you to remove me from the list, it took me forever to get off of it the first time!

Allred Mom said...

Hey Mindy...
I just checked your blog and I am so sorry about the Swine flu quarantine! My sister-in-law got it so, I am leaving Utah early! I don't want it! Anyway, on the day you posted, I was driving across Cali and Nevada with 2 little people. I think I should be excused from the be kicked list! And...I'm truly sorry that I didn't know, but now I do. I definately don't want you to die! I need to still officially meet you in person...HERE ON THE EARTH! :) I'm not waiting until eternity! That is too long to be PATIENT!

Katie said...

Ok, so my excuse is that we weren't blog buddies yet! I am happy to see that you are still alive however. I'm glad you found my blog without help, its not too hard to find! I feel your pain, 15 people at our family reunion got food poisoning, including myself. Not as close to swine flu, but still not fun! Love the baby pic :)

The Enslingers said...

I love you. Don't die. And I am sad I never got to see you while we were in Utah. Next time...or when you take a visit up to Bozeman, say in August.


P.S. If you do have the Swine Flu, don't bring it with you. I think there has only been one reported case in Montana, and I would like to keep it that way!

~Jake and Brianna~ said...

I have no excuse. I am swine. I just didn't check in time, but it looks as though you are still up and running. Keep us "post"ed though. Ha ha ha.

Hilly said...

If you died of swine flu I would make it my personal mission to hunt down the swine who gave it to you and kick it because he would so need to be on your needs to be kicked list!!! I heart you!!!

Your Mother said...

Dear Mandy... also known as Mindy,
My most sincere apologies for not wishing you luck on living. You see, I was so busy that weekend texting you. Yes, that's right, I was at my parents house and I made tremendous efforts to text you. Why would I do that you might ask, well... there is only one reason. You are the most amazing person I have had the pleasure of being friends with. Just know that I heart your stinkin guts. Since you are so nice, please reward me with at least 300 gold stars and any after that will just show the world how amazing you are. :):):)

Di said...

I am so happy to be back on the stars board!

Zann said...

Mindy - first off, how do you know Kyle and Amy Smith? Secondly, I didn't know you read our blog and I'm pretty sure we made one of those, "We're going private, give us your email!" posts, so if you missed it maybe you don't read our blog very often, eh? Anyways, we'd love to add you to our list if you want to give us your email. Also, don't die from swine flu - you and Mike still need to get married!!

Meg said...

So sorry, but I've been out of town for a week and haven't had internet access (at least, not fast enough internet access to check blogs), so I just barely saw both posts on the swine flu.

That said, I'm very glad to see you've made it this far as it would be devastating to no longer have you as a blogging buddy. As I have mentioned before, I am addicted to your blog. I'd rather not have to go through withdrawals. :-)

Now do I get 300 stars?

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