I have been banned from blogging ...

by myself, until I finish my talk for tomorrow.

Any thoughts/quotes on how the Atonement makes us free, free agency, blah blah blah, would be greatly appreciated.

P.s. I am cold. Why is the AC on? Must.put.on.socks.and.a.sweater.

Okay, just did. I pretty much look irresistible right now. Grey USU track & field hoodie, springy-colored pajama Capri's (yellow, white, with peach), and light blue fleece socks.

20 golden stars for every suggestion for my talk. 30 for anything I actually use.

Ready, set, go!

UPDATE: I finally finished the talk with 2.5 hours to spare. Don't worry that I spent more time than I am willing to admit working on it yesterday. I changed the topic from what they orginally gave me ... Do you think they will mind?? If so, oops!


Chance said...

Elder Maxwell said, "Ultimately, freedom involves choice between eternal alternatives, but no the altering of the alternatives. We can choose wickedness or happiness, but not wickedness with happiness. ("Insights from my life," 199.)"

Elder Maxwell, "The Lord knows how true individual development requires a setting of agency and opportunity. There is no other way"

Ok so I really like Elder Maxwell, the rest are by him...

"Agency in its fullest sense requires the individual to be in command of himself, for one who is a prisoner of his bad impulses cannot really choose; another truth about "things as they are," therefore, is that we either control our bad impulses or they control us."

Just two more...

God leaves us free. He is deeply committed to our moral agency and to letting people make mistakes if they choose to. And war is the reflection of how institutions fail and of the corruption of individuals. And yet, God leaves us mortals free to make decisions. Sometimes God intervenes as in the Noachian flood, or in Sodom and Gomorrah, but not always. And so needless and terrible tragedies occur because of leaders' and people's misuse of their freedom. (Searching for God in America, 124.)

The hard, cold fact is that how we use our moral agency does not result in a withdrawal of God;s love but does determine the ways and the degrees to which a loving God can express HIs love of us. Only the righteous will receive His praise, His approval, and enjoy His presence. (Endure, 35.)

Ok just one more...

When we are unduly impatient...we are in effect trying to hasten and outcome when acceleration would abuse agency. (Notwithstanding, 61)

As I was reading the gold star count, I am really behind. I was hoping for some sort of carry over from last year because not all of mine were accounted for...but nonetheless I have given you 6 quotes which equals 120 stars and if you dont use one of them for your talk I will be hurt so that is an additional 10 on top of the quote that you use so the grand total of stars earned today for Chance Victor Basinger is.................. 130!

(That was really long and I really didnt have time for that, argh!)

Good Luck! (PS I cant believe you are speaking again!!!)

Adam R. said...

Ha ha...that's great. Chance is hilarious.

Krystal said...

well, it's hard to compete with Chance, and he seems pretty desperate for some stars, so I'll just wish you good luck! Anything and everything you say will be wonderful because YOU are wonderful, and you certainly don't need any help from me to do a great job tomorrow.

Allred Mom said...

Well...if I had given a talk today, I would've used one of Chance's quotes....so does that give me stars?
Oh...but instead of a talk, I got to:
1st hour: Play the organ in sacrament and think of what Mindy might be talking about,
2nd hour: Substitute teach the CTRB's and think that Mindy might be done talking.
3rd hour: Do Singing Time and think that Mindy is probably singing her way home because she has just given her 98th talk this year! :)
I do believe I should get stars for that....what do you think?

oh...and my word..."morbul".
Is that "More Bull"?

DeeAura said...

Blast. I'm too late, I know. But the "Moral Agency" talk in this month's Ensign is super.

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