And the flesh is burning ...

Recent events have led me to this conclusion: When I pass away, I'm claiming my day. I am not sharing it with anyone else. It's going to be all about me. In fact, I am not sharing that entire week with anyone else dying either. All newspaper articles, documentaries, and internet frenzies will be about Mindy, Mindy, Mindy!

In fact, even in passing conversations of my death, need to be about only me.

"Did you hear Mindy died?"

"Oh, no! Did you hear Pat died too?!"

Blek. How awful would that be? Attention was taken away from me for .3 seconds on a day surrounding my death.

I think not.

And, while this is a little off topic and while I do not particularly have a fond feeling for Ed, Michael, Farrah, or Billy ... I now have a strange desire to learn Thriller. If I decide to dedicate an evening of my life to learning this, who would be interested in seeing it posted on the blog?

On a completely serious note about death ... I had a seminary student pass away this past week. I've gotten used to them getting married before I do, but not dying.

And back to a non-serious note ... in typical Mindy fashion, while icing a running injury, I burned myself with the ice! Don't worry, the burn only takes up eight inches in length and four inches in width of my flesh. Photo provided below.


Hi, my name is Mindy and ...

I am an overeater.

Now, hopefully most of you are doubting this. Hopefully.

But really, I am.

I am foolish enough to think that this just happened in the past week or two, when I've finally come to terms of admitting it. But, looking back, it's always been a problem, as flashbacks of middle school came. Did you know I used to take a box of crackers to my history class and eat them - the entire box that is? In one sitting. Not just once or twice. Mom, I am sorry, but that's where the Munch 'ems all went. In my belly. In third hour US history.

Other evidences of my overeating:

1. On vacations with my family, my family members actually began ordering additional food. Not because they were going to eat everything they ordered, but they knew I would eat whatever they didn't.

2. I eat two dinners at least twice a week. Wait, let me rephrase that. I eat at least one dinner every night ... and at least twice a week, I eat two dinners per night. So a grand total of 9 + dinners every week.

3. In my desk drawer at work I have the following items: peanut M&Ms, pretzels, two different kinds of Pringles, Better Cheddar crackers, peach rings, cream cheese brownies, and an entire box of Nutty Bars. And it isn't like this is the first time those items have been there ... They all continually get re-stocked.

4. And the worst of all ... I finish every meal with a 1.5 bowls of Reeses Puffs.

I think we might need an intervention, folks.

What think ye?

Please take time to answer the poll question to the right. 10 gold stars just for particpating. Thanks. :)


We're fighting ...

That's right. All of you, except Avree, and myself are fighting.

I give you the most opportune moment to bid your final farewells to me and what do I get?

Nothing (except from Avree).

Avree will now be awarded with 300 golden stars.

I am giving you once more chance, people ...

You also may want to take a little looky-look at the Needs to be Kicked List.


This is how I currently feel about the lack of final farewells:

Update: I forgot Chance called to make sure I wasn't dying from the swine flu. 302 golden stars for him.

Also: Di gave me encouraging words that I would not die. 300 stars for her.

And: I basically just wanted everyone to tell me how much they loved me and how awesome I am ... So, I am not really upset at anyone! :)

Update 1.2 (June 23, 2009)

Whitney B.: 300 stars. Thanks for your words of encouragment.
Adam: 200 stars. You should've been more specific with how many you were awarding yourself. You could've gotten more. :)
Avree: Matt is right. You should get 302. I added the two more.
Matt: I like that you gave input. 100 stars for you.
Baby Spencer: You cannot be the only one in the family not getting stars. 50 to you.
Krystal: Refresh my memory of this tribute and I will award you stars accordingly.
Brandon: Risked his life by hanging out with me when I potentially had swine flu. 389 gold stars as requested.
Meg Gaz: Thanks for patiently waiting for an update. 300 gold stars for you.
Allison: Thanks for the heads up about a pink iron. I want to own one. 300 golden stars for you.
Dee: 301 gold stars for you. No one should've had to prepare that lesson. No one. Mine went well, p.s. :)
Brooke A.: Thanks for caring. 250 gold stars for you.
Mike: You texted. 300 gold stars for you.
Rachel: I love that you left Utah to avoid the swine flu. 300 for you.
Katie: You have a great point. 300 for you.
B: I just like you a lot. And you are going to have a baby pretty close to my birthday. 300 for you.
Hilly: I like you. 300 for you too.
Heather: This was the closest we've come to seeing each other in a year. 300 stars for you.

Anyone else?


Dropping like flies ...

Who spent two days in small quarters with six people who have now been quarantined with the swine flu?

Oh, that would be me.

No, I do not have it. Yet. Okay, let's be honest, I don't have any symptoms either. Yet.

But, I could be on the brink of death people. I could.

Feel free to bid your final farewells through a comment. Hopefully I will survive long enough to read it.


Today is his 34th birthday. I know nothing I could say could give you, a general reader of this blog, even the slightest idea of how amazing this man is. It would come across just as another sister praising her brother on his birthday. So, for fear of sounding cliche, I won't even try to convince you.

But, to him: I love you. More than you could possibly know. In one of the classes I have to teach for work we discuss why we all have gotten into the career field we are currently in. You don't know this, but I bring a picture of you and tell them that YOU are the reason I am where I am today. I tell them that I figured, "If any person with a disability is half as cool as my brother, I definitely want to get to know them."

I love the way you love people. I love the way you forgive people. I love the way you see the best in everyone. I love the songs you make up. I love talking Aggie basketball with you. I love watching the Aggie lose one football game after another with you. And I love the way you have always found joy in your journey, as difficult, challenging, and heart wrenching as it has been.

You have been the perfect older brother in every way possible and I.love.you. for it. Now please, for the love, get your finger out of your nose! :)


I have been banned from blogging ...

by myself, until I finish my talk for tomorrow.

Any thoughts/quotes on how the Atonement makes us free, free agency, blah blah blah, would be greatly appreciated.

P.s. I am cold. Why is the AC on? Must.put.on.socks.and.a.sweater.

Okay, just did. I pretty much look irresistible right now. Grey USU track & field hoodie, springy-colored pajama Capri's (yellow, white, with peach), and light blue fleece socks.

20 golden stars for every suggestion for my talk. 30 for anything I actually use.

Ready, set, go!

UPDATE: I finally finished the talk with 2.5 hours to spare. Don't worry that I spent more time than I am willing to admit working on it yesterday. I changed the topic from what they orginally gave me ... Do you think they will mind?? If so, oops!


Sometimes ...

I do naughty things.

Today we are going to talk about this man:

Yes, he intentionally grew out that molester-tache, and evidently is trying to look like one too. Ugh. But that is beside the point.

He does naughty things too, sometimes ... Like teases me relentlessly at work, which includes but is not limited to: tries to touch my feet. Ew. Gross.

One day I had had enough.

I may have done this:

Which is ... to be furthered explained as, I may or may not have put over 100 of these flyers around his entire apartment complex (with his name and number at the bottom):


He may or may not have received dozens of phone calls.

Compelete strangers may or may not have made copies of them and distributed them to others places in town ... Oh, like at Smiths and Hot Topic.


Safe to say I won that prank war? I think so.

Shout out to several people today ...

1. Congrats to Dave and Dani! After a 1.5 year courtship they were married in the Logan Temple yesterday! It's about time! ;)

2. Happy birthday to one of my BFFs ... Chance Victor Basinger!! I love you!

3. Happy birthday to my favorite seven-year-old on the planet! I love his guts.
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